Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Pantry Project

Thursday is a pretty easy cleaning day....usually. Spring cleaning changes everything!! Today, I decided to tackle my pantries. I found this contact paper I have had for at least a dozen years!!!!Perfect for my big pantry! Only problem.....I am terrible with contact paper. I end up with large bubbles and paper sticking everywhere but where it is suppose to. I remembered this after I cleared out one side of the pantry. What's a girl to do? I asked Sweetheart. He made a face that said, "not hardly." so I put the contact paper away resigning myself to the fact that the pantry would just get a good cleaning. Sweetheart built me this pantry in November of 07, and I love it! It is the back coat closet and I keep overstock food, and all my appliances there. Here are some before pics....this is the food side....and here is the appliance side....there are even cans of paint on the floor!! See the plastic bag hanging off that top shelf? Awful!I got everything OUT of the pantry and wiped it all down! What a mess my kitchen was! When doing a big cleaning project, don't you find it is darkest before the dawn?Only a few of these boxes went down to storage....most of it went back into the pantry. Sweetheart came in and saw what was going on and the next thing I knew he was laying contact paper!! My hero!!! Really, it would have been ok, but I am so glad he took a break from his own deck project and helped out.Not a bubble, ripple, or seam!!!! Beautiful!Everything went back in it's own place....the appliance side with the vacuum attachments on the floor....The food side all organized and neat!Kyle loves his Apple Jacks!!!! On the top shelf I have a spot in the corner for those things that are "Hands Off!" This means they are slotted for an occasion. Right now the punch ingredients are there for Emerson's dedication banquet here on Sunday.
Now I have a nice sized pantry in my kitchen too. It has a top and bottom. I think I may have just enough contact paper to do this pantry it got a good cleaning, but no fresh paper. The top part holds Kyle's cereal (he is just like Jethro on The Beverly Hillbillies when it comes to cereal) on the top shelf, pasta on the middle shelf and on the bottom shelf I have various oils, syrup, rice, emergency potatoes, and oatmeal. Notice the tin of 100% Maple Syrup in the bottom right corner....Niki sent it to me from Canada. They made it from the sap from their own trees!! Can you imagine? I just got it and have Pancakes on my menu this week. I can't wait to try it!!!!
The bottom has 5 drawers. The top drawer holds excess spices, teas, dry mixes, etc., the second drawer holds canned foods for the week, and the middle drawer holds bread and chips.The 4th drawer holds coffee creamer, nursery water and formula for Emerson, and some crocks and canisters I am not using. The bottom drawer holds my nicer rubbermaid/tupperware containers.My pantries are areas where I fall down....I am not great about keeping them organized and wiped out. They are certainly worthy of constant cleaning along with our refrigerators. Food storage is vital for any home and a clean storage area is best! Now that mine are done, it feels good! Spring cleaning feels wonderful. What have you done on your Spring cleaning list??


Andrea Cherie said...

Bren, you are a terrific homemaker! I did the same, but for my desk drawers this week. It's incredible how much "stuff" one *thinks* they need to hold on to. A LOT went to the recycling bin. The best part about these kind of cleaning tasks~ the new empty space that is created! What a good feeling that is!

Susan said...

Your pantries look great, Bren! Your story about your Sweetheart doing the shelves after all reminded me so much of my husband that I went right up to his office and hugged him! LOL He didn't seem to mind! ;)

Winona said...

Your pantries look so nice. I just knew that your dh was going to come back and do that contact paper.(grin) The last time I did that, it was horrible. That stuff is tough to work with. We have been cleaning the yard and mowing as we clean. We always have lots of sticks to pick up every spring before we can mow. It is 81* here today. I think the cold weather is finally behind us for this season. At least I hope it is. LOL Take care. Winona

One Christian Mom said...

I love the contact paper. Your hubby is wonderful! :-) Your kitchen looked like mine does when I get into a project, too. Sometimes I will wonder what I have gotten myself into :-) It always feels better when done, though. Yours looks wonderfully organized. As for me, our "spring cleaning" project for this week was to go through all of our clothes and donate anything that doesn't fit or we don't wear. Only mine left to go. Why do we always leave ourselves for last?

Donetta said...

Hello, sounds like your sweet heart came to your aide how fun to have him do for you.
Hope your doing well. Remember to relax too. Otherwise your a robot not a human being. Be gentle and balanced girl. Seams so structured over there I get concerned about ya.

I love those Hoosier Cabinets!

I am so glad to be home. It is nice to nest back into my role here. Pacing myself. Love ya!

Copper's Wife said...

Great job!! So sweet that your husband came in and did the contact paper for you after all.

Fruit of her hands said...

Bren~ Look at all that hard work you have been doing.What a great "homekeeper" you are. Things look so nice and organized. I need to go through my pantry and just get rid of things I know we won't be eating anymore. Roger loves Mexican food at least authentic mexican food, I am more of a Taco bell mexican food person of which Roger says That's not mexican food!! He would have loved the enchiladas you made.

Niki RuralWritings said...

It looks great! But I always think the best part is the feeling of having the job done :)
Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed dedication, Kiss Emerson for me

Love Bears All Things said...

When I was lining the drawers and cabinets in this new house with the peel and stich paper, I learned to peel a littl of one end, press it down and work from there. Peeling and sticking in small sections. Mine still wasn't as need at yours. Everything looks great.
Mama Bear

Tamara said...

Your spring cleaning has given me a few ideas of how to organize my new kitchen. Oh and kudos for sharing your spring cleaning process for those of us who prefer not to tackle such a task. ;)