Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Last 24 Hours

My little Zachary has been very sick. Yesterday, as I mentioned, he was coughing and just plain miserable. I headed to the drug store to stock up....Mucinex for kids (the wonder drug for coughs), Vick's vapor rub, Motrin, cough drops, chicken noodle soup, orange juice, and I grabbed some "On Sale" chocolate on the way out!!
I came home to find Zach doing much worse. He seemed to be struggling to breath. Like it was a fight, almost, plus he had a fever. Sweetheart felt he just had a cold and his nose was stuffy. Give him the medicine and he will be fine. So I I grabbed the Symphony bar I bought. The stress was building. After the candy was gone, I made my decision. I called the doctor, who was booked, of course, but told me to go to immediate care with Zach. Off we neighbor, Cindy, in tow. Thank goodness, cause what happened next was awful. Zach had a low (92) pulsox (oxygen level) and the doctor agreed he was struggling to breath. I knew I was not over-reacting (though I have been known to do that). He needed a breathing treatment. They got it going and when it was almost done, Zach began to feel "shaky". I assured him it was the medicine, but he went from calm and almost sedate, to frantic. He was pulling at the mask and yelling "GET THIS OFF OF ME". Cindy helped me hold him while I opened the door and called the nurse. I told her I thought he was having a bad reaction to the medication. As soon as she came in the room and I got those words out, my little Zachary passed out!! That was the scariest moment! Oh the fear I felt....was he reacting to the meds?....was his little heart in trouble?....would he come out of this???? All those questions and more went through my mind in those few seconds, that seemed like hours. Several doctors and nurses came rushing in and Zach came around pretty quickly. He evidently panicked and hyperventilated, causing him to faint. His pulsox came up to 97 by the time we left.... a nasal swab to check for flu, and 2 chest x-rays later. It was either the flu (Swine Fluid, as Zach calls it), or bronchitis with possible pneumonia. Antibiotics, and an inhaler were picked up and we went home. I immediately grabbed my Hershey with Almonds!!!
Zach needed to use the inhaler every 4 hours, as he continued to have trouble. I put his mattress in my room and "watched" him sleep most of the night. He slept good. His breathing seemed stable and his wheezing was gone. He did not cough more than once or twice and not enough to even wake him up. I fell asleep about 4 am. At 5:30 he woke up coughing a very wet cough. This is good....his cough had been very dry and non-productive. He was also having trouble breathing again. Cough meds and a puff of inhaler, and he was fine within seconds.....except for the HORRIBLE bruising around the corner of his mouth!!!! What the heck was that???? I looked at it and could not figure it out. He said it did not hurt and had no idea what he had done. I stripped him down and check the rest of his bruises or petechiae, which can happen with a virus, and would need immediate attention. I had rubbed it a bit and it seemed to lighten up....was it circulation?....lack of oxygen, which turns the area around the mouth dark??? I was baffled, but knew it was not good. After a while it seemed to go away. Zach laid back down and fell back asleep. I called my mother (the head of the HEC medical group, as Sweetheart calls us....H. E. C. are the initials of my mother, sister and my own last names....get it?) and my mom felt I needed to call the doctor as soon as they came in. I agreed. She told me to go check him again....I did. He was laying on that side of his face so I rolled him over and it was BACK! Now I knew we were in trouble. He seemed to be breathing so well....I had him propped up on several pillows....and how could he be having such a lack of oxygen to turn dark purple around his mouth?? Maybe I needed to just take him to the ER, or call an ambulance even. As I was discussing it with my mom, I looked down at Zach laying on his pillow and it hit me!!!!!That is the pillow he was laying on. His favorite one! He had that side of his mouth on a dark triangle and had been drooling!!!! Yes, the fabric had bled onto his skin making it look like a dark bruised area around the corner of his mouth!!! I was WAY too relieved to feel stupid! Whew!! Thank You Jesus, and by the way, WHAT was I suppose to learn from all that?????
I went downstairs and grabbed my coffee and a Butterfinger bar!!!
Today is better. Immediate Care called and Zach does NOT have the flu. He is still coughing, but it is wet. He is using the inhaler more like every 6 hours now. He has, however, had a rough morning. He did not get his ADHD meds (they have side effects similar to the inhaler and I did not want to double up), and the inhaler makes him even MORE hyper. He has been a handful to say the least. I am still waiting for him to crash. Not looking like it, though I feel ready to myself. I made him his favorite lunch, grilled cheese, and I grabbed an Almond Joy!

