Friday, May 29, 2009

A Day In My Kitchen

Welcome to my kitchen! Friday's are busy days in here, so grab a cup of something good to drink and get comfortable!!
My morning started with tuna fish. Yep. Tuna. Kyle wanted a tuna sandwich for his lunch, so at 7 am I made tuna salad. There is nothing worse in the morning than the smell of tuna fish. Still, my son went to work with the sandwich he wanted, plus there was plenty for today's lunch. My little kids took care of their own breakfast this morning. I know....bad Mommy. Cold cereal. They were happy. Tomorrow is pancake day, so I will make up for it. I threw the ingredients for whole wheat bread into the bread machine on the dough cycle and headed for the work out room. I do not eat breakfast before I work out. After my session I whipped up a protein shake for myself.
I eat 5 times a day now. Small meals, but balanced. By this time, the whole wheat dough was ready to come out and get split into 2 pans to rise.
I threw the dough for white bread in the machine on dough cycle, and headed for the showers.After my shower, it was right back to the kitchen. Friday is a big cleaning day there. All the appliances get wiped down.And the counter tops get cleared, wiped down and everything put back.I do not like clutter, or a lot of "stuff" on my counters, but I do like pretty. Every once in a while I will move some things around for my own enjoyment. The blue hen holds our butter. I love the look, but it can get messy if that lid falls into the butter....which it does almost every time someone lifts and replaces the lid. I will need to do something about that! The round box contains matching antique coasters. I love them and enjoy having them out to look at.
I always have coffee handy when I have a day in the kitchen along with my Bible, open on the counter. Ready for a glance whenever there is a moment.
The dishes were loaded in the dishwasher.On days when I am doing major baking, bread making, or large meal prep, I keep my dish drainer in the sink and hand wash as I go.
The wheat bread went into the oven and the white bread dough was set in pans to rise. It was lunch time for the kids. Again.....yeesh, I sound like a terrible mom kids make their own lunch on most days. Unless we are having something like leftovers or a lunch that is cooked, like grilled cheese, they make their own. I think it is good for them. They get choices too. Today Zach choose 1/2 peanut butter sandwich, carrot sticks, and a hard boiled egg.
I know. My day in the kitchen is nothing like Candy's or DeNiece's. I have no brewing cupboard, though I did have a sour dough starter....ask Charlotte what happened to it......I do not prepare breakfast the day before....though I think that is a brilliant idea and plan to do that a couple times a week.....and I have none of my own recipes to share. I was raised by a very loving mom who, though she knew how, did not really cook. Oh, we had meals, but they came from a box or package. It was the new age of prepared foods. Processed anything was the way to go! Fast food was born when I was a kid. We ate out A LOT! I had no idea you could make biscuits without opening a tube with the end of a spoon. Anyway, all my recipes are borrowed. I did not need a recipe for my lunch. Open faced tuna sandwich on 1 slice of whole wheat bread and iced tea sweetened with Splenda.Yep, the wheat bread was done and I took an end piece! I make 2, 1 pound loaves because the slices are more portion controlled for me.
Once my lunch was over, I headed upstairs to put away a load of laundry. Charlotte was in the kitchen getting her own lunch. She had been outside helping her dad with the yard work. Here was my conversation with her...
Me: Charlotte I am going upstairs. Please do not touch the bread that is cooling and especially do not touch the white bread that is rising on the stove top.
Charlotte: Ok, mom.

I go upstairs and when I come back down I find a big hunk of wheat bread cut off (crooked at that) and my white bread dough has fallen. Now had I not said ANYTHING she would have left it alone! Noooooo. I had to put the thought in her head. Did I spare the rod of correction. No I did not. Poor Charlotte did not get bread at dinner. White bread is her favorite. 99.9% of the time, my Charlotte is a huge help in the kitchen. Today was not her day!
I did not let you down Sweet P....something is always going on here. I did bake the fallen bread and though it looks awful, I was told it tasted good.
I let the bread cool thoroughly, and sliced and bagged it. 1/2 in the cupboard and 1/2 in the freezer.The fallen white bread was sliced in thick pieces to be eaten at dinner time. It was not fit for sandwiches.I also put some of the whole wheat bread through the food processor to make bread crumbs to be used for tonight's dinner.Time for my 3rd meal of the day.....The kids come in for an apple....again I have not actually "fed" them yet....poor things! For the first time all day, I am able to leave the kitchen for a while. When I go back, it is time to start dinner. Tonight we are having Meat Loaf. Not just any meat loaf mind you, but

