Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Night

Do you remember how Saturday night was the night??? Everyone had plans of some kind and there was always a place to go. I have come to know Saturday night as a time to lay in my bed and watch movies! Most Saturday nights I am asleep by now, or on my way. Tonight, though I have been in my sewing room. I had a date with my sewing machine! I have quite a mess to clean up, but lots to show for the mess too. Tonight, I put borders on my 4 seasons swap piece, basted it, machine quilted it, made binding, attached the binding to the front, made a label, and the huge mess you see in the picture! I should have the quilt ready to go out on Monday...3 days ahead of schedule! I feel like I cheated since I hand quilted the last two, but there was really no place to show off hand quilting on this piece, and time was a concern....Unlike the fall quilt where I became crazed and double cross hatched the entire thing!!! Anyway, no regrets. It is done and cute and going on it's journey soon!

Today we celebrated my sister's grandson, Dominic's birthday. He turned 4 years old. Dominic is a little guy and TJ is big...bigger than Dominic who is a full year older than TJ. You can tell in their speech and maturity, but in size, TJ looks older! My sister is raising Dominic and his sister Casey (she is Zach's age) and until summer, they are living with my mom.
I took some pics of my mom's flowers today...they are beautiful. Her peonies (they were my Grandma's) are knee high and full of balls ready to be opened by insects! She will fill in this bed with annuals. Her bleeding heart is blooming (or bleeding!)!! And her tulips are in full bloom. I came home from the party and found a package on my porch! Inside I found the most wonderful bag from Debi!! It is beautiful. I plan to use it to carry my Underground Railroad Sampler in. I am working on the applique border and it is just the right size to carry it all. Isn't it gorgeous??!! And inside was another surprise.... 9 fat quarters of the "Country Essentials" line by Connecting Threads! I think they will be perfect in the Prairie Doll quilts I want to make up. They all have little stars on them. The colors are wonderful! All very favorites. Thank you, Debi! You are so sweet! I am always amazed by Debi and Jan. They do more quilts than most anyone I know and 99% of them are charity quilts for Project Linus. I think I want to make a Project Linus quilt in honor of Debi. I have never done a charity quilt before and I think it is time!!!


Love Bears All Things said...

well we were both in our sewing rooms this weekend. I managed to get two blocks finished on my UFO. This is the sampler quilt I bought the material for in '03. I've cut out all the templates and 5 of the blocks. Wow, I have learned so much since then. I am so glad I didn't cut out all of them. Now I cand do better. The first was a rail fence and is just beautiful, everything fell into place. The second a double nine patch has a few crooks but stil looks good. I'll be sure and mention these were before my class on the label if I ever finish this quilt.
I'd like to see your work but know that will have to wait. How lucky to have friends who send fabric.
Mama Bear

Debi said...

I am so glad you like your tote and the FQs. I am so proud you want to make a PL quilt in my honor. I know the child that receives it will be thrilled.

ann said...

Bren, thanks for sharing the pictures of your mom's flower beds. I was needing some inspiration to go out and work on mine. That did it. Thanks also for your kind words about our rooster.

Knit-Wit said...

Wow - plants growing outside? The snow just recently melted and we expect more in the next day or two. I guess I'll have to wait until June before planting anything.