Friday, May 29, 2009

She's Mobile!!!

And she is proud of it!!! One minute she is sitting there playing nicely, and the next minute she is GONE!!!!

Where did she go? She went to the next room to look outside.Emerson has been rolling for a while now, but she only traveled short distances. Now she is army crawling like a pro. She loves her new found freedom!I had a wonderful afternoon/evening with the grandkids yesterday. Today I am cleaning and working on laundry. I want to spend a good chunk of tomorrow on more of these..... I have been enjoying some videos this week done by Candy and DeNiece. They are doing a series called "A Day In My Kitchen" and each day they post a video of food preps, recipes, and different tasks that are done in their kitchens. I would love to join in, but for 2 reasons I won't...
#1 I have no high quality video equipment, and
#2 a week in my kitchen would bored you to death.
I did decide to do a post of pictures titled "A Day In My Kitchen" will be a day and not a week long series. Check back tomorrow when I hope to have it posted. In the mean time, pop over to Candy and DeNiece and watch their series....both wonderfully done!
Be Blessed,


Love Bears All Things said...

Oh my goodness. She'll be walking before long. They grow up so fast.
Mama Bear

Sweet P said...

Look out now - Emerson is on the loose!

I'll love to hear about a Day In Your Kitchen. You always seem to have something interesting going on around your house.

Susan said...

Yay for Miss Emerson! LOL

I'm looking forward to a day in your kitchen! I looked at DeNiece's video of her home a few weeks ago, and I like her style. I'll have to go check this out, too.

NeeCee said...

She is a cutie!

That is what I'm doing too....laundry! I wanted to get some sewing done, but that had to be put on the back burner. There is always the weekend.

Sarah said...

Congratulations, Miss Emerson! She will be walking before you know it! When I kept twins, I would think, "I wish you guys could move around on your own!", and then when they started moving around on their own, I thought "I wish you guys would stay in one place for a minute!" I have been following DeNiece's week in her kitchen and have been really enjoying it! Have a wonderful weekend, Bren!

Fruit of her hands said...

Bren~ I just love the jeans Emerson has on with the cute little pocket on the back...too cute. I have also been enjoying Candy and DeNiece's videos they are very inspiring. I can't wait to see your day in the kitchen.

Donetta said...

little ones grow so fast into the youth that passes in a flash.

Copper's Wife said...

Oh, my word, she is too cute!!!