Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday & Moving South

Here it is...Tackle It Tuesday!!! This week I tackled the front closet. With colder weather coming, jackets and coats will be used regularly. This closet gets very neglected over the summer months as coats and jackets are not needed. Here are the before pictures.
The top of the closet was not bad, except a jacket was thrown up there, somehow. Here are the after pictures... Hey!! I wondered what happened to that kid!!!!

I also found my Quilt Diva jacket! For more Tackle It Tuesday's visit 5 Minutes For Mom!

Last night I felt like I had entered the Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds". Of course by the time I got my camera they were mostly gone. Here are a few stragglers.... The scene before this would have been solid black, as the flock was so thick. The sound was tremendous! All going South for the winter. Now look what came from the South yesterday.

Donna from ChookyBlue... sent this to me. How sweet! Thank You Donna! I first thought it was an older issue as it is announcing the coming of Spring...duh! It is now Spring there!! I spent all evening pouring over it. I have never read one before, so it was quite a thrill. Here is a definite soon to be project! I am excited to draw the winners of my drawing tomorrow. I hope everyone got their names in. If not, please go down a couple of posts and leave a comment to get your name in before tomorrow noon (my time). See you then!


Karolee said...

When we lived in SD the migrating black birds would land on our lawn in the mornings. Sometimes they were so thick you could barely see the grass!

Your closet makes me think of mine - I better get to work!

kcamou said...

Great work on the closet! And what a cute closet mouse you have. ;)

Linda said...

Love the sewing bag and angel. Who's the designer?

Marilyn R said...

I love your Quilting Diva jacket! It's about time to wear it! I have a closet that needs tackled too. Doubt if I get to it today though!

Joni said...

Your closet makes me think of mine too! Only mine isn't nearly as roomy, Zach couldn't hide in this one!

Solstitches said...

Another Tackle it Tuesday well done Bren! Can there be anything left to tackle in your house now?
The pic of Zachary in the closet is just too cute.
Love the magazine - how kind of Donna to surprise you.
I can see you are still in the grip of bagaholicism - is that a word??????
Anyway, out of the entire mag you chose a BAG for your project. WTG.

Anonymous said...

You have many memorable posts - I love reading them and seeing your quilts and that you hand quilt and reading about your home and your children but the most memorable post to me is the recent post of Kyle. He is an amazing young man and I know you are so proud of him. I showed that post to my son, Eli and explained that blogs just aren't about quilting, but peoples homes and children and their lives.

Gale W.

Tamara said...

I sure wished my old farm house had closets. Then I would have a place to hide things. Congratulations on getting this cleaned up. I love the diva jacket did you make this yourself?

Lily said...

I buy that mag sometimes Bren and forget that it's a novelty to those living north of us!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Impressive closet, my kids just dump everything at the fron t door...and me!!
Homespun is great, do you ever see Country threads as well?

Charlene said...

I happen to truly love a clean --- ANYTHING. For some reason when it's clean around me I am calmer and more peaceful. I can also concentrate better. Makes me want to clean one of my closets!!

Wendy said...

Good work on the closet. I wish mine looked like that.

What a delightful gift in the mail, I can look at the same magazine over and over again and see something different each time.