Monday, July 9, 2007

Quilt For An Hour

Now that the UFO situation is under control, what am I to do? Start a new quilt!! Taking those pictures of my UFO's helped me to declutter them. 1/2 are either gone or done now. On to new horizons! How many of you are doing Judy's July Quilt for an Hour? I am!! I found this quilt to be quite striking and totally out of my box. That has been one of my goals for 2007 in regards to quilting. Step out of the box! If it weren't for my grandson's quilt I would not have had the right stash for this quilt. Another great reason to do this quilt...use up stash! The only thing I need to purchase for the top is a couple of yards of black. Everything else I can get by digging through my stash. I spent some time cutting fabrics this weekend and chose 18 different prints, so each block will be duplicated only once. I actually cut enough prints to make double the blocks required as I think this would make a wonderful baby quilt if scaled down. New babies see contrast and this quilt has it! It also has lots of room for wonderful quilting motifs. Am I trying to sell you or make myself justified?? Both! Here are the fabrics I cut.

Sweet Hubby looked at them and I said, "Aren't they yummy looking?" He drew his eyebrows together and said, "Yummy?" I said, "Yes, they look like candy!" I heard him mumble, "It's all in eye of the beholder" as he was walking down the stairs. ;) Of course I was certain that the instructions for today would have me making the Carrie Nation blocks. Nope. Judy has us doing something that requires me to go get the 2 yards of black I need. Off I go. Hope you join us in making this spectacular quilt. It is not too late, as today is Hour 1.


Solstitches said...

It looks as though this will be a very vibrant and colourful quilt.
Looking forward to those first progress pics.

Joni said...

hey I think you have forgotten your promised picture of the masterpiece block! Did I miss the photo? And now onto another quilt. Not fair!

What a great feeling it is to have many U.F.O.s complete!! I hate getting too many projects started. Right now my count is 3 but I am working on two of those.

Guðrún said...

I am going to look at the quilt for an hour at Judy´s.

Quilting Mama said...

Love those strips hanging on the hanger!

That will be a spectacular quilt, I can't wait to see it :)

Your organizing is going well, too, good for you!!