Monday, June 1, 2009

Family Fun Weekend

We had such a fun weekend here. I had lots of Emerson time. She is such a dolly! She wants to feed herself, but still wants a cuddle.She is not a neat eater....look at that milk mouth!TJ and my little kids played next door for most of the afternoon on Saturday. The girls (there are 3 neighborhood girls that play together all the time....Charlotte is one of them) use TJ as their own living baby doll. He lets them!He is very fond of Emily (our next door neighbor). Even Emerson went next door for a visit.Zach played with Zak from next door (Emily's brother). We make sure to call our Zach, Zachary when they are all outside.That boy leaves the house with shoes on and NEVER keeps them on! One of my Sweetheart's pet peeves...seeing his kids barefoot. Which by the way was a problem for Charlotte, who always leaves her shoes on! She of course could not have them on running through the sprinkler yesterday. She ended up cutting her toe pretty badly on a sharp rock.Her big brother was rinsing it with the hose while Rachel got her a bandaide. It bled pretty good for a while! I love natural consequences, but in this case, it did not work out. The kid who always keeps her shoes on was the one who got hurt! Zachary made sure he gave her some good advice...."You need to watch where you walk, Charlotte." Yeesh!!
Now I jumped ahead of myself...that was yesterday and I am still on Saturday. Sweetheart and Bud worked on a special project Saturday while all this fun was going on. Rachel and I had a dinner to attend at church so we took Emerson and left all the other kids with the guys who were working in the garage. Bud has wanted this yard game called "Corn Hole" so they decided this weekend to go ahead and make it.
They got most of it done Saturday, but Sunday after church, they were back at it. I was recruited to make the bags, which hold the corn. All 8 of them. I did have Bud and Rachel turn them right side out and fill them before I could stitch up the opening.There is some "rule" that says the game should be done in honor of a sports team....any sports team, and Bud chose the Chicago Cubs. The bags are blue and red and the game will be painted white with the Cubbies logo on each deck.Sweetheart enjoyed working with his son. He always does.Once each aspect of the game was measured and weighed out....those bags needed to be a specific size and weight and the decks a certain height and width along with the hole being in just the right spot and just the right size....they actually have official tournaments....the fun began.
It was Sweetheart and I against Bud and Rachel.....Sweetheart was pretty good at this! So were Bud and Rachel....(see that red bag flying in the air?)Me? took a while!Bud and Rachel won 2 out of 3 games. It was a great time!
The kids played a game or two when we were done....Charlotte and her friend, Anya against Zak and Zachary. Zak has a great throw!We watched from the sidelines.
Emerson sat in the grass for a while. She was not quite sure about it.
"Hmmmmm, this is different....."
"Maybe I will touch it....."
"HEY, someone!! Where's that blanket I usually sit on???"
Since I kept getting this scowl, I picked her up! No need to make Grandma the enemy!
And where was Kyle??? Every Sunday after church, Kyle has his friend Robert over for pizza and a movie or two. Kyle did come out and join the fun after 5 pm when Robert left.
Everyone went home and to bed happy and tired. It was a wonderful weekend of family fun!! Thanks for stopping by to share it with me!
Be Blessed,


Nancy said...

When my one grandson was little, he hated the grass. Every time we would try and put his feet down on the grass, he would pull them up. Now (he's 6) he won't go into the grass without shoes. Still hates the feel of it on his feet.

Fruit of her hands said...

Bren~ Isn't it silly some of the games these men come up with??? It has to be "official" and then you say they have tournaments!!! And Roger looks at me funny when I say there is a quilt show I want to go to...go figure. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog, you always say such nice things.

Andrea Cherie said...

We played a new game on our trip called "holey board"...very similar, but with large washers! It was a lot of fun!

PS I like your new background!

Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

A few years ago, on a trip back to Texas, we played the holey board game. It was also with washers! I don't think they called it the holey board game though. It sure kept the grown nephews and my late father in law entertained. It sounds like you had a great weekend. Emerson is just a doll. I read the post about her now crawling. Jak has been crawling a while now. He is pulling up and sometimes turning loose for a second or two. He will be walking soon. I am not sure I am ready for! He does love to be cuddled by grandmama when he has his bottle. His parents put him in his seat and he takes his bottle alone. I think I need to enjoy that cuddle time while feeding him. He is growing up too fast. Have a great week Bren! Blessings and hugs, Karen

Copper's Wife said...

What a glorious weekend!!

blushing rose said...

So glad you had a lovely weekend. The baby reminds me of our g-son ... he was not thrilled with grass to begin with & would just look at it. They are so darling at that age. Great pics. TTFN ~ Marydon

Winona said...

Oh Bren, what a wonderful weekend you had. We spent ours working in the yard and garden again. I love all the pictures. The new game looks neat, but I'd be lucky if I even hit the platform. I do not have very good aim. LOL I hope Charlotte's toe heals quickly. Glad you got some good grandma time in, my friend. Have a good day. Winona

Donetta said...

How fun! I am so glad to see the delightful time had by all. Love that green grass!

Guðrún said...

The weather makes a big difference, here you don´t have the chance to be so much outside and play because it is like to win a lottery if the weather is so good. It was nice yesterday and of course we invited my family over for dinner (barbecue) but today it is raining.