Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Heart Books

Yesterday, Copperswife had a GREAT post on the benefits of reading. I encourage you to read it yourself. It made me think about my own love of books. It did not happen for me, like it did for her. No, I did not develop a love for books until I was an adult. Then it was all fiction, Christian, pioneer type, romances (think Janette Oke). For the last 15 years or so, I have found non fiction to be my favorite kind of reading. I have several areas I like to read in. I am drawn to anything related to quilt history, though any kind of history book is a favorite. Yesterday, I picked up this book and enjoyed it so much I devoured the entire 189 pages in one afternoon!!!Standing in the Light: The Captive Diary of Catherine Carey Logan
Fiction, but based in a lot of history fact. The back section is all history facts from that time period. I was pre-reading it for Charlotte, and plan to get more in the Dear America series. It was very good....a 13 year old Quaker girl's diary, set in Pennsylvania in 1763. She was taken captive by a band of Indians....well I won't give it away!
You know from past posts that I also love fitness/nutrition type books. I just finished these two, and both were excellent.Books on homemaking, parenting, and marriage are also books I love to read. I finished Debi Pearl's book which was gifted to me by Cheryl. It was very good. Though I finished it, it is not on the shelf, as I am going back through and going over specific parts again.
Books pertaining to quilting are collected and read through in my home. Right now I am reading through some old quilting magazines...yes it is still reading, and is most delightful when the magazines are from 1977-78.....
Spiritual growth books are a big favorite of mine. Right now, I have Francis Frangipane's "The Stronghold of God" on my nightstand. I like to read these types of books as I drift off to sleep.Of course, the Word of God is the most important read of the day. I try not to pick up another book unless I have spent some time in THE Book. While cleaning out the storage area the other day, I found a treasure.....My childhood Bible. It was used when I went to church with Grandma Grace. It was the only Bible I ever owned until I got the paraphrase at 18 years old. I had been looking for it ever since I found out I would have a granddaughter. The spine needs repair, but the Bible is in tact. It has the most wonderful cross zipper....I will get it repaired and give it to Emerson.
I am at the tail end of the library project. Here is what my dining room looks like....
I know! I will be happy when the project is done in the next couple of weeks!
Now jump over to Cheryl's blog and read yesterday's post....then you can see what she is doing today!!! If you do not have a love of books, you can develop does not have to come naturally. Choose books that hold an interest for you. I would not have any desire to sit down and read a book about baseball! Come to think of it, I do have a book about the Rockford Peaches Baseball team of 1943, signed by some of it's players.....I guess I would read a book about baseball!!!!


Connie W said...

Bren, Hey there. :D
I love reading too and started out enjoying kids books from the library where ours had a summer reading program that encouraged reading 10 books during the summer. I also enjoyed the pre-teen books like Nancy Drew and the many others. If I hadn't been a reader back then, I don't know what would have drawn me in as an adult. My book choices vary and I read both fiction and non-fiction, depending on my mood.
Happy April, have a great day. :D

Winona said...

Hi Bren, I,too, love books! I always have. I think I read every book in our school library. LOL Then I started on our tiny little community library. I loved weekends, because it meant as soon as my chores and homework was done, I could read the whole rest of the time. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a love of reading. Glad you are about to wrap up the library project. Emerson will treasure the Bible when she gets it. Now I am off to read what Cheryl has to say. Take care. Winona

Milah said...

Bren, I also share your love for reading. I feel so good when I have a good book in my hands and another on the shelf. I would rather read than watch TV.