Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday

I have been working for several months to get organized and I feel like it is happening, finally. With the new home school year just a couple of months away, I am entering the home stretch! This years home school will be very hands on for me. Not just "Go do pages 20-23 and bring it back to me when you are done." No, this next year we will be doing a unit study on Laura Ingalls Wilder and the Little House books. Organization is a must!! Plus, being organized allows me to quilt and sew guilt free. ;o)

This week I have tackled a cupboard in my kitchen that gets little attention. Sometimes when you open it things fall out on your head! It is one that has needed to be done for a while and today was the day to tackle it! Here is the before picture:
The white container with 3 drawer sections on the second shelf is candle making supplies, and this does not even belong here. Now after less than 20 minutes, here is the after picture:
I couldn't even find the juice pop makers! Zach is happy to see those again! And all the measuring cups nesting as they are suppose to. Clean and organized is good!!


meggie said...

You are just pushing me into it! I must make the effort to do something the same. Trouble is GOM comes along & puts things in all the wrong places. LOL.

Lily said...

Bren love it! 'Tackle it Tuesday'!

I hate ripping seams. I am so worried I'll accidentally rip the fabric as well.

Rose said...

Can u come and do my cupboards Bren??? lol....I love Little House.
Take care

Solstitches said...

School was never so much fun in my day - I would have loved to study Little House on the Prairie.
I used to subscribe to FlyLady years ago. Maybe I'll pay her another visit one of these days.
I just don't know what she think of my craft room!