Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This Is The Day...Rejoice In It

I never want my blog to be a place where people visit and then leave feeling down. Yesterday's post is still on me like a wet, wool sweater. It is heavy. I have had wonderful responses, and I believe most of you have understood the meaning in The Face Of Trauma posts.
Some, however, have been offended by my post and feel I have exposed Charlotte in a bad way. Please understand these posts are not about Charlotte. They are about shining a light on child abuse. They are not meant to horrify and make you gasp, though the thought of any child being abused should make you gasp. I have actually shared very little detail about Charlotte. If you read the posts, they are overall information shared to give an understanding of the trauma many children suffer and then carry into adulthood. I am too sensitive to one person thinking I am myself abusive.
Today is a new day. I am taking off the heaviness and replacing it with rejoicing, for today belongs to God!

The tree in my front yard is "flaming"! What a beautiful sight it is. All of my inpatients are gone...yes, I know I referred to them as begonias...thanks Joni! We had our first HARD frost and they died overnight. It's ok, as they could not compete with the glory of that flaming tree!

I went to breakfast this morning with my Mom. What a wonderful time we had. We went shopping too. Mom needed to run into Hancock's for some more embroidery projects. She bought 2 table scarfs and a set of pillowcases. She also bought a little silk floral arrangement. They saw her was so ugly, but she says she only paid 1/2 price. Really??!! There is a great bookstore next door so I skipped Hancocks...GASP!...yes, I skipped a fabric store. Really, I was planning a special evening for the kids and I knew the coveted (by my kids) Veggie Tale movie was in there. It is called "The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's!" A play on the Wizard of Oz and the story of the Prodigal Son.
Tonight we will all watch and eat home made pizza and a special (store-bought) dessert. My time in the book store was so refreshing. A small part of the day all to myself, just to look around. They had new rocks with wonderful sayings on them. Remember, I love talking rocks...though I did not get any. I did find a wonderful bag. Yes, I know I can make them now, but this one spoke to me....
I also found this great travel mug for 1/2 off!! Yes, I have some of my mother in me! But my 1/2 off find was not ugly. It would not have been my first choice, as there were many beautiful travel mugs, but for 1/2 off, you are not quite so choosy. It says "GRACE" "For the Lord God is our Light and Protector. He gives us grace and glory." Psalm 84:11 And it fits the cup holder in my van!
Today is Wednesday, which is like our family Saturday, since Sweet Hubby is home, and we have a light home school day. Our home needed a major clean, especially the upstairs.

I put flannel sheets on my bed and on Zachary's. Charlotte already put flannels on her bed yesterday. Tuesday is "change the bedding" day and she remembered. I blew it off. Anyway, we will all be toasty warm tonight. I am feeling not quite sure about that as I go to bed freezing and wake up later very warm (putting it nicely). The ceiling fan in my bedroom is turned on and off more than once during the night. Oh, these glorious years of mid life!!!
Sweet Hubby is spending the day doing final, end of the year yard clean up. He not only pulled up the inpatients and trimmed back the hosta, but he cleaned out the garden, also. He took the pool down a while back, but you can still see evidence of it! He is mowing both the front and back yards. We plan to stay busy the rest of the afternoon so we can all relax this evening. Kyle will sit out front on the porch and pass out candy to the trick or treaters. He loves to do this and it helps that the door bell does not ring constantly. After an hour or so, we will turn off the lights outside and be done. All the little kids come and go early. After that it is older kids and I am ready to be done. We live in a large subdivision, so we get LOTS of kids coming through. My kids will be thrilled with the movie and pizza..both the regular and fruit pizza!

I will start making my preparations for Thanksgiving very soon. I have a large family dinner here. About 25 people show up. This year, I want to do it a little differently. I will share all my plans for another post. Have a blessed Oct. 31st...It belongs to the Lord!!


Niki RuralWritings said...

Oh Bren I loved this post. First of all, check out my post today, do you think we shared the same tree or just wavelength...LOL
I love the bag, and the mug. Sounds like you and your mom had a good time! Can't wait to hear your thanksgiving plans...
I have those middle of the night "warm ups" too, aren't they fun....

