Monday, September 8, 2008

Baby Update

Ya thought one of those was ours, huh??!! Nope. Rachel had her ultrasound today. Emerson is measuring 8 pounds, 2 ounces. Not big at all, by induction standards. She is scheduled to be induced next Monday evening unless she goes earlier.
No time for a real post...Sweetheart is due home in 15 minutes, dinner is just about ready to go on the table, and I need to leave in an hour for Bible Study. I LOVE Monday's!!!


Milah said...

Good one! That picture had me going!

Angie said...

Bren, you mean, mean woman! LOL! Loved how you tricked us!

I'll be waiting and watching for that sweet, pink, bundle of joy!

Please let Rachel know we're praying everything goes smoothly!

Marilyn R said...

Not fair! I saw the picture and thought, "She's here!". You know what they say about the boy who cried wolf!