Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday MOM

Here are some things about my mom.....
She grew up in an unstable home and had to grow up very fast. She married at 17 and had 2 girls. She is a devoted mom.....words can not express the devotion she has to her children. She will be married 50 years in February, so I would say she is also a devoted wife!When her sister was 11 years old, she took guardianship and raised her with the same love she gave her daughters. Ooops....I will explain is better.She was a wonderful daughter and daughter in law.She has 6 grandchildren, and she has a special relationship with each one of them.She has 4 great-grandchildren and was present at the birth of 3 of them!She is a great friend and has maintained close friendships for decades!She treats her animals better than most people treat their kids!!!!!Now, let's get personal......(insert evil laugh)
It takes several attempts to get a decent picture of her, because she will not stop talking!!!!....or she closes her eyes!!!!
My dad eventually gives up trying to "pose". Finally you get a decent pic of her, but you lost him!!!You DO NOT want to make her mad!!! She gets over it very quickly, but her wrath is not fun!She has a BIG potty mouth and is not afraid to use it!!!
Despite her sailor talk, her favorite word is "neat" and she uses it every opportunity.Her nails and toes are always done in hot pink!!She carries a Tide Pen in her purse. She should by all rights be required to wear a bib, but she opts for the Tide Pen. This day (my 30th anniversary celebration) it did no good....note the large soda stain on her belly.She loves the boats. Casino boats, that is. Give her a row of penny slots and she is content for an entire day!She never fails to amuse her girls. We have a story for every single trip we have ever taken with our mother (and they are many). Most of them have to do with bodily functions things that can not be mentioned here, but when we all get together, there is unmatched laughter at our poor mother's expense!
My mom is all of those wonderful and quirky things. She is a foundation in my life that I do not take for granted. Her very presence brings peace and safety and her heart can be felt by anyone who is near her.
Happy Birthday Mom....I love you!!!


Milah said...

I think she'll love this!

Happy Birthday Bren's Mom!

Christa said...

I love how you honor your mother. What a blessing you must be to her! Your relationship/friendship with her is a treasure from the Lord. :)


Anonymous said...

How sweet of you to write about your love of your sweet mom and share it with us. Happy Birthday to her!

Copper's Wife said...

Happy birthday to your sweet mom. Hey, Bren, promise me one thing. If I ever, EVER, get the chance to visit you there, promise me I'll have plenty of time to spend with your mom, too! Deal?

Winona said...

Bren, what a wonderful tribute to your mom. I am sure she is just as proud of you as you are her. Wonderful pictures that you shared with us. Happy birthday Bren's MOM! Winona

One Christian Mom said...

What a beautiful sentiment! God bless you, Bren's Mom! :)

moreofhim said...

Your Mom is ADORABLE! I especially love her hot pink finger and toe nails with the cute flowers! Too cute! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with your Mom!!

Happy Birthday to your Mom!

God bless you - Julie

Crispy said...

Oh Bren I am totally in love with your mom!! She is my kind of gal, potty mouth, Tide Pen carrying and penny slots....pure heaven!!



Andrea Cherie said...

What a sweet post! (I always love to read birthday posts from people- always so kind and fun!)

What a blessing to have her as a mother AND friend in your life!