Friday, August 3, 2007

Bags, Big Boys, & A Bad Girl

Bag number 3 is done and it is actually for me. I plan to keep my floss organizer and current embroidery project in here. I can't show the project as it is my swap piece, but you can tell there is plenty of room. I used a different fabric for the lining as I did not have enough of either fabric in the bag. The lining fabric is stash left over from my pink and brown underground railroad quilt.

While making the bag this morning I had company. Zach found a comfy spot to play his game boy.
Then I got more company. Carly LOVES fabric!!
Of course we could not have that, so she was asked to leave!
She was none to happy with me and let me know just how she felt. Yes, Carly is the "Bad Girl".
This morning my little TJ came over to play at Grandma's house. He says "Grandma's house" very clearly. He is saying new words and sentences everyday and I find myself smiling non stop when he is around. Problem....I can not get him to pose for a picture, so most of the pictures of him are a blur or 1/2 a TJ. Also, he always has a smile until you pull out the camera. He gets very serious very quickly.We found lots of Larry Boy's in the garden and picked them. TJ kept saying "PICKLES!!"
I feel very blessed when this little "big boy" is around. He makes the feeling of contentment wash over me. I love when I give him kisses and hugs and he laughs and says "Again!" and then "One More Time!" for at least 5 more "One More Time"s! Being a Grandma...A major life blessing!


Joni said...

That bag is gorgeous-- my favorite so far. Fantastic job!!

Oh what I can remember from our dog's puppy days. The roll of toliet paper brings back other chewing memories. LOL.

Larry is really doing well!!

Sonnja said...


That bag is lovely!
Kind Regards,


Linda said...

It won't be long and you'll be able to make them with your eyes closed..Very pretty bag. Carly sure has grown, and oh those toilet paper

Solstitches said...

Another beautiful bag! Looks as though you'll be doing these with your eyes closed before too long.
TJ is so cute. I love that he helped you pick the veggies :)

Andrea said...

Glad you're keeping a bag for yourself. That one is so pretty wih the large flowers ! TJ is a fine looking lad !

Quilting Mama said...

Beautiful bag!!

You're making me want to try out the pattern I found in one of my books, I was thinking of making one before we go to the mall next week, then I'd decided not to, but now I'm thinking about it again!

It calls for grommets and a grommet setter, which Mike happened to have among the tools he got from his Dad..they have now become mine :)

Happy Bagging!

Yvonne said...

Your bag is wonderful, your grandson is gorgeous and your bad puppy made me laugh!

Jeanne said...

TJ is a real cutie. I can see why you enjoy his visits.

My DS and DDIL have to keep the TP high in the bathroom or they'd have the same scene you showed.

Your bag is really pretty. I like this one the best so far.

Rose said...

All ur bags r gorgeous Bren, but this is my favorite, love the colours.
TJ is adorable, they r so cute at that age!!!....not so cute is the puppy antics lol but u got to love them anyways!!!!

meggie said...

Love your bag, Carly & your little Big Boy!
Our Honey never was destructive...but boy, has Leo done enough for them both!!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Sounds like you had a great day, surrounded by little ones, and you managed to make another bag too! I'm impressed! (PS lovely fabric!)

dot said...

LOvely bag. Looks like you had fun with the boys. The little dog is a wee bit jealous though. Funny what dogs will do.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Lots of yummy bags, like the most recent especially-you can never have too many. Gorgeous little playmates you have there! Tracey

Lily said...

Bren that bag is divine! Well done!

And I know another naughty cat who likes to shred toilet paper...!