Saturday, May 9, 2009

Flower Power

The flowers are blooming everywhere! The above picture is of my neighbors tree. I get a lovely view of it from my deck. TJ helped my neighbor Kathy, or Kaffy as he calls her, plant some flowers in her yard yesterday.Her daughter Emily and our other neighbor Anya helped too. TJ was excited to have on a pair of gardening gloves!It was a gorgeous 80 degrees yesterday. I had promised TJ he could come play and when he woke up in the morning he remembered first thing. Rachel could hear him in his room saying out loud to himself, "Today I get to go to Grandmas!!" What a blessing to have my grandchildren so close. I met my friend Candy at the church to help set up for tonight's Ladies Banquet (It use to be called a Mother Daughter Banquet, but we changed it so ALL women would feel invited) and then ran over to pick up TJ! He ran out the front door before I had the van in park! It was a wonderful day with him! The rest of his family came for dinner.
I had my camera in hand yesterday, but NO ONE would cooperate! TJ rode his trike into the bushes just to get away from me! "NO pictures please!" Sweetheart also had issue!Now I KNOW my sweet Emerson will give me a smile!!!!WHAT??? Not you too!!!!
She was very intent on her toys!!Later in the evening, she smiled at me through her cereal and Charlotte fed her her bottle. All jammied up and ready for bed when she got home!On the quilting front, I chose a couple of patterns. One for a gift.....And one for me....I thought about NeeCee when I saw this one! And Andrea Cherie , and Linda, and all my other Oklahoma friends! I plan to use my 9 patches from my swap with Linda in this one (seemed fitting as it is called Oklahoma Nine Patch and 1/2 the 9 patches come from Oklahoma)... I am thrilled with another project in the works....the pattern Linda sent me that she created will be a joint effort. My MOM will do the stitchery and I will do the patchwork and quilting. I will have a quilt with my mother and me in it! How awesome is that??!!
Bread making has been crazy! I made a loaf of whole wheat bread and let it cook in the machine to test how the loaf would come out. I actually was quite pleased.I used the dough cycle to make this monstrosity!! Don't ask! It is HUGE, but it tastes fine!
Finally, I want to wish you all a Happy Mother's Day! (Me and my first born, Bud)
May your day be filled with love, family, friends and God.


Mountain Mama said...

What a cute little gardener you have!

Emerson is absolutely adorable. How do you not just nibble on her cheeks all day long?

Your bread looks yummy.

Happy Mothers Day to YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Everything is blooming there! Ü
Congratulations on your new bread machine, how exciting and you are already busy with it, good for you!
I loved your monster bread Ü

Happy Mother's Day Bren...
Hope your day is as wonderful as you are!

NeeCee said...

The Oklahoma Nine Patch looks gorgeous, but hard to make!

Happy Mother's Day!!

Guðrún said...

What a lovely day. I think spring is not yet here, it has been very cold the last few days and snowing in some parts of the country.

dot said...

Looks like you had a good time gardening. I love the brown pink quilt. I like what you did with it. I just might have to copy.

Andrea Cherie said...

Aww, thanks for the Oklahoma shout out!

Precious picture of you and young Bud!

Copper's Wife said...

Happy Mother's Day, Bren!

Marilyn R said...

I just love the Oklahoma 9 patch quilt. Yours will be a beauty! I don't have a bread machine. I am afraid if I had one I would eat too much bread!

Julie said...

My kids feel the same way about their grandma. If you tell my 3yo he is going to grandma's that's all you will hear about. Thank God for grandmas!