Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Bud

27 years ago today, I became a mom. Happy Birthday to my sweet boy.
You were (and still are) the light of my life.A true sports nut!
You learned to walk with help from your Daddy,and you helped your own son to take his first steps.You learned how to be a family,and you made your own.You are an incredible brother.
Always making certain any future wife would KNOW that your brother might someday be part of the package...You are a wonderful husband...I was never more proud as when I watched you stand by your wife as she made you a father.....both times.
You have always LOVED to sleep. I never understood that, but it is a part of you. You sit down and you fall asleep...we all know this about you! ;)Thankfully, you do not fall asleep when you drive.You are an awesome Daddy, in a long line of awesome Daddies!!We admire the man that you are. Happy Birthday Bud!! We Love You!


Donetta said...

I am so glad that you were born.

Happy birth of your sweet son Bren.
I hope you have an awe filled day.

Milah said...

Happy Birthday Bud!

Maybe this isn't the place to say this but I can't help myself.
It's nice to see "real men" being a good husband, dad, and son. I see too many boys being raised without fathers and it breaks my heart. Men like Bud restores my hope in our future.

Mom and done good!

Anneatheart said...

It's kinda neat that your son and me were born right after each other. (I was due in June 1982, but came in May) Except I am about to have 4 kids at 27!

Andrea Cherie said...

Loved this post, Bren! Happy Birthday to your son, Bud!

Niki RuralWritings said...

Happy Birthday Bud!
A beautiful post Bren, I loved it.

Winona said...

Ahh Bren, you have me all teary eyed reading that. Your love for your son shines through in this post. I hope Bud has a very happy birthday. He is an awesome man, but why wouldn't he be? He comes from an awesome family. (grin) Have a wonderful day, my friend. Winona

Mountain Mama said...

What an awesome post and tribute to your son. LOVED the pics. Quite a bit of history. You are a blessed mama!

Happy Birthday, Bud!

Love Bears All Things said...

They grow up so fast. My son was 41 this year. Wow, that makes me sound old but, you know, I'm not.
I love the way you showed all the different aspects of him during his life.
I hope he has a great day.
Mama Bear

Fruit of her hands said...

Bren~ What a touching post. Your son is very lucky to have you for his Mom, and you are lucky too to have a wonderful son...Happy Birthday to Bud!!


meggie said...

A very Lovely Tribute. Happy Birthday to Bud!!

Marilyn R said...

Happy Belated Birthday Bud! What a beautiful post!

Guðrún said...

And what a wonderful mother you are writing a post like that. I am so behind on commenting, but still I have to say Happy birthday to Bud.