I make meat loaf pretty often. My daughter in law and son love it and so does Sweetheart. My "everyday" meat loaf has ground chuck, oatmeal, egg, garlic, onion, and ketchup. Kim's special meat loaf is something I make every once in a while as a treat. It is THAT good! I pull out my binder and prop it open to the recipe.You can click on the link for the official recipe. I add 2 cloves of garlic and some Italian spices to mine ;)
Once all the ingredients are ready, just throw them in a bowl...except the tomato sauce.I use a lot of recipes from blogs. I think it is very important to always honor the cook by giving the proper credit.
Once the meat mixture is blended....get your hands in there! put it in a baking dish and form a loaf. Pour tomato sauce over the top and bake for an hour and a half. It is a BIG meat loaf!
"Always keep your work stations clean!!!" I can hear those words of my Mother-in-love ringing in my ears!!!!!
It was Christmas, many years ago....she was working with me in my kitchen and I read the horrified look on her face. I was a terrible slob when I cooked. I never cleaned up as I went. She taught me to do that. It has been a wonderful lesson for me. Silly I had to be taught that, but I did.At this point is was time for my 4th meal. It sounds crazy to eat 2 hours before dinner, but it really is key. It will fuel my body AND I am not allowed to eat a BIG dinner, so I won't be starving when I sit down to eat. Apple slices and natural peanut butter.....Now for the real dinner......Here is Sweetheart's plate....the kids all had the same on a smaller scale. Finally, those kids get a meal from Mom! Meat Loaf, baked potato (he slathered it in butter and sour cream), peas and homemade bread with butter. Yeesh that's a lot of carbs!My plate looked a little different. I do not eat any "white stuff".....I had meat loaf, leftover baked brown rice, and salad.
Have you ever had "baked brown rice"? It is SO good. Niki taught me how to make it. 2 parts hot water to 1 part brown rice...a pat of butter, and bake covered for an hour. I usually use 2 cups water and 1 cup rice. It is wonderful!
Once dinner is over, the kitchen duties are still in full swing. A clean kitchen is so important. Don't leave those nasty dishes til tomorrow if at all possible. Not that I have not pulled the towel trick before, but it is rare! Get all the dishes in the dishwasher, wash, dry and put away any large items, and wipe down the counters.I did not forget to shine my sink and put out a clean towel and dish cloth for tomorrow....yes, it is the one Charlotte made. I use it whenever it is clean!It will be nice to get up in the morning to a clean kitchen. Making pancakes will be a joy to do!Goodness, that was a long day in the kitchen and a very long post. If you stuck it out to the end, God Bless you!!!! I did put my jammies on and threw my feet up at the end of the day

Be Blessed,



Copper's Wife said...

Ooooh, such pretty jammies!! Good for you for putting those pretty feet up for a rest after a long day.

Vanessa said...

What a busy lady!! These posts are a real inspiration Bren, keep them coming!

- Vanessa

Fruit of her hands said...

Bren~ I love your kitchen!! Wow you had a busy day. I don't do much in my kitchen anymore since we are doing Weight Watchers I no longer make homemade bread or big meals but I guess as long as we are loosing weight and it works for us we will keep doing it. Roger is up to 90 pounds lost, me I am not doing very good right now, I didn't even do weigh in this week! Thanks for all the pictures of your day in your kitchen.

Love Bears All Things said...

I loved this post and I wanted to thank you for suggesting we go to Cindy and DeNiece's websites. I enjoyed both of their videos and learned a lot that I want to put into practice. You mentioned that you didn't used to clean as you go. My Mother never did either and it really bugged me when I was the one who cleaned up after her. What ever veggies she peeled, she left the peelings in the sink. I guess that is why I have always done the opposite. She was a great cook and taught me many things, though.
You said you didn't have recipes but do you have one for your bread. I wondered if you used the one that came with the bread machine. I've never had much luck with it.
I don't like a lot of clutter on my counter tops and as soon as I get all of the boxes unpacked I am going to work on that. This kitchen isn't large but it is alright.
Mama Bear

Mountain Mama said...

Your feet deserved the rest! What a FULL day.

The bread looks yummy! Bet it smelled great too.

Julieann said...

I followed you over here by DeNiece's Blog ( I know I have been here before and I am glad I came back)~~~I absolutely LOVED this post. The last picture with your pretty toes up made me smile:)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Rita said...

Thank you for having a beautiful normal home. I sometimes look at blogs and think oh.....cause things at my place just are not perfect and yet...they are like your home fun and inspiring. Thank You again for sharing with us your blog friends.

Sarah said...

The bread looks delicious! Don't feel bad about not making every meal for your children, Bren. It appears that they make healthy choices, and they learn how to make their own food! By the way, you have pretty feet! :)

Susan said...

I loved reading about your day in the kitchen, Bren! Don't apologize for not being like . . . anyone . . . because you are caring for your home and family in the way God has lead you. It doesn't hurt children to fix their own meals!

Cleaning the kitchen as you go . . . my Granny didn't do that, and she'd always have a pile of dishes left after a meal. The day before my mother (her daughter) died, Granny had a big Sunday dinner and just left the dishes for Monday, because she didn't have anything planned for the next morning. At around midnight, she received a call from my dad that my mother had suddenly gotten worse and probably would not live. My poor Granny had to get up and wash all those dishes at midnight before she could go to be with her girl. After that, she never left dishes again and always cleaned as she went. She was in her 60s at that time! So there's always something new to learn. I pretty much clean as I go, because my kids always do the dishes and I try to not leave them a mess to clean up.

DeNiece Barnes said...

Bren I loved your day in the kitchen, you too have a full and busy day, no we don't do things the same but we are both hard working keepers of our homes, and that is all that counts, thanks for showing us that it is ok to sometime sit back and relax and let the children fix their own lunches sometime, this is how they learn to do it if I just let them put into practice everything that I have taught them. You are a sweet and godly woman I a glad that we have the chance to be friends. Be blessed my dear sister in Christ

Andrea Cherie said...

Ok...I do not like meatloaf...but that looks good!

NeeCee said...

That is one thing I miss about being low carb....fresh baked bread. YUM!

Robin said...

You are such a joy!!! Thank you for sharing your day!

Sweet P said...

I enjoyed reading about your day in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

Anonymous said...

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