Monday, August 20, 2007

Dog Tired

Carly knows how I feel!!! What a day! It was good though. Our first day of school is behind us. I posted on our home school blog. You can find the link on the side bar if you want to check us out! Just a quick question. I posted a picture of this plant a while back. Someone said it was a chinese something...Now it is sprouting these beautiful, white, leaf like flowers with a flower like middle coming out of them. What is it? I'm not sure what it is, but it makes me feel good that it is not just being maintained, but is able to evolve! I usually kill things quickly. I am sure this is pretty hard to kill, but I am so pleased to see it "blossom".

I plan to get my 4 seasons project going either tonight, if I can stay awake, or tomorrow at "recess". I have freezer paper to trace and cut and fabrics to pull. There is a hint!!!
I want to thank Finn for giving me the Nice Matters award and a thank you to Jenny who said such nice things about me!! I have never been so blessed to "know" so many wonderful quilters. I think we are a breed of our own!!!! I am proud to be among you!

Well Carly has perked up, but I haven't, so I think I will brew a pot of coffee while I make dinner. Thank You in advance for the name of the plant (again).


bettsy said...

ohh I thnk I know this one ( the plant I mean)
do a google for Peace Lily - Spathiphyllum and you should find lots of things. Looks like you have one with nice leaves. Sometimes my ability to remember things that I don't need to pays off. :)

Joni said...

It was me who said it is a Chinese Evergreen. And they do bloom just like that.

Karolee said...

I have seen that plant before but can't remember what it is called. I'd have to check my plant books.

Did you know that there is a book out there that uses quilting to teach math? Sounds like a fun project for a quilting teacher. :)

teodo said...

have a nice first day at school!
I've seen the other's really interesting!!!
According to me the plant could be a SPathiphyllum. Usually it has green leaves, but sometimes they could be of more colours.
ciao, ciao

Rose said...

Looks like a Spathaphyllum but with varigated leaves!!! Beautiful plant, very hardy and flowers for ages!! Good luck with school!!!

Libby said...

Your plant looks like a Peace Lily from here (the botanical word is more than I can take on before my first cup of coffee *s*)
Hope you all enjoy the rest of the school year as much as the first day. Take a tip from Carly and roll around and stretch . . . relieves the tensions of the day.

Belvie said...

It's a Chinese Evergreen...scientific name aglaonema. Here's a link to one that looks just like yours.

I've always seen those on the list as good plants to have in the home because they actually help purify the air. Yours looks nice a healthy.

Hope the teacher was able to get a good nights rest so she doesn't fall asleep in class!

meggie said...

I am with Belvie on the name of that plant. The leaves are more leathery than the Spathiphullum.