Monday, June 8, 2009

The Busiest Weekend Ever Part 2

My weekend ended up not as busy as I had thought. Still very busy though. Saturday morning I heard words every Grandma dreams of....
"You make the best pancakes in the WHOLE WORLD, Grandma!"
Yes, my life is now complete!
After a morning with the children, I had the first of 4 Ladies Teas where we are studying the book, "Becoming a Titus 2 Woman" by Martha Peace. I did not have to go set up at 11 like I thought so I had some down time I did not anticipate. I did go an hour early and prepare the set up of the little tea cakes and fruit bowl. Mini eclairs and cream puffs....pretty tea pots and tea cups and saucers. Caramel Truffle flavored coffee for people like me who MUST have coffee. It was beautiful. The ladies started arriving on time at 2 pm.The lady standing in the above picture is my friend Ronda. She is someone I have been mentoring. She is not much younger than I, but she is new in the Lord, and is hungry to learn about Biblical Womanhood, which I believe is a doctrine. I am watching her grow by leaps and bounds. She was very ill with Lupus and all her hair fell out. It has come back in and she is feeling better. She was amazed when her hair came back in a different color....a deep auburn instead of a light brown. Isn't God wonderful....she always wanted auburn hair!!!
Ronda did our craft at the Titus Tea...we all made charm bracelets. I have a new found admiration for Alesha and Donetta, and any one else who makes jewelry. It is NOT easy!! Rachel ended up making mine for me!
Candy (the lady who is one of my own mentors) and I co-led the study. It went very well and we covered all of Part 1, which is 3 chapters. The ladies do the study at home and we review key points.
A local Christian book store set up a corner for our ladies with all kinds of books regarding mentoring and Biblical Womanhood.I bought the book, "How Women Help Men Find God" by David Murrow. He has a book called "Why Men Hate Going To Church" that looked good too.
At the end of the 3 hour tea, the ladies were all given a crown. Why? Because they are Princesses! Their Father is the King of Kings! We asked them to put their crown in a place in their home where they will see it and be reminded of how they are royalty.Ronda brought beautiful roses...she has the most giving heart....and asked that everyone take 2 home with them.That evening was Praise Night at Church. A once every few months event where we have a special night of Praise and Worship. I love that! At one point, late that afternoon, Sweetheart said it would be nice to watch a family movie that evening. He had forgot about Praise Night. I decided to stay home with my family and have family movie night. I don't think he ever did remember, and I did not say anything or he would have pushed for me to go.
I did finish all the elongated hexagons over the weekend....They no longer fit in my little Tupperware container. I still need to baste more yellow 1 inch squares. I will work on those at crochet class this morning while Charlotte learns the triple crochet.
Sunday was relaxing until bedtime....Membership class before the service, Church, a church BBQ after the service to honor our graduates, home for a minute and off to Target and Aldi. Sweetheart and Bud built another Corn Hole game for family who wanted one and we tried it out, playing several games....they got it done quicker this time. Many of you mentioned the washer throw game. We have that one too and I like it better....we call it "Warsher Pitchin"...not a misspelling.
I fell into bed last night and right to sleep. We had storms all through the night so I was awake a lot, but I feel rested and ready for another day.
I will leave you with the pic of Zach...I love it...he is taking a picture of me taking his picture! Such a bright boy!
Be Blessed,


shelia said...

wow! what a fabulous weekend...first your the greatest pancake maker ever (i better start practicing before my grandbaby can eat them) and then that tea party. Looks like it was fabulous. Do you highly recommend the book your studying?...i'm looking for something new for the Fall.

Fruit of her hands said...

Bren~ What a wonderful weekend you had. I can't wait to get the book. The tea looked like everyone was enjoying themselves.
Movie night is always fun.

blushing rose said...

What a lovely weekend you had, a tea party, 'best pancake award' ever! & a photographer to capture you!
TTFN ~ Marydon

Robin said...

What a fantastic weekend!!!

You are so blessed! I am interested in this Titus 2 study you are doing - it sounds great.

Copper's Wife said...

What a great weekend! It sounded plenty busy to me. Your group of ladies at church sound wonderful.

shelia said...

thanks for the advice...God works in some interesting ways...i already had the Excellent wife picked out...i didn't realize the author was the same! glad to hear its a good one! :)

NeeCee said...

Oh, your tea sounds wonderful! I would love to attend something like that. I hope you blog about the rest of the teas in the series.

Mountain Mama said...

You Rule!! Congrats on earning the Best Pancake Maker Award.

Looks like a very wonderful time with friends at the Ladies Tea.

I am so proud of you for staying home and watching movies with your sweetheart. I know that spoke volumes to him. (and you didn't even say anything - Way to go, sister!!)


Andrea Cherie said...

I love that you always share your ladies events with us!

Finally tomorrow I hope to go through the 1,000 + photos I have from the past two weeks and get to blogging! (I am NOT exaggerating on the number of photos! It's crazy!)

Donetta said...

Thank you for your encouragement. I have been asked by a reader to place a few pictures up on the Place To Create Blog of items for sale. If your interested come check them out this evening Bren.