Saturday, August 4, 2007


I enjoy Saturdays for the most part. Sweet Hubby ALWAYS works on Saturdays, but it feels like a day off for me. Even though I work at home, and I do not sit around on Saturdays, for some reason, what ever I do accomplish feels like it was done not out of a "have to" but from a "want to". Does that make sense? Today I conquered Mt. Washmore and pretty much all the laundry is washed, dried, folded AND put away. I bought some new skirts and matched them with some tops I already had. I am not a big color person and mostly have solids. Basic colors mostly. Black, white, brown, sage green and I recently conceded and bought a red top. One of the skirts is red! (the other 2 are, of course, black, and brown) My mom will be proud. She wears lime green, fuchsia, bright yellow, teal, get the idea. I played Barbie Make Over for a while...a phrase a friend and I coined for times when we play with our hair and try new make up. I did my toes. A pretty nice Saturday. Around lunch time, my sister came over and brought everyone lunch! That was wonderful. Her grand kids are so sweet. Here they are...Casey is 6 and Dominic is 3. He is a real character. I told him to say "cheese" and he made this face.

TJ came too. He decided to clean Grandma's pool.

The mail came and Zachary yelled, "You got a package, Mom!" I received a little box from Arizona! Darlene sent me a beautiful pincushion "just because". I was so thrilled! She really blessed alot of people for her birthday! I am so blessed by so many quilty friends!

Plus, my pincushion matches Belvie's pincushion, and I adore Belvie!

TJ is spending the night at Grandma's because his Daddy is sanding the hardwood floors at their house. I will spend the evening watching TV and stitching. A pretty good Saturday wouldn't you say!


Solstitches said...

That sounds like the perfect day to me.
Shopping, nice mail, a visit from the family. It doesn't get much better unless you had a maid to do the laundry :)

meggie said...

Sounds perfect to me! I just love my home, & family.

Belvie said...

What a nice day!

I saw the pin cushion pic first and thought....OH! Bren and I have matching pin cushions. Then I read your wonder compliment. You know you're a pretty special friend of mine too! Isn't Darlene a sweetie!!!

Linda said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful day Bren, and love mail to add to the splendor.

Libby said...

A day filled with the laughter of kids - a full one, indeed *s* . . . and the bonus of a package in the mail and an empty laundry hamper. A gold star day!

Tazzie said...

What a lovely day you had :-) And what a darling pincushion from Darlene, she's such a honey.

Lily said...

Mt Washmore. Love it!

Karolee said...

Love the Mt. Washmore comment! It really feels like that sometimes.

Quilting Mama said...

Sounds like a pretty good Saturday to me! Any day I don't have to leave the house is a GOOD day!