Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wasted Time

I am not a good steward of my time. We are all given the same 24 hours. I complain alot about there not being enough time in the day to do everything I want to do. If I make a list (and I do) of all the things I need to accomplish during the day, most of those things end up crossed off. The thing is, it does not take that long to keep a house if you stay on task. It also helps if you delegate. I always felt guilty about that, but I have decided it is part of parenting. As I go over my days in my head, I do alot. And I do alot of nothing. There is alot of wasted time in my days. I am by nature a lazy person. That is difficult to admit. I am not thinking these things because I need to spend more time cleaning or cooking. I don't! I need to spend those hours on something. Computer time is big. I read ALOT of blogs and I did cut down on time by not commenting as much. If I use to leave comments on your blog and then I disappeared, it is not because I do not visit daily. There has to be a way to balance things out.
I was reading Sue's blog this week. She posted on Thursday that she would need to put her posey quilt aside and make a baby quilt. She had a pic of all the fabrics laid out. On Saturday she had a picture of the quilt top done, PLUS she had it basted and was actually quilting on it. It is gorgeous. I am positive (I have personally known Sue for 26 years) that there are no wasted minutes at her house! I understand the need for is scriptural. I know this. Still it is a problem with God to waste precious hours in the day with folly...television, internet, eating for pleasure...the list goes on. These thoughts are all over the place!
So what am I going to do with my time today? It is the third wet, rainy day in a row. We have had SO much rain...9+ inches in most places. Today is also cold. And it is the Lord's day. I did not attend service this morning, as both my little ones are sick with nasty colds. I am squirting hand sanitizer all over the place!! I even pulled out the Lysol (which I never is not green) and am trying to contain this bug before Emerson comes this next week. Can you believe it??!! My little granddaughter will be in my home by Wednesday...Thursday at the latest! IS her quilt done?? Nope. It could have been though....wasted minutes. I spent some time with the Lord this morning. He is very merciful. We are not responsible for what we do not know....yet He says "My people perish for lack of knowledge." Remember, I recently started to pray for Wisdom. Hmmmm. Be careful what you ask for.
After my time with the Lord, my shower, and some house blessing, I poured a third cup of coffee and pulled some quilting books out for inspiration.
It did not take long to find it. I pulled some pretty fall colored fabrics....

....and found some squares I had already pre-cut....

....and will piece together my Fall Into Fall Giveaway project. Emerson's quilt will still be priority in the hoop, but to get this little top together and basted, will feel like an accomplishment. It will be a great take along also. I will post the giveaway sometime next week and draw a winner on October 15th. It is the season to GIVE!!!! If you are a quilter and have not signed up, please consider it. You do not have to make something. You can give a gift of fabric, or any other quilt related thing. You do not have to be a quilter to sign up for the prizes. Make sure you make the rounds to get your name in on this great can find the participants on the giveaway blog I linked to above. All giveaways will be posted on the participants blogs by October 1st.
Tomorrow night TJ comes to spend a few days with Grandma. Rachel and Bud need to check in to the hospital at 6 pm. Please keep them in prayer!

TJ, also has that nasty cold! There is nothing like a bath in Grandma's sink!

I wanted to show you all my gorgeous bracelet.....It is beautiful. There is a ruby in the middle of the heart and diamond chips all the way around. Guess who bought it for me???Yep! My mom! She came to pick up Kyle for the night and gave me a little bit of sunshine on a dark rainy day! Mom's are like that!

Well, I better get that fabric cut and my machine humming! It is a perfect day to start being a good steward of the hours God gave me!


moreofhim said...

Oh my - Have you been peeking into my heart? I KNOW the Lord directed me to your blog today because, I too, have been wrestling with the wasted time that I seem to have every day. I was so relieved to see you admit that you are a lazy person by nature. Me, too, only I've never admitted it. I really, really need to sit down and pray and talk to the Lord about this and get a handle on the wasted time I have each day. So many wonderful things could be accomplished. I don't do a lot of things I enjoy because I'm wasting so much time, I only do the things I must. It's silly, really.

I hope your little ones get better and I'll be praying for them and your household that no one else gets sick.

I love the bracelet your Mom gave you. What a lovely thing for her to do!!

Thank you again for sharing - you truly made me look at myself in the mirror!!

God bless you ~ Julie

Guðrún said...

The bracelet is beautiful.

Sue said...

*snicker* While you were bragging on my lack of wasted minutes, I sat playing a computer game and eating a mini chocolate bar!

In my defense, I spent the morning at church, made, eaten and cleaned up a chicken dinner, tossed in a load of laundry, put cookie bars in the oven, and quilted a few stars on my niece's baby's quilt.

It really is amazing, though, what can be done with those channeled minutes.

And now I'd better get cracking! I have a reputation to keep, LOL.

(The bracelet is just gorgeous!)

Copper's Wife said...

Your mom is such a blessing! Give her a hug and tell her it's from me, ok? Tell her she made me smile! My mom used to do stuff like that for me, and it was such a joy to read that your mom does the same sort of sweet things for you.

The realization of the lost minutes in your days is a HUGE first step in redeeming the time. You go, girl!

Winona said...

I sure hope your household gets over this nasty cold. I think I have all of those Thimbleberries books too. Which project are you making? I just love that bracelet that your mom gave you. It is beautiful. What a special mom you have! Enjoyed your blog today. Sure made me think. Talk to you later. Winona

Alesha said... have a sweetie for a mom, too!!!

Praying the colds GO AWAY and that Emerson COMES RIGHT AWAY!


One Christian Mom said...

I find that once I start wasting time, I have a hard time getting back on track that day. I am glad you posted this for a number of reasons. One, I also need to do something about this, as my dishes sit in the sink and my clothes go unfolded. But two, to know that you are still there :-) I know the computer is a time waster for me, too, but it's one of a very few outlets I have, and I know it is one of yours, too. God bless you, and help you find your way past wasted time, along with myself and all the others who posted about this.
Thanks, Bren for "keeping it real"!

Coleen said...

I'm checking to see if I can post a comment.
Get your hoop in your hands while you watch TV and you won't be wasting time.

Love Bears All Things said...

Beautiful bracelet, wonderful Mom!
Mama Bear

In Pursuit of His Call said...

Hi Bren,
I sure do miss your comments on my blog, but I also understand your need to balance out your time better as I wrote about spending even less time on the computer to spend more time serving those around me. Anyway, I often visit your blog to get encouraged and inspired by your industrious hands. I always thought you were the one with the lack of wasted minutes ;)

Well, I was on the internet tonight doing some research on homeschooling. My first daughter will be 3 this November and I've been feeling a little overwhelmed about the thought of homeschooling as next year she should be starting Preschool. How did you know where to start with homeschooling?

Anyway, as I was doing my research, I thought of you and thought I'd stop by and say "Hi".

In Pursuit Of His Call