Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day Banquet

Two posts in one day! I had pictures to share. Tonight was our Mother's Day Banquet. It was wonderful! Taya and her Mommy, Allena, pictured above, did the centerpieces. White baskets filled with toy musical instruments and sheet music laying out on the tables. The theme was "Worship".
Candy did a great job putting it all together and announcing our special speaker.Renee Cooper is a gifted singer and speaker from another local church. She has the MOST incredible voice.Charlotte (you can see the back of her head here) sat mesmerized through the entire service. She loved the message and really was thrilled to hear Renee sing several songs intertwined in her speech.Charlotte loves to sing and wishes to join the Praise and Worship team someday.

The dinner was delicious. Pastor Tim (our youth Pastor) and Pastor Paul cooked and served with the help of a couple of teen boys. They offer every year to serve at the Ladies Banquet. They made chicken breasts cooked on the grill, baked potato, green beans cooked with bacon, spinich salad, and for dessert 2 different kinds of cake. A couple of the ladies made the cakes ;)
My mom came, so we had 4 generations there. Mom, me, Rachel, Charlotte and Emerson. I wish I had thought to get a group picture.Taya loved playing with Emerson.Emerson got a hold of 2 spoons and looked ready to eat!!
Tomorrow, we will attend church and then have a cookout here. BBQ'd ribs, corn and baked potatoes. I plan to make chocolate cream and banana cream pies for dessert. I hope to make TJ feel special. Tonight when Rachel was getting ready to go, he wanted to come with. Rachel told him, "Church is only for girls tonight." He said, "Where is the phone?? I'm calling Grandma!!" He called me and told me in a shocked voice what his mother had said. OMGoodness!! What could I say. I told him it was not church, but a special dinner for Mommies and that tomorrow would be church. He sobbed. My heart broke. I guess he did ok and was playing a ball game with his Daddy outside when Rachel and Emerson left. Whew!
Have a blessed Mother's Day!


Milah said...

Happy Mother's Day Bren!

The banquet looks lovely. Glad to see Charlotte enjoying herself. Does she take piano lessons? My little granddaughter does and she is loving it!

I was nice to see the kids out digging in the dirt in the other post. I love watching kids get excited about gardening.

Enjoy your day tomorrow!

Guðrún said...

Happy Mother´s day! Poor TJ how was he to understand that only women could go.

Fruit of her hands said...

Hi Bren~ I hope you Mother's day was just great. Sorry I am late but Happy Mother's day.

Love Bears All Things said...

A very special time for Mothers and Daughters.
Mama Bear