Wednesday, August 22, 2007

You Sew Girl!

I have not sewn a stitch since Sunday night!!!! This has got to change! School is taking over and my routines are completely out of whack! No ones fault but my own. Now I just need to make time, right?! I think I will finish this blog post and get out some stitching.

Now, on a non quilt related topic, I want to share about a package we received from Joni and the Farmer today. It was incredible, and you can go to the home school blog to see what it was. I was so touched. It actually could be partly sewing related, as she included a package of stitchery patterns for me.Something else I would like to share. A new website that I have been looking forward to. Right now, it has an introduction and then a section on how to build a Heritage Library. This is valuable for any parent or grandparent. She will soon add a section on homemaking and other topics to follow. This woman is extremely wise. I am in awe of her talents as a woman. Yes, I believe there is a talent in being a woman. Check it out!


Karolee said...

I know! Homeschooling has taken over my life also! I try to sneak in an hour or so of knitting at night before I go to bed.

Linda said...

What a terrific parcel, Joni and the Farmer have been extremely generous, I think maybe they must be fond of Charlotte and Zac.....No sewing, my gosh, you'll get back into it, don't stress.

Quilting Mama said...

Start did wonders for me! LOL.

You will fall into a school routine and have more time again.

Just think about your day and where some planned stitching time will fit in. Then if you pick it up even for a few minutes more a few times a day, it's a bonus!

Remember how much you were getting done when your morning started with quilting? The best time for me is afternoons, mine have been busy visiting friend's grandma, so I've had to really focus to get other time in. You'll do fine and I can't wait to see all you're getting done as you settle into your routine!

Juliann in WA said...

I imagine homeschooling could really take over your schedule. I hope you find time to stitch soon.