Tuesday, April 22, 2008

All Things Become New

The bridal shower on Sunday was fun. Sarah, the bride, received some beautiful things. Here she is with her bouquets of ribbons and bows from her gifts. She will use these at her rehearsal. She is standing with her mother, on the right (my Aunt Robin), and her future mother-in-law on the left. Sarah lost her father in a car accident about 6 years ago, so the wedding will be bittersweet for her. I remember the day her father, my uncle, was killed. She was crying and said, "Who will walk me down the aisle?" She was a freshman in college and she and her younger siblings have grown into beautiful adults their father would be proud of. My Aunt Robin is more of a sister than an aunt. She actually lived with us for a good part of my childhood, even sharing a bedroom. Sarah is only 6 months older than my son, so I always think of her as my niece, not my cousin. It is exciting to watch a new family form. I pray that Sarah and Matt will build a strong one.

Lots of "new" to share here...I had a new Face of Trauma post ready to put up, but I just feel it is not time. I wrote on "triggers". You know...those things that we all have that stop us, or start us, to do or say what needs to be done....or not done. Anyway, Charlotte and Zachary, (especially Charlotte) have been having so many positive breakthroughs that I put the post on hold. Not because I only post Face of Trauma issues when things are bad, but I just want to focus on the positive right now. Putting the posts up is emotionally draining. For now, I am watching my daughter become a young woman. She is going through new physical and emotional changes...all for the good. I am seeing her smile more and she comes to me freely now. Not always, but much more than before. Just for a hug. We are creating new affiliations. HUGE new breakthroughs. Still some behaviors, of course, but I see us moving forward some. I can look at her and see a light at the end of the road...not a tunnel...a road. Charlotte did some babysitting for TJ in the backyard. We were busy in the house and she watched him for Rachel. She did a good job entertaining him. As long as she does not have friends over, she stays on task.They dance in the circle (left by the pool last summer) and sit and play...that girl with her dirty bare feet!!! I do love her with my whole heart!I also found a new favorite scent...I bought 2 of the sachets (they are BIG) in Galena. One for a gift and one for me. Rachel loved the smell so much I gave her one. That left me with none. What else could I do?? I found the website and ordered 5 more plus a room spray.They describe it as a scent of rich wine with a hint of grape. Now I smell the hint of grape, but in no way does it smell like wine to me. It is a very beautiful scent. It does have a sweet smell to it. I could smell it all day. I think I will save for some candles too. I know....I make expensive soy candles, but this new scent is wonderful. You can check it out here...not the smell, but the site. I saw several of these new reed diffusers in Galena, but did not know what they did...does any one out there have one of these? Do you like it? It is $28 so I would not freely buy it without a recommendation! I am not sure I am thrilled with the look of it....Well I am off to create something new in the sewing room. I have more new things to share, but they will need to wait. I plan a post on the Ryan Mansion in the next day or two. In the meantime, I will give you a little tease and tell you I have the most wonderful chatelaine to show you. Anyone who loves to sew, or loves antiques, will be in awe of this...I want one so badly!!!!


Angie said...

The scentations are enticing ... even though I don't know what it smells like, I'd like to give it a try!

Your posts on "Face of Trauma" are in depth and I learn a lot from reading them. I'm looking toward a degree in counseling. You know so much because you're living it, and I don't know anyone who would put as much effort into your kids as you. You have a heart of gold ... and I mean that!

Marilyn R said...

It made me smile to read about sweet Charlotte today and how she is maturing!

Knit-Wit said...

You are such a great mom! It's so great to hear that Charlotte is happy. Her post was so sweet. You are doing a great job.