Friday, September 18, 2009

School Daze

I love red!! My neighbor, Cindy, brought me a gorgeous bouquet of red flowers. They include roses, zinnias, carnations, and daisy's.....All beautiful and red! My poor sunflowers are not as cheerful looking.....They look so sad. Well, the weather is cool here though the sun has been shining full throttle for days! Beautiful weather. The kids have been working hard at school. Charlotte has difficulty focusing on her own work, so she does her math at a side table in the dining room (where we home school this year)Anya is doing WONDERFUL, as is Alphia. Yesterday was Anya's day here and Alphia home schooled at her house with her mom (my neighbor and friend, Cindy)
Zach follows me wherever I go. If I go to the kitchen, he brings his book and comes along.... They have been enjoying afternoon read aloud. We are reading "Miracle at Camp Friendship" and studying the book of Romans.On Friday mornings, the 3 girls and I are doing "Raising Maidens of Virtue" as a study and they are creating scrapbooks as we go. The 2 girls go on vacation for 2 weeks starting tomorrow, and when they return we will add history through living books to our afternoons, and spelling to our mornings.
The Basket Case has had lots of attention. While the kids do their school work, I sit with them and hand quilt. I have reached the outer edges!!
I am looking forward to a quiet weekend. More hand quilting and maybe a little machine time....we'll see. Have a blessed weekend and don't forget to give some of your day to Him.


Donetta said...

Good Morning
Bren try a soft music for Char. she might just meed the order for the neuros to process math and music hand in hand

Crispy said...

Wow I'm so impressed with how far you have gotten on the Basket Case, it's going to soooo beautiful!!


One Christian Mom said...

You must be the fastest hand-quilter there is! Wow, it looks wonderful. It also sounds like your school year is going well so far. Keep us updated when you can - I miss your posts :)

blushing rose said...

Good grief, Bren. Are you literally hand stitching those designs into the fabric? That design is beautiful.

Love the pics of the kid-lings ... so typical positions while studying.

TTFN ~ Marydon

rolicreps said...

What a pretty blog. And pretty quilts, too. I'm not as experienced as you but I love quilting also. Actually I just started my first serious quilt. I really enjoyed your blog.


Niki RuralWritings said...

School looks like it got off to a great start at your house! Poor Charlotte, I remember feeling that way about math....

The quilt is beautiful, Bren. Another project coming to lovely completion!

Have a blessed week

julieQ said...

I am so glad to see your handwork, it is beautiful quilting. Wonderful that you home school.

Meggie said...

I so admire you for Home Schooling so successfully.
Your quilting is lovely Bren!

LLC said...
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Julie said...

I have got to get back to Maidens of Virtue with Karly. She loved it so much.