Saturday, May 23, 2009

Eating 2 Live Videos

I am still working hard and spending very little time on the computer. My Peter Rabbit quilt is 1 block away from being finished...I should be putting binding on tomorrow. Both quilt tops are coming along nicely and my garden is almost in. It is small....very small, but will give us some wonderful veggies for our summer table.
I hope to be back posting mid week, but wanted to let you know I put up a couple of videos on
They are to motivate, inform, educate, and inspire. I have a few more scheduled to post so check back to see them. They are short, but worth the watch for those of you who need to change some food/exercise habits.
Charlotte was tickled by your wonderful comments to her. You are all so sweet!!!
Be Blessed!!!


Sarah said...

Good luck, Bren! I hope you accomplish all of your goals! I hope you and your family have a blessed Memorial Day weekend!

Liz said...

How small is "small?" My garden is pretty small -- I have 5 tomato plants, two cucumbers, a pepper, a zuchini (despite the fact that I am apparently the only person in America who cannot grow that vegetable successfully -- hope springs eternal!) and that's it. I think I have room for two more -- have to get a basil plant. It's small, but the tomatoes are usually delicious! We'll see. It's good to have everything in. And I love the looks of your quilt, too. A book suggestion to add to the ones you list: "The Missing Link," which helps us all understand behavior from a Biblical perspective. Great stuff on understanding who we are, what God's plan is for us and how to meet that plan and be happy and fulfilled.

Happy quilting and gardening! Now we just need sun and rain!