Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I saw this "FIRST's Meme" on Susan's blog and it looked fun. Not as easy as it sounds to answer these questions! Give it a try!
First Job: I babysat a little girl down the street for the summer when I was 14.
First Real Job: I worked as a waitress at the Howard Johnson's at 17.
First Favorite Politician: Ronald Reagan
First Car: a little red Opal GT I bought from my cousin.
First Record/CD: CD??? Right! My first record was Shirley Temple
First Sport Played: I did not play sports. I did jump rope and play hop scotch, does that count?
First Concert: Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton. Only Dolly never showed up.
First Foreign Country Visited: Have never left the country.
First Favorite TV Show: Family Affair
First Favorite Actor: Michael Landon
First Favorite Actress: Kristy McNichol (you have to be older than 42)
First Girlfriend/Boyfriend:Sweetheart is the only one I remember!
First Encounter with a Famous Person: I met Whoopi Goldberg once.
First Brush With Death: At 30 I had ITP and was told I may not make it through the night. My platelet count was 7000 (150,000-450,000 is normal. People can die of a platelet count of less than 100,000). I did make it through the night, but not unscathed. While having a bone marrow biopsy, (they stick a GIANT needle into your hip bone from the back side and draw out marrow) I was laying on my tummy hip exposed and along with it 1/2 my hind end! The Hematologist was doing the biopsy, but my family doctor held my hand at the head of my bed. I looked up at my doctors face and he was looking at the foot of the bed with a look of horror on his face. I KNEW by the look that my PASTOR was standing at the foot of my bed seeing my rear end! (My doctor went to our church too) Later Pastor Gene chuckled and said, "I was looking for an illustration for my next sermon and now I found it!" He was just kidding of course. Still, I was amazed at the peace I had in the knowledge that I may not live another day. By the way, that next day was Easter Sunday.
First House/Condo Owned: A split level 3 bedroom ranch in McHenry, IL. I LOVED living there!!! We basically raised our boys in that home. GREAT memories.
First Film Seen: Lady and the Tramp
First Favorite Recording Artist: Shirley Temple! I loved to sing her songs! Then as a teen I really liked Tom Petty....ewwww
First Favorite Radio Station: WZOK, a rock station which I would never listen to now. Sweetheart still likes it.
First Book I Remember Reading: Nancy Drew Mysteries
First Meme You Answered on Your Blog: I think it was a 7 Random things Meme.
So that was not so bad. Give it a try!!!


Susan said...

It was fun to read all your firsts! I would just die if my pastor was in the room for something like your procedure! Of course, my husband is now my pastor, so . . . that's ok. But my former pastor was so squeamish he wouldn't even carry a bottle of expressed breast milk, so I don't think he'd come in for anything else! ;) I did have to have a barium enema once, and the tech for that was a guy who went to our church - but it ended up that another tech was on duty that day. I was glad.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Ok if my pastor walked in when my bottom was exposed I would probably have pretended to have amnesia and swear I didn't know him. :) blessings, marlene

Love Bears All Things said...

Enjoyed your answers.
Mama Bear

blushing rose said...

What a fun reply session ... have a great Mother's Day.
TTFN ~ Marydon