What does the rest of the day hold??? I have no idea, but I DO have a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup in the cupboard, just in case!!

Be Blessed!!!



Debi said...

Oh Bren, I have been thinking about you and Zach all morning. I am so glad he is doing better and that the pillow was the culprit of the bluing of his face. I will have to agree that all that chocolate would have helped me along as well. I am keeping you both in my prayers.

Libby said...

Oh Bren! That makes me feel so sad to think about ya'll in the office being so scared!! It scared me and I just read it! I love "hearing" about Zack, I have 2 boys of my own and have a weakness for boys!! Glad he is feeling better and just in case, I'm going to eat a BIG bowl of chocolate ice cream for you!!

boo4baby said...

I don't know you, but enjoy reading your blog. Now you are very dear to my heart because you have posted all of the candy bars you ate while stressed. I can soooo relate! It is exactly what I would do! Thanks for sharing and I pray your little one is better SOON!

Alesha said...

1. Laughing Out Loud at your particular way of handling the stresses you are going through!!!
2. Relieved that the pillow was "bleeding" and that nothing else was wrong!
3. So glad that cough is breaking up for Zach. The asthma meds make Isaac a little hyper too. I hope you can keep him still long enough for him to recuperate.
4. Thank you for your prayers for me, too. :)

Niki RuralWritings said...

LOL about the purple mouth...we just heard a story when the boys body was turning green and the dr couldn't figure out what it was...then they realized it was his new bed sheets!!!

What a scare with Zach...and I'm sorry he's soooo sick. HOpefully he will bounce back quickly and his chest will clear up.

Way to go on the "substance of choice" for getting you through a crisis!!! My preferred stuff as well...chips are also good, and caramel popcorn too,......actually I have quite a long list ;-)

blessings and hugs to you all esp. Zach

Berean Wife said...


So sorry for all the stress and sickness. :( Hope this is one time that he doesn’t share.

I'm afraid you need to head for the heavy stuff though. Dark chocolate is much better for serious stressors. IMHO. It is also healthier and helps with high blood pressure, which I’m sure you had! Dove Dark Chocolate or Hershey’s Special Dark will work.

But then, I’ll take my chocolate anyway I can get it.

Berean Wife

Guðrún said...

How terrible, I just hope he will keep on getting better. It is good you bought all that candy *LOL*

Winona said...

Bren, how scary! I am so glad that Zach is doing better. Well, you named almost all of my favorite chocolate bars. You just needed some m&m's and your comfort level would have been perfect! LOL Glad the dark around his mouth was just the pillow. Hope you get some rest tonight. Winona

Nancy said... scary. I am so glad you had the chocolate to get you through this.... Um...of course after all that chocolate might you crash also? Hopefully you and Zach crash at the same time....

I wonder how many high priced tests would have been run to find out why his mouth was turning

blushing rose said...

How a Mother's heart stops when it is her child that is sick ... those same candy bars have nursed me through many a scary night.

So glad to hear he is doing better, & that the pillow covering was found quickly.

Gosh, Bren! Hope you all will have a quiet autumn eve & relax ... BTW I have some Godivas I'll share with you.

Hugs, TTFN~ Marydon

PS If you haven't go to ~
terrytreasures.blogspot. Here DH was in an accident.

One Christian Mom said...

All that chocolate sure could cure anything, right? Sorry, I just had to try and make you smile... I pray that your little guy is feeling better soon, thank the Lord that it was just the pillow and not another breathing emergency!

Milah said...

Oh you poor thing! I'm glad you stocked up on chocolate....what would you have done without it? I'll be keeping Zack in my prayers, as for you, get back to that store and buy more chocolate before the sale runs out!

