Sunday, November 4, 2007

An Extra Hour In My Day

Charlotte and I wore our dresses to church this morning. Her face lit up when I was doing her hair and she looked at us in the mirror. Sunday was a good day here. The kids played outside with all the neighborhood kids. I think at one time there were 11 kids in our front yard, all piling the leaves from the now bare flaming tree, and then jumping in them. It looked like lots of fun. Only one little melt down requiring a time out for Zach, but otherwise, it was hours of fun!! I decided to re-organize my kitchen. I wanted to create a baking center, yet another thing I learned from Cheryl, and make things more efficient for my new goal of "frugality" that a word?? I wanted it efficient, organized and nice looking. I have a collection of old blue ball jars, so I ran downstairs and found them in the 4th box I looked in. That alone was a miracle!! They have been packed away for 7 years, since we moved to this house. I washed them all up, including their zinc/porcelain lids. All the jars are numbered on the bottom. I had 0-9 in 2 different sizes, but a couple of them did not survive the move :( Here is #9 all shiny clean.
I moved all our dishes to a smaller cupboard that was just housing odds and know if you have a space it will be filled!And then I created my baking center in the larger area next to the sink. The top shelf (not in the picture) is all our meds/vitamins and the first aid kit. The second shelf is all my baking ingredients....flour, sugar, salt, oil, baking soda, oatmeal, etc. I used my jar collection to store some of the ingredients. My OLD Tupperware canisters from the early 80's are still in excellent shape. Hmmmm, I wonder if it's because they were rarely used. The bottom shelf is measuring cups, measuring spoons, and mixing bowls.I wish I had Elizabeth's label maker!!! I will have to figure something out, or I will be throwing powdered milk in place of baking powder! I still have my frig and freezer to "tackle", but that will wait til tomorrow!

While searching for the jars, I found all my Thanksgiving decorations in the 3rd box! Better late than never. I spent Saturday evening cutting out 20 napkins (not enough fabric for 24) which will be just enough. I preferred to have extra. There will be 5 children under 4 here who will get bibs, so napkins won't be necessary for them. I did have enough fabric to cut some 3 1/2 inch square to match with a coordinating fabric for a matching table topper. The fabric says, "There is always something for which to be thankful". Did you all change your clocks back?? I am totally messed up. Is it 6 or 7 o'clock...oh it is only 5!! I guess we did get an extra hour in our day...what did you do with yours? I have time to make a quick dinner and head out to evening service, if I hurry!!


Niki RuralWritings said...

You and Charlotte look truly beautiful!!! I love the dresses and the hairdos. I want one of Elizabeth's label maker's too, but since I have to make do without one I use masking tape to label things, not the most attractive but it works and is easy to remove and relabel. I use it on my freezer meals too. The Baking Cupboard looks great, the jars are so pretty. Your getting alot done!

Lib said...

You 2 look so Pretty!How Sweet!
You're really getting busy.
I like the material.
Hope you have a great week.
Blessins', Lib

Copper's Wife said...

You and your daughter looked beautiful in your matching dresses!!! Just lovely!

Wow, you were a busy girl this afternoon! The baking center looks great! About those can pick up a cheap pack of small Avery labels at WalMart or the office store. The return address size is perfect, and if you can get them in clear, even better. You can label your jars either by hand lettering the labels or by using your computer & printer. Works like a charm!

Donetta said...

Oh you too are so cute! I think she must just feel so good inside. I love your jars I have a few. Those old jars are the best. I need to go get my thanksgiving stuff down too. Well mine is in my attic. I may be having 30 or more on the 17th as my sister is coming into town. Not sure if so yet. YIKES!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bren,
How pretty you both look.I am planning on working in my kitchen tomorrow. I am reorganizing things in there too. My label maker I bought at Office Depot. They are cheap. 19.99 It has seved me well over the years. The best part is the labels are easy to peel off. I used the labels at one time and I had a hard time getting them off.
Masking tape like Niki said is easy to remove too. Your cabinet looks good.

Belvie said...

Oh my....2 pretty young ladies!

Cheap me.. uses masking tape to label jars that store things. One roll costs about $.70 and lasts forever! On somethings, I don't lable, I just cut the words from the box telling what the item is and put it in the top of the jar...then put the lid on. If there is any doubt, I see what the item is when I open the jar. On some things I have saved the plastic lids from qt. mayo jars. They fit the qt. canning jars perfectly. I write on top of the lid what is in the jar.

I see I'm not the only one using masking tape to label!

Niki said...

Love the picture with you and Charlotte. Angels! I tell ya! Don't you just LOVE fall!?

Su Bee said...

If I give you a really good map will you come organize my cabinets like that? Way to go!
The Mommy & Me dressees are so special, Charlotte is so obviously proud and you should be too. What a beautiful way to make another close connection.

Joni said...

The dresses look great! I have some old blue Ball jars like that however I keep them out in my curio because I fancy them so. I can tell you what I did with that extra hour... stitched!

Guðrún said...

Thank you for the picture of you two, you look so lovely. Great job you did in your kitchen.

Jeanne said...

Bren, that's a wonderful photo of you and Charlotte together! The baking area sounds like a good idea. Thanks for sharing. Love the blue jars, too.

ann said...

I love the picture of you and Charlotte. Beautiful!!

Thanks for the suggestion about a post on my baking center. I will get to that some time this week. Good job on your's. I love the jars!

Solstitches said...

That's such a lovely picture of you and Charlotte in your new dresses.
It looks as though you are on a roll with the kitchen revamp.
The jars are very pretty and the napkin fabric also.