Thursday, October 18, 2007

Christmas Shopping

While reading Niki's post today over at Rural Writings, I was struck with the fact that Christmas is not that far away, especially for those of us who make handmade gifts! As I read about her gift ideas I began to contemplate my own. Then she shared her binder. She uses hers a little differently than I do, though it does the job she needs it to do. I really enjoyed seeing it. Anyway, I started to think about using my binder to help organize my Christmas.
I have all the major holidays at my house, so I could actually have an entire "Holiday" section that would help me plan out each event. Thanksgiving is always big here as the menu and grocery list are long and detailed. Recipes used during these holidays could also be incorporated. Plus, my Christmas lists and planning would all be in one place. No one EVER gets in my binder, except me, as it says "Work" just by it's very existence.

I ordered 2 jumpers for Charlotte, as I mentioned yesterday. I decided to hold one back for a Christmas gift. It is pictured below and the plaid is the fabric I chose. I ordered this from Lilies of the Field.

I ordered 2 CD's today and will hold one back for Zach for Christmas. These are meant for ages starting at 8, but I think he will enjoy them (Charlotte, also). I got volume 1, but I may add volume 2 before my Christmas shopping is finished.
I also grabbed this for both kids for a Thanksgiving Unit Study we will be doing through the month of November. I am excited, as we actually have Stone tools used by Plains Apache's sent to us by Joni.
Now I need to organize my gift ideas and giving list. I am mentally putting my holiday section in my Home Management Binder as I type this! Thanks for the inspiration Niki!!! So, how many of you have started preparations for celebrating the birth of our Saviour?


Libby said...

We must be thinking alike today - I made my first Christmas purchases this morning (okay, I made a quilt very early in the year - but that was overachieving *s*) I suddenly realized if I must mail to The Princess, I have to get things ready soon to meet the international mailing deadlines. YIKES, I'm already behind *s*

Copper's Wife said...

The Jonathan Park cd's are great. My boys have enjoyed them for a couple of years (Will would have only been 6 when we bought the first set) and they both still love them (and Aaron is almost 14). In fact, Aaron bought the most recent set with his own money. Great investment!!!

Linda said...

Christmas shopping.....aarrggg... but I can say that I've had Jenna's gift made for months, just need to work out what to get for the man in her life. No gifts to my mum or dad, 1 for sweet son and then just dh and Miss Hollie. I can honestly say I really haven't thought too much about it.
Thanksgiving lunch isn't big in our house as there's only the 2 of us and only 3 of us for Christmas, but I do need to see if I can find another Aussie leg of lamb for Christmas lunch. That was probably way more info than what you were looking for.

Cascade Lily said...

Don't remind me!

And that pie Charlotte made looks good enough to eat!

Niki RuralWritings said...

I LOVE the idea of a holiday section in the binder! I am gonna do this for sure. Especially since, as you said, menus, shopping etc doesn't really change from one year to the next!

We love the Radio Theatre cd's along with Adventures in Odyssey, I have never heard of Jonathan Park..I'll keep it in mind for future grandchildren!
Have a great day Bren,

Karolee said...

Ugh! Christmas! I am such a procrastinator. I usually wait until mid to late November to start shopping. I have a friend who starts in January with the Christmas sales. How does she know what to buy that early?

We just listened to the Squanto CD produced by Focus on the Family. We really enjoyed it.

Quilting Mama said...

LOL, I had already planned to add a Holiday section to my binder when I get it :)

Don't forget to include your Christmas card list!!

My first Christmas quilt is nearly finished, the second should go in the frame next week, so my handwork for Christmas is well under way :)

Happy shopping!

Guðrún said...

I haven´t begun but I think you are right it is not so long until Christmas will arrive and we better get things going.

Joni said...

I have about half of my shopping done. I always start early in case the item I want is on backorder or something. I do have some handmade objects I need to get cracking on. I think adding this section to your binder is a definite must!

In Pursuit of His Call said...

I looked at your Homemaking binder! That is great! When your boys were little, were you this organized? Just wondering because I just seem to always run out of time feeling like I've gotten very little accomplished...Is it just this time in my life with 2 little ones?

I look forward to seeing what your holiday section will look like in your binder.

Solstitches said...

There's nothing to buy here so I have to wait until I go to UK on December 20th. Can we say last minute Christmas shopping?
I envy you being ahead!

Rose said...

Every year i PLAN to be better organised for Xmas, yet im one of the silly people who is still running around on Xmas eve (cussing cause i cant find a car park or that last minute item) and then sitting up to the wee hours stitching like crazy.......u gotta love Xmas!!!

Lib said...

Nice,nice blog here too.:o)
I make alot of Christmas gifts.I went Christmas shopping this week.I am about finished with mine. I like to finish early ,relax durning the holidays and enjoy the True Meaning of Christmas.:o)
We Host all the Holidays here too.I enjoy doing that.
Have a great wk.end!

Charlene said...

Are you a Fly Baby? Fly Lady has an excellent Holidy journal that you can download and put into your binders. I began using it about 4 years ago and I think it is fabulous. When I buy things early I have a place to put them and it truly helps me set goals and get done ahead of time?

Pam said...

I guess it is good to have a reminder that Christmas is just around the corner - LOL.

I do need to get things organized as we are hoping to go away this year so I will need to be ready before Christmas instead of my usual week before :))