Friday, January 2, 2009

Sweetheart's Project

Does she look ready for a nap to you??? Me, either. Though she was very tired, little Miss Emerson, better known as "Pretty Girl" was not having any of the nap thing! Not that I didn't try...She was in such a playful mood. If you just glanced at her, she lit up like a Christmas tree! Finally she got her way and sat on grandma's lap chewing those two fingers and telling stories!I am really enjoying her. She came just in time, cause TJ wants little to do with me. He is very excited and runs right to me when he gets here...I might get a few cuddles and a smidge of attention in the middle of his visit, but he is all about "playin".We had a productive school week, though I am learning that my children have very different learning styles. Zach is a lover of workbooks. He will beg to do them on weekends! I caved in and let him do PACE's Science. He finished his "My Body" project a while back and I have been wondering what to do next. I ordered a curriculum, or so I thought, and received the student book, but not the manual. I need to read the fine print!I was very pleased with Zach's reading...he has really taken off. I was concerned, but all of a sudden he "got it". Now if I could just get them both to spell!!

Sweetheart has been home for a while. Work is so slow, so for now he is home. Hopefully that will not last too long. He is not a "sitter". He needed a project. Now some of you may remember he re-did the kids bathrooms not too long ago. My little kids are extremely destructive, I am sad to say. No matter what I do, nothing works. Charlotte has been through countless comforters (that is why I have not made her a quilt for her bed), and we will not talk about the carpet...remember the pimple cream?? Zach is no better...he is not as deliberate, but is just rough on everything. So the kids are NOT allowed to use ANY bathroom in the house except the one upstairs. It is their bathroom, though they share it with Kyle. Sweetheart had done a nice job of fixing it up. Nothing fancy, but a fresh paint job, some bright red rugs, and some lighthouse themed items and pictures. This was done just last January, in fact.Well it just seemed "icky". Ever get that feeling? No matter how clean, it was still not a nice room. The walls had been marked up so Sweetheart touched them up. I like the color...a deep khaki. Anyway, here is what he did....Tropical paradise!! A new shower curtain, some rugs, a wall paper border, some new towels, and it is a nice room again!Sweetheart likes details, and pictures were a challenge. We did not want to put a lot of money in there. Who knows how long it will last (I am not suppose to think that way...per Sweetheart, but he does not know them like I do). Anywho....He had a great idea. He went out and bought $4 frames and a Paradise calendar!!!He cut out the pictures to fit the frames and there you have it!! Pictures of palm trees that go beautifully and were next to nothing in price!I was pretty impressed!!! Now he is thinking of working in the little kid's bedrooms! Scary!
Have you all made the rounds of the Whirl Into Winter Giveaways? I am less than half way through, but plan to make a dent in the list tonight! If you haven't commented on my own giveaway, just go down one post and sign up! There are over 100 already!I also wanted to share a new blog with you. Linda finally started a second blog It is called "At The Feet Of Jesus" and so far it is wonderful. I say "finally" because it has been a long time coming. Pop over and check it out!!
Well, I am off to check out more giveaway's. Be blessed!!!


His Tender Mercies said...

Looks like a very nice and inexpensive bathroom makeover!

Cute little granddaughter!

Milah said...

Tell sweetheart I'm going to steal his Paradise Calendar idea for my bathroom! If he's got any more tricks up his sleeve let us know!

Fruit of her hands said...

Bren~ That bathroom is just beautiful. I love the color and the theme goes so well with it. What a smart idea about the pictures....My husband is out of work right now so I know exactly how you feel. We have tons of things that need to be done so he should stay pretty busy. Going without a paycheck is nothing to be happy about but I am happy that we have money in savings so that we can go without work for a while and not loose everything...we are very blessed to have that to lean on in hard times.Yesterday marked our 3rd week with no work. Please keep us in your prayers..

Donetta said...

Hi Sweet Heart, trust your well and getting used to your hubby being home. I am glad he is busy. Good for the soul.
We are busy here with auto repairs but are happy enough.

Guðrún said...

The "new" bathroom looks nice.

FallingForward said...

This probably isn't the place to post a note to you, but I LOVE your blog! I could sit and read and be inspired all day! Thank you! You inspired me to start my own blog! Any tips for navigating through getting set up & such? Thank you! (Heather)

julieQ said...

Your beautiful bathroom looks inviting and so clean and warm. That baby can come over for a cuddle anytime, she is such a cutie! Happy new Year, Bren!

Alesha said...

Oooooo...hubby get an A+ for that bathroom makeover! Wow! What a wonderful job! And great idea for the pics.

I didn't know that he was going to be home for a while...will be praying about that!!! Be sure to let us know how things are going!

It's very exciting that Zach has fallen in love with reading and learning. My youngest brother was that way day everything just "clicked". It's very exciting to see!

Ok, I'm yammering...I've had a very RARE 2nd. cup of coffee this morning! lol!


moreofhim said...

lol, no it hasn't been 20 years since I quilted. I just have a fabric stash I started over 20 years ago. I think the last time I pieced something was about 3 years ago (before I got sick) and the last time I hand quilted was probably over the summer. I won't tell you what I'm hand quilting or how long I've been working on it. I'd be way too embarrassed!! lol I'm excited about this new project! Thanks again for including me!

God bless you ~ Julie

meggie said...

Your DH has a real talent for decor! Lovely bathroom makeover.
Emerson is so goreous!! Who could resist that sweet little face.
Blessings for you all for 2009.

Ace said...

Hi Bren! LOVE THE MAKEOVER! I know just what you mean about something just feeling yucky. My hallway felt this way and when we changed the color even the painter was saying how much brighter it looked. Great idea about the pictures!

Many Blessings :)

Love Bears All Things said...

I like the new look of the bathroom and know just what you mean about the way kid's bathrooms look. I have shared one at daughter's for 5 years.
The idea for the pictures was great! Who would have thought? How lucky you are to have a man who decorates.
Mama Bear

Sarah said...

That Emerson... oh, honey. She keeps getting more adorable! I can practically see the sugar dripping off of her in that second picture. What a smile! I love the bathroom! That was a great idea taking calendar pictures and framing them!

Sarah said...
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Barb said...

what a nice bathroom.

I homeschooled for 14 years.

Just popped in to say thank you for entering my blog giveaway.

I think I will browse your blog for a while.

Niki RuralWritings said...

Happy New Year! Blessings to you, sweetheart and the family
From Rob and Me :)

One Christian Mom said...

What a wonderful idea! I hope you don't mind if I steal it :-)
Emerson is just getting cuter and cuter!