Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Quickie & A Sickie

I have a few minutes for a quick post. The days here are flying by. I am working on the Basket Case, quilting all the setting triangles as I go. I have 4 more baskets and 3 more setting triangles to do, and after the four corner sections the quilting will be done!! In the meantime I am preparing other Christmas gifts for the hoop. I can show you this one, because it is a dud!Yeah.....I know. You would think after quilting for 16+ years, I would have a clue!!!! Nope, not so much. I did complete 3 others that turned out beautiful. Here is a "peek" at one of them. These pieces are SOOOOO tiny.I said it would be a "peek"!!
I am back to making meals....I did not cook much those 2 weeks I was on restriction.Sweetheart was so wonderful during that time, along with my mother, and church family, who all made sure we were taken care of. It feels good to be able to "do" my life again. Thank you for all your warm regards concerning my upcoming surgery. I have a temporary fix for now and look forward to just getting it all over with. I need to decide if I want to wait til after the holidays, which I am leaning towards.
For now, there is only room for one sickie in the house.....Mr. Zach-Attack is just miserable! Cough, cough, cough.....and he is so dramatic about it!!! I heard him say, (to no one, as he was alone in the room), "When is this going to end?!"
A pair of jammies, hot from the dryer, a warm quilt, a dose of cough medicine, a bottle of OJ, a box of kleenex and the movie Chicken Little, and he is set for the morning!!!
I am off to homeschool the girls.


Crispy said...

Oh poor young Zack, I hope he gets well very soon and does not share the bug with everyone else in the family.


Nancy said...

BOYS!! He is just training to be a man... you know they get SICKER than we do...LOL

Sorry to hear about the surgery. I had the same one about 14 years ago and it is the best thing I did. There is never a GOOD time to be out of the loop, so just get-r-dun...

Copper's Wife said...

Poor Zach!! We're praying that he feels better soon.

The Basket Case is coming right along! Wow, I'm impressed!

Fruit of her hands said...

Bren~ Sorry to hear that Zach is sick sending get better vibes to him!!!!! I think your quilt square looks great of course I am not a quilter:)

Niki RuralWritings said...

Send Zach our best wishes for a speedy recovery...he does look very cozy! Glad you are up and about and feeling better :)

Your supper looks delish, the quilting, well, gorgeous as always


Donetta said...

Hay Sis sooner the better! Off with the sorrow and the dread of the wait. Being done done is so amazing the finish of the race.
Healing begins and the beauty of the reflection can be seen more clearly as truth.
Remember how this makes you feel.
So feel best as soon as you can.

Debi said...

You square is gorgeous and those pieces are so little...great job! I must have missed the post on your surgery, but will keep you in my prayers. I hope Zach gets to feeling better.

Andrea Cherie said...

Oh Zachary! Get well soon!!

moreofhim said...

As always, your quilting and color choices are exquisite! I wish I lived close to you so I could sit and just quilt with you once in a while. What a blessing that would be!!

I will be praying about your up-coming surgery. It's hard getting older, isn't it? I KNOW! LOL

Take care and God bless you - Julie