Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Celebration Plans Begin

Today I received the invitations for our 30th Wedding Anniversary celebration. They are GORGEOUS!!! My sweet friend Andrea made them. She is quite talented, and she went above and beyond any expectations. I ordered 50 invites and they all came stuffed in envelopes (the kind you don't have to lick) and had return addresses on them. She offered to put all the address labels on them too, but I wanted to hand write those. I blanked out our last name, address (listed under the food and fellowship) and our phone number under the RSVP, otherwise, you can see what a beautiful job she did. My colors are pink and brown, in case you had not guessed.
You can order invites and other wonderful items from Andrea (she has an awesome recipe book) by visiting her business blog at The Organic Bloom.
Blogger friends are just such a blessing. Another sweetheart of a blog friend made me this incredible necklace and earring set to wear on my special day. It is in pink and brown also, and was "custom" made for me. I can not wait to wear it. My dress was bought by my friend Candy. Yes, God is always faithful and sometimes He uses His people to bless us! My family is taking care of the food (God bless them too!) and I may end up having a "wedding" yet. We never had a real wedding. No cake or special wedding dress. I am excited to celebrate our family, and the heart of that family is love that we, Sweetheart and I, share together.
"His banner over me is Love."
Song of Solomon 2:4b
(as printed on my invitations)
Thank you Andrea, and Alesha, for making my special day even more special!!!
Be Blessed (as I am Blessed!)


Mountain Mama said...

Gotta love that sweet Andrea. She did a beautiful job!! (I would come but there is no address and no phone number to reply to. hee hee)

The necklace is gorgeous. Can't wait to see pics of you wearing the jewelry and dress. What a special celebration.


Sarah said...

The invitations and jewelry are beautiful, Bren. You are right, sometimes God uses His children to bless each other... isn't that awesome?! Thirty years... wow! Congratulations, and best wishes for many more blessed and happy years!

Fruit of her hands said...

Bren~ How could you be celebrating your 30th wedding anniversary when you look you look like you are only in your 30's :)....I really like the invatations, you will have to text me your address so I can at least send you a card...Wow 30 years you are so blessed. Roger and I will celebrate our 10th this coming November and I am very excited about that. congrat's to you and Kim.

julieQ said...

Enjoy wonderful for you and your husband! I love your necklace, made especially for you.

Donetta said...

How exciting!
You are a beautiful bride. He is blessed to have you.
Love the invites and the necklace.
Look forward to seeing you in your dress.
I'd make you a cake if I were there.
Did you ever read about my Indian Wedding. It was our 24th anniversary and all of our friend drove up 4 hours into the forest and threw it for me. It is a sweet sweet memory better than any wedding I could of ever dreamed of. We did our wedding in a back yard 2 week after he per posed.

Love Bears All Things said...

I know just how you feel. Honey Bear and I eloped and we didn't have all the cake, dress, etc. So we had a wedding for our 35th and said our vows in church. It was awesome and I still remember how much fun it was. I know you will have a great day, too.
Mama Bear

Susan said...

Andrea did a beautiful job on your invitations! And the jewelry . . . gorgeous! My daughter makes jewelry, so I have learned to appreciate each piece of handmade jewelry I see. I'm excited for you, and so thankful for how the Lord is providing for you.

Niki RuralWritings said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Bren! I'm looking forward to seeing you in your dress and lovely jewellery. It's so amazing to watch the Lord at work. I'll be praying for your special day.

Nancy said...

If you are renewing your vows, you should have a wedding shower also. I bet you could use some new towels and sheets and pots/pans. Wouldn't that be fun??

Have a great day!!

blushing rose said...

Congrats! The invite is gorgeous, the necklace is breathtakingly gorgeous ... you are going to be stunning. What lovely friends you have to make this day even more special ... may you be blessed & showered with love. TTFN ~ Marydon

Dani said...

Woo-hoo, that is coming up fast!

Alesha does such beautiful work, I love it!

Will we get to see pics of the dress?

Linda said...

Those are beautiful invitations Bren, and that necklace/earing set is just stunning.

Andrea Cherie said...

Thanks for the plug Bren! I'm glad you're so pleased with them!

I'll be praying for gorgeous weather on you'wedding' day! Congratulations Bren & Sweetheart!

Robin said...

How wonderful and special!! Congratulations on 30 years!

Rose Marie said...

Congratulations .... enjoy your special day!

Sweet P said...

The anniversary invites are stunning. I love your necklace. You will be gorgeous wearing it.