Corin said...

Oh flannel sheets are so nice!

You'll have to let me know how the movie is. My munchkins are eyeballing it ;-)

Guðrún said...

I hope you had a great evening together.

akconklin said...

It's nice to "meet" you. I wandered over from Corin's site to read yesterday's blog.

Then I headed over from Cheryl's blog after seeing your beautiful candles. Do you sell them online? I looked for a button, but didn't see one.

Thank you for sharing as you did yesterday. It must have been hard, but is also so needful. The truth is so empowering and freeing.

I plan to be back often. :-)

Karolee said...

That pizza looks yummy - and your pool marks look like an alien space ship landed there or something. LOL

Nadine said...

First time visiting. I had to check out your story about your daughter and Halloween. My heart broke. I was very moved. I've heard these things before so it wasn't new to me, but it was the first time I read it from someone who has experience with it. May God bless you and keep the children safe this night.

PTS said...

Hi Bren ~ I came over from Copperswife's blog. You have actually commented on my blog before. I'm Kathy from "Protecting The Seeds" at Xanga. I will be sending you a personal email, but I need to gather some thoughts first, and pray I can write without crying my eyes out. Your post the other day so touched my heart, and I want to share with you what God has laid on my heart. But not here on your blog. So I'll be emailing soon. In the meantime, give that sweet little Charlotte a big hug from me, and know that we all prayed for her here tonight at our house. I'll write soon.

Love to you all ~ Kathy

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I don't mean to intrude on your blog, but I found your blog through some quilting blogs. I, adopted my youngest daughter when she was seven years old. She has had much trauma in her life, also. For me, it's small things that bring it to the surface. The fact that she just can't raise her hand in school and say she doesn't understand something, for fear of the attention it will bring to her. The way she wants to tell me something, just anything, and she writes me a note and hides it under my pillow, because it's easier for her not to talk. I also see the wonderful ways that she is learning to deal with the past. God shines His light through her. They say time heals all wounds....but that's not true. What is truth is that God heals all wounds. I have a wonderful gift that came from Him and I will thank Him each day. Thank you for sharing your story. It's a story that is just too common in the world today. It took a lot of courage.

Rose said...

Sounds like u had a great shopping day with ur Mum. ugggghhh flannel sheets, i cant bear them!!! I have just taken them off the kids beds, ready for the warmer months and good riddance to them lol
Last nite there was sooooo much Halloween stuff on the TV but it was when Maddi said, i wish we had Halloween that i truly cringed!!! What to us, looks like a fun nite, isnt!!! Thnx for sharing the truth!!

Anne Ida said...

Dear Bren! It looks like you had a good day! You and Charlotte were in my thoughts several times yesterday, hoping you both were well! Love the look of the fruit pizza, and thank you for reminding me it's time to find those flannel sheets again :o)

Azul said...

Hi Bren!

I found you via The Botzy Blog. I didn't take the time to comment yesterday, but I wanted to add my voice to the chorus of support about the stories you've shared.

Child abuse is not an easy subject. It shouldn't be. But anytime an abused child is given a voice, it's a wonderful thing. Only by shedding light can this darkness be overcome. You are your daughter's voice, and a voice for every child who has suffered.

I hope that any detractors will not be allowed to silence you.


Su Bee said...

What a great post - all the chores of Fall that lead us right into the Joys of The Season!
Everytime I read one of your heartbreakingly honest posts I send up prayers for you and Charlotte that you both are able to always see and appreciate the Light. I consider follow up posts like this to be an answer, and have to give thanks for you both for answered prayers!

Donetta said...

Hello Sweet Heart, I have a great day in the Lord story for you too!
I hope your heart is shielded from wounds rest . IT IS FINISHED :)
I hope to keep in touch.
I like visiting the coopers wife. Nice folks sounds like.
I got a comment based on fear on Saturday I think the stress of it was part of what landed me in the ER.
I will press through the wolverines of fear and overcome theM!