Sunday, October 21, 2007

Walk On With Me

My child, the path of duty is before you. It may look rugged, but it is the only way of divine blessing. Choose out some other way, and you will find only disappointment and frustration of soul. Weariness shall overtake you on the smoothest road, if it be not the path of My ordained will. Be not deceived by doubts, and be not detained by fears. Move into the center of My purposes for you: you shall find there are glorious victories waiting for you, and recompenses far exceeding every sacrifice. Be obedient: you shall bring joy to My heart. Neither the applause nor the scorn of men should be of any consequence to you! My approval is reward enough, and without this, any other satisfaction is not worthy of your pursuit.

Walk on with Me. I shall be very near to give you support and encouragement, so you have nothing to warrant your fears. They shall vanish as you obey.
From "Come Away My Beloved" by Frances J. Roberts
Just wanted to share what God whispered to me while I was silent.


Niki RuralWritings said...

Thank you for the much needed encouragement!

Su Bee said...

The most softly spoken Word carries the biggest weight if we'll just quiet ourselves and listen.

Lib said...

Great Post. We need to be still and Know he is God daily!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the great post.:o)

Marilyn R said...

Thanks for reminding me that silence can be rewarding. I tend to have noise on around me, the TV, music etc. at all times.

Karolee said...

I'm so thankful that He is walking nearby.

The Feathered Nest said...

Lovely post!


Yvonne said...

Thanks for sharing! We do have to be quiet to hear His voice. :)