Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday/ Kitchen Tip Tuesday

That's what I have to do today...PLENTY! Lot's of Thanksgiving prep! I need to:

Clean out the frig

make the Thanksgiving Menu

Grocery Shop (YUK)



Wash the hard wood flooring

Wash the floor rugs

And I am sure there is more...to see other Tackle's visit 5 Minutes for Mom.
I have the tutorial all ready to go, but decided to wait til after Thanksgiving, so I will put part one up on Friday or Saturday...just think Light/Dark, or two color combinations you really like together. Vision....that is what everything we do starts with.

I decided to join in this fun Tuesday game...glad it is on Tuesday so I can combine it. I am giggling at myself because I can give lots of tips on how to open a box or package just right, but since I started scratch cooking, I am learning as I go. Most of my tips may seem old hat to some of you, but you never know what "processed food preparer" may be lurking out there and be inspired by a "tip" to actually cook!
Here are my first Kitchen Tips:
#1 Wear An Apron!! Not only does it keep your clothing clean, having it on is inspiring to actually do something involving the idea of cooking!! If you do not have one, you can buy one or make one very easily. Make it fit your personality. I like the full aprons, but there are times I put it on quickly at my waist leaving the top part tucked behind. Fabric is important. I have one that is neutral enough to go with most of my clothing, but my favorite is one that clashes with alot, so when I can actually wear it, it is a treat! I plan to make several more after the holidays. #2 Create a Baking Center! This was the best thing I ever did! Pick a cupboard or cabinet, or even a drawer and put all your baking supplies in one spot. What a difference it has made. As always, Copper's Wife has some great tips on creating a baking center here.
To see more Kitchen Tips go to Tammy's Recipes.
Have a wonderful Tuesday!!


Lib said...

I am so Proud of you, you're doing great sounds like:o)
Hope the kids are feeling better.
Have a Blessed day. Lib

Elizabeth said...

Hi Bren,
You have a busy day planning. I love to wear aprons too. How are the childen feeling?

Dont make me get out my flying Monkeys! said...

I hate Tackle it Tuesday, it means I really have to get off my butt and get motivated! Well look what I got motivated to do, and it aint cleaning!

Happy Tuesday!

~Tyra~ said...

I hope you get all you need done today and your kitchen tips are great!

~Rhen said...

I really do need to wear an aprong when I cook. It would save a lot of my shirts!

Niki RuralWritings said...

both excellent tips! You are going to be busy today, that's quite a list

Proverbs31 said...

I love the aprons!! I only have a plain white one. I've been finding myself eyeing the pretty ones lately and yearning for a frilly pretty lady apron. ;)