Andrea Cherie said...

Woah that's a lot of chocolate! I should make you come fill vending machines with me. I HATE the smell of candy now, yes candy has a least it does when you buy 40 bags of it and put in a small space like a car. Ick. The smell just makes my stomach turn and I in no way want to eat it- a blessing in disguise!?

Also, I can related to the "hyper" jitters of an inhaler. I've got very mild sports asthma and sometimes I debate which is worse: not being able to catch my breath or feeling like my heart is beating a million times per minute?

Get well soon, Zach! (Jason makes me drink a gallon of water in one day if I ever have a hint of really works as it flushes out your system!)

Melzie said...

Oh my Bren, praising for a scary moment gone better. Prayers for you all, especially Zachary. Big hugs xoxo mel

Donetta said...

Now Bren ...
Find a better stress reducer. That one sounds too punitive toward yourself in the regret factor later on. Try a bath with candles. or ...well think of more ways to comfort your soul sis.
love ya
He is do fine in time.
Try legos they will keep those busy little hands going and building fast.
Dash has the same issue with his meds.
Perhaps even a good hand eye computer game to blow off the hyper.

Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

Bren, Prayers for little Zachary. I hope he is feeling much better. How scary that he passed out. Thank goodness that happened at the clinic so he could be checked. Take care my friend. Blessing, Karen

Andrea said...

Poor, poor Zach - hope he's soon on the mend. As to the calories on those choccy bars - needs must - lol !

Crispy said...

Ok, I shouldn't be sitting here laughing my behind off but really...don't you think you have had enough candy? Is chocolate a sedative? I'm thinking not LOL.

It is good that your mommy instincts got Zach to the drs and that his cough has finally broken loose poor little guy!!


Rose Marie said...

I can so relate to stress foods ... potato chips does it for me! Hopefully, Zach will start to feel better and you can wean him off the inhaler. Between him and your problem ... no wonder you are munching on chocolate.

Marci said...

I found your blog for the first time today. Let me guess.... You eat chocolate in times of stress!!! :)

karenfae said...

so glad to hear that Zach is doing better. That had to have been very scary - my grandson use to have asthma badly and had to use inhalers and had several trips to the emergency room when he would get sick and have a horrible time breathing. Chocolate sure helps doesn't it. Hope all will be well in your household!

NeeCee said...

You self medicate like I do. LOL

Hope he gets feeling better soon.

Gail said...

Cracking up at all the candy bars!

On a more serious note though, I hope Z starts feeling better very soon. Praise God it wasn't the swine flu and that the purple spot was just from the drool. ;-)

rolicreps said...

Wow! you really love chocolate.I'm sorry about Zach. I hope he gets better soon. I have astma so I know how those breathing treatments can be.

moreofhim said...

Oh, my goodness!! How horribly scary! It is SO hard when our little ones are sick! I'm so glad he's doing better! I'll be praying for him (and for you) that you will both get rest.

I had to laugh about the pillow! I take it you don't pre-wash your fabrics? Me either! LOL I do NOT like pre-washing and don't do it unless it's absolutely necessary. I'm glad that's all it was.

I also noticed you like all the same candy that I do. LOL I LOVE Almond Joys - they comfort me like nothing else can. I would take all the rest of those, too, though. No problem.

I will be praying for you all and hope you have a quiet and restful weekend!

God bless you - Julie

Mountain Mama said...

Praying for Zach! Praying for you!!

Julie said...

Lady, I don't check in for a few days and then I read about you and sweet Zach in one evening. WOW!
That illness sounds like a nightmare. Praying for him to feel better and for everything to go well with you.
Love ya bunches!

Jackie said...

You need to put that Reeses's in the freezer. Trust me. They are even more delicious that way!

What a nightmare! I'm glad your little one is feeling better. As a mother, it's awful when your children are sick and he sounds like he was seriously sick which is even more scary.

Robyn said...

Oh Bren, I'm so relieved for you all.
Robyn xx