Friday, September 25, 2009

A Clean Slate

My mom appreciated all your wonderful birthday wishes for her and says "thank you". She had a great day! Breakfast with a friend, lunch with her sister, and then.....well, she came to my house to take me to the doctor. Yes, I will be 49 in a month or so and I needed my mommy! She opened her gifts from us while she was there. A large cut crystal with a rod iron stand (she loves all that shimmers and sparkles) and a sunflower candle holder for her kitchen. She loved it all, but said her blog post was the best gift ever! We had a bunco night last night too, so the lady partied from morning til bedtime!!!
I have not shared on my blog the health issues I have been experiencing, but now that I know the outcome, I will share that I will be facing a hysterectomy in the very near future. I am feeling it will be a great relief in my life and am trusting God in this situation.
I was able to get to the opening day of Acorn Quilts.The fabrics are incredible!!!! Look what I got. 1/2 yard cuts of these pretties for use in upcoming gifts.I was quite disappointed that there were no hand quilting supplies. We need very little, but what we need is very important. Little did I know, the owner was just waiting to speak to a hand quilter to find out what we would want her to carry!! WOO HOO!!! I gave her my list and she will be getting those things immediately! LOVE IT! I plan on taking my camera in and doing a post on Acorn Quilts....the owner was thrilled with that!
This morning was a "no school" time, so I decided to clean up the sty my sewing room/office had become. No before pics, but believe me, it was as bad as it had ever been. FILTHY and the dust was so thick you could write in it!....really. No floor space was empty, as my mess from sorting scraps was still everywhere. My cutting table, computer table, and ironing board were loaded with clutter. The closet....well that has been bad for quite a while. I started there....the closet. Now organized and neat!You can walk right into the room and not trip on anything!The cutting table is cleaned off, and Pine Ridge is split between the design wall and the paisley box under the left side of the desk, waiting til those Christmas projects are finished!Fabrics for those Christmas miniatures are set out and ready to be cut up!A clean slate. Ready to begin again!!!!!Thanks for stopping in!! Don't forget to give part of your day to Him.


blushing rose said...

Sorry I missed Mother's birthday, Bren. Please convey my best to her.

As I had mentioned to you before, you will be kept in prayer for your surgical procedure ... I had mine when I was 29. It's a hard decision to reckon with, tho.

TY for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend. TTFN~ Marydon

Copper's Wife said...

Yee haw, a clean slate!! What fun, and what an inspiration to get in there and create!!

Continuing in prayer for you,too!

Pat said...

I too am facing a hysterectomy after many years of problems. Please know you are not alone facing this. I just found a wonderful website of support called, the support is wonderful from the women there.

Take care

Crispy said...

You know you are in my thoughts and prayers everyday my dear friend.

Now, tell me the name on that green piece of fabric, I think I "need" some of that :o)


pins and needles said...

Bren, Surgery is never a wanted thing, but if you will be better and more comfortable then I guess it should happen. Just think you will be able to do more hand quilting while recovery is going on. Take care Chris

Winona said...

Bren, I am so happy that your mom had a wonderful birthday. Love the fabric you got. Your sewing room looks great. You know I will have you in my prayers concerning your surgery. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend. Winona

julieQ said...

I am sorry that you have to have surgery, and I will be praying for your smooth recovery. You have done so much cleaning! Looks great, Bren. Happy belated B-day to your mom.