Friday, January 30, 2009

Prayers For TJ

UPDATE: After a horrific episode of 4 people holding down my screaming grandson to pull the bead out of his nose, the doc's (yes, more than one) decided to papoose him. It was awful...he cried and screamed, "I'm scared, I 'm scared, I'm scared." and poor Rachel....ohhhhh the trauma for them both. In the end the doctor pulled a
1/2 inch SCREW
from TJ's little nose. Yep, no bead at was a screw from a switch plate. We could see it pretty far up there, and thought it was a white PixO, in reality it was the painted white head of the screw...the threaded part was WAY up there. He is ok now and playing Legos with Zachary. I need a nap! Thank you all for your prayers. The trauma of the ordeal was unavoidable, but the outcome was good. No real bleeding, just a little swelling and some scrapes up there, but antibiotics to be safe. Again, thank you all, and like Nancy said, the screw came home in a Bio-Hazard baggie!!!!
My little TJ called me this morning. I have not seen him nor his sister in almost 2 weeks. I planned to go see them today, and still plan that, but now I am just waiting. TJ told me he stuck a PixO bead up his nose and can not get it out. He was in tears and wanted me to tell him what to do. His mom and dad have tried with no avail to remove it. We are waiting to hear back from the doctor. I am afraid he will need to go in and have it removed...not a fun process. Rachel said you can see the plastic bead, but barely, as it is so far back. While I wait, I will visit with you about my day. It started early.
A cup of coffee and some e-mail. Why did I not spend that time with God??? I never will learn. I got laundry going. 2 large loads of towels are done for the day.Kyle left for work, and the kids got going on school. Both kids had math.Charlotte also had tests in Science, Social Studies and English. She did great on 2 out of 3.I did some hand quilting while they worked.Sweetheart headed downstairs first thing. This pipe sticking out into the space where his wall should be, is giving him sleepless nights. He figured it out and now there will be 3 separate built in bookcases on that wall. Finally, he can sleep again!!!I had planned to run some errands while out visiting the grandkids. Packages need to be mailed.Plus I have phone calls to make regarding insurances and another paperwork matter....don't you hate making those phone calls??Another part of my plan for the day is to make more of order to create more of Cheryl says, "Hold your plans loosely." Rachel just called me back and I am going with them to immediate care. Her doctor is not in today and the on call doctor is booked up. So I hold my plans loosely and will grab my current book to read incase things are backed up at immediate care. Please pray for my little guy that it will all go smoothly and he will not suffer. I will come back and update here on how he did. Thank you SO much!!!!
(forgive any typos as I do not have time to check them)


Nancy said...

In my 10 years as a pediatric office nurse, I have helped pull Pop-beads from noses, bugs from ears, long long long piece of cotton bandage from a nose, a pearl earring from an ear (cute litle thing didn't have pierced ears and tried to wear the earring any way she could lol) and more than I can remember now.
All the kids did very well afterward and ALL of them wanted to take the item home in a ziplock bag to show off...LOL

Good luck to TJ and especially Rachel who will probably suffer more than TJ...

Ace said...

Hi Bren, oh we are saying a prayer for TJ! I really hope we skip this whole type of thing with The Princesses....I would like to skip anykind of pain, discomfort and sickness with them :)

It was so nice they had you to go with them, what a comfort! You know, I read somewhere a trick to get stuff out, something about using a straw or something but I sure wouldn't pass it on :)

Let us know how it goes and hopefully it just end up being a funny story his parent's will embaress him with later on :)

Many Blessings :)

Susan said...

Poor little guy! I did the same thing myself when I was about his age while visiting a friend's house. I barely remember it, but what I do remember is laying on the couch with my head upside down under a lamp so my parents could see well enough to get the bead out with a pair of tweezers. Of course, I thought they were torturing me! LOL When it was out, nothing else ever went back in my nose, I can tell you!

Praying that all goes well with Mr. TJ today!

Niki RuralWritings said...

Poor kid! The things they do! I think when I was about 4 I was guilty of putting a whole bunch of kleenex up one nostril of my 2 year old sister'sn nose. It was so far up, it needed a Dr.s visit too. We were "just playin"...what's goes on in the minds of children

Praying he is seen quickly and all is easily resolved

Vanessa said...

I'll keep him in prayer! Poor little guy. In one of my classes a grade one student broke his pencil up his nose, and the lead got stuck. It came out on it's own (with a good blow), just a moment before we were going to take him to the dr.

I hope it all goes well! Please update us :)


Love Bears All Things said...

Bless everyone's heart. I know what a stressful situation that was and understand why the adults need a nap. Its that downer after the adreneline rush. You accomplished a lot before time thought.
Mama Bear

Nancy said...

Oh, I had forgotten about the papoose... It always reminds of the first haircut. They yell and scream, but in the end it really doesn't hurt at all.

Bet he shows that baggie to anyone that will look!! LOL

~Bren~ said...

He does show it, Nancy....he told Paw Paw "Look at this nasty ol screw they took out of my nose." Like it just climbed up there itself.

Guðrún said...

This ended well, I stuck a crayon in my nose when I was a child and I still remember how frightened I was.

Ace said...

My goodness gracious, a SCREW! Oh, that is enough to turn your hair blue and curly. Glad everything is ok :)

Many Blessings :)

Susan said...

Oh, my goodness! A screw???? I'd have been a nervous wreck too, more so after they pulled out a screw. You deserve a nap!

Alesha said...


I totally missed the original post, but I am so glad that all is well now!

What in the world was he thinking???


Andrea Cherie said...

Oh my, how terrifying for all involved! I'm glad he came out just fine and that the doctors were able to get it!

I wonder too if I will ever learn about having my quiet time first. I need to retrain my "waking up process" every morning to be over the word and not the keyboard...

I pray sweet dreams over you tonight after such a hectic day!

moreofhim said...

Oh, my!! I have to say, though, as the mother of two boys (young men, now), I've been to the emergency room more than once over weird episodes like this with them. It was always very traumatic - especially for me! - and I came home ready for a nap, too! lol This too passes - we haven't had to do any emergency room visits for years! lol

Glad he's okay. I have to say,my heart did a little flip-flop when I read it was actually a screw. Yuck and sounds SO painful.

Hope you're recovered from this trauma! God bless you - Julie

Winona said...

Bren, I'm so glad things turned out ok for TJ. I'll bet he doesn't stick anything else up his nose. Poor little guy. I know it tramatized you all.