Thursday, August 9, 2007

Feeling Fall in Fabric

Try to say that fast 3 times in a row!!! Yesterday was a big cleaning day but I did take a break to grab lunch with a friend and run to the fabric store. It is not really a quilt shop. They specialize in machines. All kinds of machines, and lots of classes to learn how to use them. They have interfacing that sews on, not iron on, and no hand quilting supplies at all. They have 1 1/2 walls of fabric 3 bolts high so the selection is limited, but it is nice. Well a room full of machines intimidates me, but I have learned to walk past them and focus on the fabric. I went to get another piece of the floral I used in my bag and found a new shipment of fall fabrics had just arrived. They were still out on the floor waiting to be put away. I LOVE fall colors so I just had to grab a few.

And of course an orange to pull them together.
Do you see a bag??? I do! It was bizarre how looking at fabric with a bag in mind makes you see it all differently. I do, however, think these fabrics would also make a great table runner! I am sure I got enough for both!!

Another positive in my day yesterday... The mailman brought a package with some books. No, they are not quilt related, but I will share anyway, as I have been close to freak out stage over the home school plan. I always used a set curriculum which did it all for me. Now, I decided Charlotte was too bored and I would plan out a fun curriculum. Sounds easier than it actually is. One of my biggest concerns was teaching Zach to read. He knows all his letters and the phonetic sounds, but this is the year he will actually read. He can read some Bob books (simple words like Mat, cat, sat etc.) Well, in reading the Homeschool Open House blogs, I found a great reading program. It came yesterday and I poured over it last night. I am SO THRILLED. All my anxiety is gone. It really will be perfect.I am so grateful I found this now instead of 2 years from now when I watched Zach (and I) struggle to read. The whole introduction explains why "Johnny can't read"...the reason...he was taught the same way I was planning to teach Zach. Charlotte is a pretty good reader but I think she would have been better had she learned with this program. I remember her coming home from school and we would read together. She struggled so. Once it clicked she was fine, but the struggle didn't have to be. This program says you can teach a 4-5 year old to read in 100 lessons and they will be reading at a second grade level. Can we spell r-e-l-i-e-f?

Another book that came is also a life saver. It tells you how to plan a curriculum for each grade..K-12. Perfect. I will be reading that today! I did get LOTS of planning done. The format is set, so the rest should go easily.

I know this is not my home school blog, but it is my ME blog and these things were really weighing on me. Now I can focus on the important sewing!!!!


Quilting Mama said...

Those fabrics are wonderful! I always think of you when I see fall fabrics :)

Can't wait to see what you make from them!

Kim said...

Nice fabrics! Especially the floral! Your shop sounds like one we have here that's the same--basically a huge sewing machine store but with a bit of fabric and a nice selection of thread and notions. I don't visit much, but I know if I need anything for my machine, it's the place to go. I'll look forward to seeing what you make of your new purchases!

Karolee said...

Lovely fabric. I wish I could reach out and touch them. Funny how you overcame your bagaphobia and can 'see' bags in the fabric now. :)

Loved 100 Easy Lessons. Taught the three older ones to read using it and plan to use it with child #4 when she is older.

Linda said...

Those sure are pretty fabrics Bren, are they cut and sewn yet?

Libby said...

Oh those fabrics are gorgeous - fall is my favorite time of year *s*
It's fun to see your school year coming together - it's easy to see you are very dedicated to a quality education for your kids *applause - applause*

Mama Koch said...

Put whatever you want on your's yours! Your kids are a part of your life, just like your sewing/quilting...hopefully a lot more important part tho!

Keep it up.....we'll keep reading

Solstitches said...

Pretty fabrics! I love Autumn colours too and am looking forward to seeing what you will do with them.
I'm surprised to learn that all stores selling fabrics in the USA are not floor to ceiling with bolts but sometimes having too much to choose from can be worse than having too little.
It sounds as though you have the new school year right under control.
Glad you don't have to worry about that any more.

Rose said...

Those fabrics r going to make a gorgeous bag!!! I admire anyone who homeschools their children and u do it with such dedication and patience!!!!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Hooray for homeschoolers! Nice fabrics!

meggie said...

Mmmm lovely fabrics!
You are such a good mother to be able to teach your children. My patience level wouldnt allow it, long term.

Kairle said...

I homeschooled my son for a couple of years and remember the trepidation of having to teach him how to read. One day we were working on the "ch" blend. We started making a list of words that started with the "ch" sound.


Chruck? Yes, chruck. You know, the thing you drive.

So, of course, the next day's lesson was the "tr" blend. ROFLOL!

Beautiful fall fabrics. Hard to resist, aren't they?

Lily said...

Well now that you can 'see' bags in fabric you have all avenues covered Bren!

Alice said...

Very pretty fabrics.

My two eldest daughters went to school and learned to read without any trouble at all. Not so my son. I was shocked. He was about nine years old before he learned to read properly. My youngest daughter was taught by the eldest one in one morning before she even started school - she was so ready for it.

I'm sure a book like that would have been such a help for my son. I hope it works wonders for yours.