Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Portraits & Presents

Today was a busy one! We were out the door early to get portraits taken of the little kids. They all did very well. Here are my favorite shots. Aren't they wonderful??!! Charlotte looks SO grown up and Zach is like a magazine ad! And TJ turned out beautiful! Precious memories of an age that will be gone much too quickly. TJ does not like to "pose" and is not willing to follow the direction of "say cheese". A game of "catch" with Grandma and a plastic apple did the trick! To know those eyes were looking at me is the icing on the cake. I have not seen the little guy in over a week. Paw Paw said he would probably have whiskers and a girlfriend by now! Nope, he was still my little guy, but he did look taller.
While we were gone, the UPS man brought new Science and Social Studies workbooks for the kids. This will be very helpful in our school, as I was finding it difficult to incorporate these subjects in the way I felt was adequate.

I ended up getting a gift made and actually made the apron I have been itching to make. Here is Charlotte modeling it. It fits me very well and I really like this pattern. It was hard to tell but the fabric is holly leaves, berries and little cardinals. (Linda thought it was cayenne peppers, so maybe some of you did too) I stopped at Lemstone's gift store and Walgreens on my way home from portraits. I managed 2 gifts and my Christmas cards. I also ran into Hancock's and bought some fabric for another apron...this one a gift. I have 3 packages ready to ship and may run up yet today to mail them off. My sewing machine will be burning as Rachel needs to make several bags and pillows for Christmas gifts. Mix that with the aprons and bags I have yet to make and my little White will be getting a full work out! Oh, I also made some hair ties and think these will be nice stocking stuffers ;)
I am off to bake some cookie bars, and head to the UPS store. I will leave you with this photo of my mom's is so cute!


Rose said...

Oh Bren those portraits r gorgeous!!! U have 2 beautiful children and a very special "cutey" of a grandson!!!

Solstitches said...

What a wonderful set of photos.
The top one of TJ is just pure joy.
I love the red on Charlotte.
You made an apron already - last time I looked it was just a piece of fabric!

Katie said...

Lovely photos...I need to take some of the kiddos soon for Christmas cards! Thanks for the reminder!


Niki said...

The pictures are adorable.

Niki RuralWritings said...

Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous! and I love the dress on Charlotte and I love the sweatshirt too. In fact, I loved the whole post

Elizabeth said...

Hi Bren,
The children are so pretty.
It sounds like we will be doing the same thing. I have a couple things cut out to sew.

Marilyn R said...

Charlotte and Zack's portraits are wonderfu. The word that came to my mind when I saw TJ's was precious! Your apron looks wonderful. You really are giving your machine a work out for Christmas!

Pam said...

Those are beautiful pictures Bren. Charlotte looks like such a lovely young lady!!

The three poses of TJ's pictures is really cute, sounds like a great way to get pictures of kids.

Chris said...

Bren your photos are lovely. Am having trouble with email, got your request today, and have replied with details. Let me know if you haven't got it and I will find another way to get the information to you. God Bless C

Angie said...

I love the pictures ... they (all 3) turned out beautifully (and handsomly LOL).
I just received an apron from my MIL ... I'll have to post a picture. I really like the picture of your apron!! I love aprons (and like flylady suggests) wear one when cleaning the house. Do you have some good patterns or do you make up your own?
PS ... I still want to be like you :) LOL

Belvie said...

All three portraits turned out just lovely! What a good looking crew!

Boy, you are one busy lady. A clean stove, sewing aprons, teaching kids....wish I had that much energy.

Debi said...

The kids portraits are beautiful, they did a great job. The memories are priceless. I just love photos of my grandchildren and every year when my youngest DD is here, I ask her and her sister for a portrait together for my birthday.

Lib said...

What a Beautiful Family:o)
A treasure for ever in pics. ;o)
have a Blessed day.

Joni said...

Looks like you have a family of models! Great pictures. It sounds like Rachel needs a sewing machine for Christmas?? LOL.

Linda said...

Gorgeous Bren, my silly feeds list isn't working again, so back to the google reader. Sounds like you've been a busy girl. Time I headed back into the sewing room.

Libby said...

Beautiful portraits . . . they will be cherished for years *s*

Guðrún said...

How very cute your Zach and Charlotte are and of course TJ.

teodo said...

They are wonderful!!!!!!!!!
ciao ciao

meggie said...

HUH?? whst did blogger do with my comments?? i had said how gorgeous the photos are!! All of them are wonderful, & as you say, the baby ones! Irreplaceable! So precious as they all are!

dayz in and dayz out... said...

Great picturs!
We use paces! Hope you enjoy your social studies and science!