Monday, March 30, 2009

Party Time Part 2

It's Princess Time!!! Little Alphia (in the front) turned 11 and hosted a princess party for her neighboring princesses and their Queen Mothers. We were taken into the "dressing room" where we donned crepe gowns (made by Alphia's Queen Mother), necklaces, rings and tiaras.

We were then escorted into the throne room where we presented ourselves to Princess Alphia.
Charlotte and I curtsied and presented ourselves as "Princess Charlotte and the Queen Mother from the land of Chartopia".

The games were such fun. We played "kiss the frog", where you pass the rubber frog until the music stops. If you are holding the frog when it does, you are out. It was as much fun watching as it was playing. Here Charlotte and Queen Kathy (our next door neighbor) watched after getting "caught" with the frog.It came down to Alphia and Queen Kathy's Princess Emily.
Princess Emily "won". She gave the frog a little peck and we all whined, "Come on....give it a good kiss." So she did!!! What a good sport! Em got a prize and everyone got their own frog to take home and kiss!!!
Next we played "pin the Princess in the window". Queen Cindy and Princess Emily, trying to pin the Princess in the window.....
I think Charlotte won that one. Next was a cake walk type game. Then came the pinata! Princess Alphia broke it open with one good whack!It contained lots of treats and individual bags for each Princess.It was all wonderful fun and a great time for the Queen's to spend with their Princess's.
The table was set with china tea cups with cute umbrellas in them. Pink lemonade or apple juice was served by Queen Cindy.
All the princess's from left to right...Princess Alphia, Princess Olga (Alphia's best friend), Princess Charlotte, Princess Anya (Alphia's sister), and Princess Emily (lives right in between my house and Cindy's house). All these girls play together regularly.

Princess Alphia served cake to her royal guests.
There was yet another Princess who attended the affair. Presenting Princess Zoey!
Queen Cindy's beautiful granddaughter. Look at that finger curled over her nose. What a darling! It was a royal time! Queen Cindy out did herself.
There is the end of our party weekend. If you missed part 1, scroll down to see TJ's bash!
Now it is back to reality which means school, house, and meal fairy godmother around here!!!


Anonymous said...

Very cute idea for a party, they look like they had fun!!
Your blog looks great, love the brown/pink theme! How did you get it to look like this?

Andrea Cherie said...

Aww, how fun!

Donetta said...

HOw fun Charlotte looks happy.

Sweet P said...

What an absolutely wonderful way to celebrate a birthday. Including the Queen Moms was a terrific idea. It looks like everyone had tons of fun.