Friday, October 5, 2007

Happy Weekend

If you have nothing of your own to show, then show something that belongs to someone else!!! These are Rachel's. They are part of a set of tea towels she is making for her Grandmother for Christmas. I know her Grandma, and she will like them very much. Rachel's Grandma just fought and won a battle with breast cancer. She is a wonderful woman whom I greatly admire. I am still working on my pink and brown (I have a feeling I will be saying that for a while). I did however find a new project to start. Joni sent me some patterns and I plan to begin those this weekend. I need to have something portable.
I found a couple of new blogs that I think are just wonderful. They are pretty new so check them out. Both ladies are very talented. First is Marilyn. You will find her at Piece by Piece. She has a beautiful "monster in the livingroom" and is a hand and machine quilter. Lots of fun!! Also, I found Christine through Margaret. Isn't it fun how we all lead each other to others like us! Christine's blog is The Little World Of Christine. She has actually been around for a while so her archives are there for the browse! Christine sent me a wonderful mug rug, just for commenting. I was actually 6th and the first 5 got one, but she was so sweet!! I got one too. I will use it next to my computer. Here is a view of the front and the back. The pup in the middle looks like Carly.

Thank you Christine!! Christine posted about new embroidery patterns recently so I am anxious to see what she is going to do.

I have been tagged to do a meme by both SuBee and Lily, but I already did it. You can go back and look at it, but it is quite boring. SuBee also awarded me the "You Make Me Smile Award". Thank you so much SuBee!!! You make me smile too! I would like to pass this on to the 2 new blogs I just picked up, Marilyn and Christine. Please play the Meme also, ladies. Just go to Lily or SuBee's blogs and get the info. It is late here and I do not have the energy to type it all out. Does that sound like whining? Well it was. Speaking of is what my son gets like when he is over tired. (for some reason you have to let it buffer...the play line fills in takes a minute, sorry)


Lily said...

Bren that video of your son had me laughing out loud! He has his own party going on there. Hope he had a good sleep!

Sorry to tag you again when you'd already done your meme. Once is certainly enough!

Rose said...

Great video and Rachaels stitcheries r lovely.....when is she going to have a blog of her own???

Joni said...

Great job on the towels Rachel! I believe you have got the hang of it!! I think the mug rug is so darn cute too. Zach's laughing is contagious! What a character!! Blowing him kisses from KS.

Nadine said...

Love these tea towels : sooo cute ! You're right it's so funny : I just discovered Christine's blog some days ago (through Margaret's one) and we exchanged some nice emails together. The postcards she's making are absolutely wonderful !

Funny also watching Zach, he made me laugh too ! And I loved hearing YOUR voice, as well !

Hugs & smiles + a good weekend !

Christine said...

Awesome stitching Rachel! Thanks Bren for all the lovely comments. I love your blog and will be a regular admirer of all your beautiful stitching and wonderful stories.

Karolee said...

Oh, he is cute!

Rachael's tea towels remind me of my own desperately in need of replacing towels.

Solstitches said...

Rachel has really taken off with her stitching. The kitchen towels look wonderful.
I love the video of Zach having a fit of the giggles. That was just too cute.


Guðrún said...

Wasn´t it just this summer Rachel began stitching? I think she is very talenting. I am going to check out those blogs. Zach is so cute!

Jan said...

Rachel does lovely work--way to go!! Her grandma will be so proud!!!

Marilyn R said...

Bren, thanks for the award! You are so sweet to think of me. Rachael's towels are wonderful. I like the vintage feel they have. Zachary's laughter made me laugh too. Thanks for sharing the giggles.

Darlene said...

Rachel's stitcheries are terrific!

I read about you and Rachel's rough start and my only thought - Bren, there's a reserved spot for you in Heaven! You're an Angel on Earth!

Quilting Mama said...

Rachaels towels look great!! Her grandma will just love them!