Thursday, April 30, 2009


It is a dreary rainy morning here, but we decided to make it a "fun day". We are taking the day off from EVERYTHING! No school, no work (Kyle is home, though he does not know it yet cause he is still sleeping), no chores (except the basics). On the agenda....movies, games, hand quilting (me), crocheting (Charlotte), computer games (the boys) and just whatever else we may want to do! The morning started with pancakes.
The kid's favorite breakfast!Last night we all attended the Awana Awards Night at church. My entire family was there. You gotta remember that it is rare that my whole family is in church at once. Sweetheart, Kyle, Charlotte, Zach, Bud, Rachel, TJ, and Emerson....ALL there! It was heaven for me! Even though it was just an awards ceremony, it still glorified God as the kids had learned so much over the past year.
TJ got his Cubbies Awards. He was very excited!! Here he is waiting patiently to have his name called.He stood nicely during the pledges to the American and Christian flags.
Charlotte and Zach received high honors as they both finished their entire books for the year and even went well into their second books. Zach will no longer be a "Spark" as next year he will graduate to the "Truth and Training" group, better known as TNT's. Pastor Paul and his wife Aleena passed out the Sparks awards.Do I ever need a better camera! Please squint to focus! Here is Zach with Aleena, who, along with Pastor Paul, was Zach's Sparks leader for the year.
Charlotte was given her awards for the night by her leader Miss Mechelle (pronounced me-shell). Miss Mechelle had a VERY similar background to Charlotte and has become her mentor. Mechelle's mom has helped me tremendously! What a beautiful woman Mechelle has become. A loving wife of 15 years and a great mom to a young teen son. Best yet, her and her mother (who adopted her at 2) are BEST friends! Gives me GREAT hope.
Here is Charlotte with her own best friend (or as she says BFF) Gracie. Gracie was adopted at birth by Pastor Paul and Aleena. They also adopted 3 year old Taya at birth. Here is Taya during Cubbies. I had this group of kids and she (the only girl in the class) sure could hold her own with all those boys!! God really met my daughter's need in this church. It is FULL of adopted kids!
Next year I will be the Awana's Secretary for our church. It is a big job, but I think I will enjoy it. For now, Awana's is over until September. I am looking forward to the break!!!
I can not end this post with out an Emerson pic. She spent most of Monday with me. What a joy she is. Very placid and full of smiles!! Again, my camera (not me) is terrible!
Now I am off to enjoy my day off.


Linda said...

Maybe you could drop a few hints for Mother's Day, like I need a new camera...:)

Donetta said...

Good Morning!
Wow what a terrific night!
I too seem to be surrounded by adopted kids at the elementary and personally i has several friends who have also done so.
Mechelle is an inspiration! How wonderfully encouraging to have be given the witness of it.

Look at the lens of the camera could it have a fine oily film on it?
I ask because I have had that issue once. When cleaning off a smudge I thought it was clean and it was not. A bit of alcohol on a q tip (not soggy) might just do the trick.
Emerson is growing up SO fast!
Enjoy the play day.

Julie said...

What a wonderful night. I spent some time helping the AWANA secretary when I was in highschool. I really enjoyed it.
You are blessed to be in such a great church.

Nancy said...

Have a wonderful relaxing day!! Sometimes it is nice to have a day to play...
Congrats to Charlotte, Zach and TJ on their awards...Good Job Kids!!
Breakfast looks more yummy than my cereal...LOL

Copper's Wife said...

Enjoy your day of family fun!

Andrea Cherie said...

Yay for pancake kind of days! I wish I had the time to do that during our rainy weather this week~ I only work 8 days a month and so far it's rained on THREE of those days for me. :( Normally my work days are very flexible, but not at the end of the month since rent is due right near the first of the next.

And what a proud mommy/grandma you are! Your children are building on their Christian heritage, what a blessing! AND so cool about all the adopted kids in your church, we have a lot in ours too~ I think it's wonderful!

Andrea Cherie said...

P.S Ditto to Linda's comment!

Mary said...

I hope you had a truly blessed day off!
Our church is starting Awanas this year and I can't wait!!! Congratulations to the kids for their awards!

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog today. Enjoy the upcoming weeikend!!

NeeCee said...

Blurry or not, she is still adorable!

Sweet P said...

Congrats to everyone on winning their awards. A Day Off day sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate their awards.