Monday, July 16, 2007

Mixing Passions

Isn't it wonderful when you can mix two or more things that bring you pleasure? I am having so much fun with my embroidery! The "Lady" is almost done. She is turning out ok for a first project. I am really happy to be perfecting my stitches, as the Masterpiece Quilt will have ample stitching in the blocks. I had dug my floss container out from when I did counted cross stitch. Organized IS good, but it is great that I did not throw this away years ago!
I ran some errands yesterday and made a quick stop at Joanne's. It was right next door to the pet store so how could I not go in? Carly needed food after only 4 1/2 days! She is a good eater! Anyway, I added about 5 colors to my collection. 2 reds, as I could NOT believe I did not own one. Lots of pinks, but no true reds. I also picked up a few skeins for Charlotte's next project. I am really excited about the Flower of the Month quilt blocks, but I do not want to start them until I am satisfied with my stitching. I have alot of stitches to learn and perfect. You can see Joni's finished Flower of the Month Quilt here. It is very inspiring. She is sending me a book she used to learn the stitches. I am as excited as my kids on Christmas Eve!! So...I also picked up a few pattern packets to practice on.

2 patterns for tea towels and some flowers and butterflies for pillowcases. These will make great Christmas gifts! Look at that Fancy Peacock!! I am not a big peacock fan, but that pattern is incredible!
Now the best part of the trip was my daughter in law Rachel. She has never really been interested in quilting. She loves quilts, but she understands how much work they are when done by hand. That is all she has seen as I am the only quilter in her life. While picking these patterns she asked if this was for the same kind of project as the "Lady". I told her it was and she said, "I would like to do that." You don't have to say that twice!! Before you could bat an eyelash, I was having her pick a project and some floss. She wants to do some Backyardigans wall hangings for TJ's room. He loves the tv show and it sounded like a good project. I told her we could search online for coloring pages to use as patterns. She knew the colors she would need and started picking them. Floss was on sale 4 for $1. Good for me ;) We also grabbed a hoop and needles. I have an extra floss organizer and cards, so she is set.
Between Charlotte and Rachel, my family will soon be creating beautiful works of art all over the place! Zach said firmly, "My hobby is my game boy!" I guess you can only go so far! I will leave you with this picture of my Grandson, TJ, watching his beloved Backyardigans while waiting for his lunch. You can imagine how pleased he will be with his Mommy's new project!


Joni said...

Hooray Rachel! Love to see new stitchers. Be sure to keep us up on her progress!!

Joanne said...

He's so adorable. Don'tcha just want to keep hugging on him?! I am so jealous that you've got your DDIL hooked on handwork! Maybe after the baby is born my DD will find some time!

Linda said...

It won't be long and you'll have a family of stitchers, who will also be able to pass down the tradition to their family members. Glad you had a great weekend.

Libby said...

Oh there's just nothing like having someone you love become interested in the 'hobbies' you love, too. Just think of the fun hours you will all spend together stitching and chatting *s*

Love the new banner.

Karolee said...

I picked up some patterns to do embroidery on tea towels but haven't gotten them started yet. I've never done embroidery but figured it couldn't be too hard. I have a box of floss like yours from my cross stitch days also. Your pictures inspire me to get started. Problem is, I've started some hunting socks for my DH and want to get those finished first. Too many projects, so little time. :)

Belvie said...

Sounds like some wonderful stitchery projects in the works at your house.

Quilting Mama said...

Those patterns look cute and are just perfect for a beginner, I hope Rachel has a lot of fun with it!

I still have all my floss, too, it's come in handy many times!

meggie said...

Love the idea of you all doing craft works together.
I love your little Lady.
Beautiful Grandson!!

Melzie said...

Tag youre it! see my blog! xoxo melzie

Solstitches said...

Well, TJ steals the show in this post - he is absolutely adorable :)
I'm soooo glad you didn't throw your floss away when you took up quilting instead of cross stitch.
It's good to do a little bit of everything don't you think?
Wow, thanks for the link to the gorgeous flower quilt.
I want to make it too!!!!