Saturday, April 18, 2009


It is a lazy kind of Saturday here. The sun is peeking in and out preparing us for the next two days of cloudy, rainy weather. It will be 75 degrees today so that is nice. My ankle has gotten better. It swells and gets sore depending on the amount of time I am on it. Still, it is no longer disabling.
I have spent some time couponing this week.
It is not my thing! I plan to continue though, as I feel it is valuable at this time. I need to learn the CVS couponing...I am confusing myself for sure! I did find an old organizer around here and got my coupons organized. That feels good. I have to train myself to look at prices. I doubt I will go to several stores....that would feel like a waste of time....but will do my best at Kroger, Walgreens and CVS. My Walgreens/CVS days will be earlier in the week and my Kroger day will be at the end. All these stores are very close to my home, so I won't be running all over.
I spent time adding some inspirational pages to my binder. I love that section of my binder.
I found a page from over a year ago that still spoke volumes to me. It was from Peggy at "The Simple Woman" and she said,
"Think this thought..."I will stand on my own two feet and try my best to be the "keeper" of my home!" [Now] stand on your own two beautiful feet and ardently pursue home and hearth. You do not have to be a follower of others for the rest of your homemaking years. You can become a free lady who runs her own home and not worry about "flying" (flybabies will get this). You can become a manager, an overseer, a keeper of *your* home. Notice I said in part one, by putting it into "faithful practice"! This is vitally important in your quest to take over and conquer that square footage." Taken from an article called "Setting The Keeper Free"
You can read all four parts by seeking out the links on her blog. Wonderful advice! When you put inspirational pages in a scrap book or binder, so go back and read them every so often. They spoke to you enough for you to print them out or copy them down. Revisit them. You can be inspired all over again.
Poor Zachary. He has had a rough week.
I am still reading The Explosive Child, and am praying I get some guidance from it's words. Zach has been easily frustrated the last few days. I am thinking that all the jelly beans and malted milk balls (sugar and dye) from Easter has had a lot to do with it. The excess has been thrown out so a few more days and it should be out of his system. He was grounded from television (Saturday morning cartoons) and just got his gameboy back after losing that for a time. Whew! This is certainly a lesson for me. Anytime my kids react because of what was done to them in utero, I want to go slap the people who did this to them. God has been gently reminding me that I need to forgive. It is not my place to judge nor punish them. I think today if I saw them on the side of the road, I would drive by with out running them over. Pick your jaw up off the ground! I could not have said that a year ago. God is working on my heart. These are MY children now and Sweetheart and I are the only ones responsible. God help me to do the right thing by them.
I plan to spend some time at my machine today, yet I am still debating. I think it may be a good day to read from a couple of my books and put my puffy ankle up in between loads of Kyle's laundry (he puts it away himself).
Maybe I will get a couple of hours in my sewing room too! Have a blessed weekend!


Mary said...

The quilt over your sewing machine makes me want to hang a quilt over my sewing machine! It's beautiful! I lvoer sampler quilts.

Andrea Cherie said...

Very nice quote!

Fruit of her hands said...

Bren~ So glad to hear that your ankle is feeling a little better. I will keep Zach and you in my prayers. I plan on being back blogging on Monday. I have been working on a post and have it scheduled to post on Monday morning.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I talked to my daughter this week and was teasing her about the lack of a "baby announcement". This is the longest she has gone between pregnancies and "baby" #4 is turning two years old this month.

She told me that as much as she usually wants another baby, this week she was happy not to be pregnant again because her children had been "wicked" all week. :)

I remember when my son was still a little boy. We started homeschooling in second grade because he was severely ADHD. He had been quite difficult since he was born!

At age nineteen today, one wouldn't recognize the calm young man who makes A's in advanced math. Amazing. Isn't it good that God gives us one day at a time to raise children?

I'm certain my grandchildren were only a tiny bit wicked. :)

One Christian Mom said...

I am glad your ankle is starting to feel better. Your sister's quilt is gorgeous! Emmerson is getting so big, as is charlotte! I haven't read blogs in almost a month, it's taken a lot of catching up! :-) Glad to see you are all well :-)

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

I don't know the story behind your son and his problems. But, I certainly feel your pain. I have a 7 yr old with ADHD. He has witnessed his dad being very mean to me for 4 years of his short precious life. I finally got sense enough to get out. My son is doing much better. He and I are in therapy and they tell us all the time,to take one day at a time. And you have God on your side.

I will keep you both in my prayers.

Marilyn R said...

Your Saturday didn't sound so lazy to me! Hope you got to spend some time in front of that sewing machine!

Melzie said...

Did I tell you that I am reading THE EXPLOSIVE CHILD for Jordan? Its kind of helpful, have to glean from here and there I guess LOL. I am very happy! I am remembering too though how out of control my life got thru my pgcy with Hawger and the year I lost to PPD afterwards, I am very purposefully day by day doing what I know I have to do to keep things running smoothly. It can only take a day or two of indulgent neglect to be back on a downhill slide. Not to say I won't stop and care for myself and baby but sometimes I waller LOL. Love your new profile pic! xoxo mel

meggie said...

Hi Bren, Have just enjoyed a catchup with you. Love your quilting it is beautiful.
Hope your ankle is healing. Keep resting it! HugsXX