Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pure Fruit

Have you ever bought a piece of fruit and it was the picture of purity? Beautifully ripe, not a flaw on it, and you just knew that piece of fruit was going to be a taste of heaven. You take a big bite and instantly you are repulsed by the flavor, texture and smell. The fruit had betrayed you and it was rotten. The outside of the fruit was perfect, but the inside of the fruit was bad. This was a discussion that took place in our home this morning. One of the most amazing things about our Heavenly Father is the grace and mercy He shows me everyday. In speaking words to my children I learned as much, if not more, than they did. I do, however, think it was a lesson well received by my children too. The bible says of people, "You shall know them by their fruits." Matt. 7:16-23 These are the verses we spoke of this morning. A person's fruit is what they do, the things their life bears. I found it a bit scary that these verses talk of people who truly thought they knew God, but God did not know them. (read all the verses) One of the issues a traumatized child has, is the ability to become what they think you want them to be. My daughter is the picture of good manners, sweetness, and would never raise her voice to me in rebellion. She is always compliant with what ever you ask her....as long as she is being watched. Take your eyes off of her and her behaviors become like the piece of fruit that looks perfect on the outside and is no good on the inside. PLEASE NOTE....I am not saying Charlotte is the fruit. I am saying her deeds are the fruit. This is a common thing with ALL children, but attachment disorder brings out the worst in it. It is daily and dangerous. Not just to her future, but to her spirit. We are responsible for what we know. My children have already been taught that their salvation is not based in works, but in God's grace. Now my children know that God looks not only at the heart of the person, but also the heart of the deed. I, along with my children, looked at my own life. What kind of fruit do I bear? Most of my fruit is "what you see is what you get"...good and bad... ...but if I look deeply, I would find areas where it appears one way, but is actually another. I think that would be true of all of us.

Another analogy we discussed is the "hot, cold vs. lukewarm" verses. (Jesus talking) "I know your works that you are neither cold nor hot: I would rather you be cold or hot. So because you are lukewarm and neither cold, nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth." Rev 3:15-16 Those are pretty strong words and I need to admit they are words I never had full understanding of. I have heard these preached several different ways. The most common is that cold refers to an unbeliever and hot is a "good" christian. Someone who rides the fence (or that believes and does not accept) would be considered lukewarm. Today as I read these verses and discussed them with my children I had a revelation. (I could be wrong, so no haters!) I had a vision of ice tea and hot tea...both appealing, both refreshing. In no circumstance would lukewarm tea be desirable, or refreshing. I used the example of cold chocolate milk and hot cocoa with the kids. Who would like a nice glass of lukewarm chocolate milk? Today I also saw, the verses are talking about a person, based on the person's works...their fruit. Is it appealing to God? I felt like a light bulb had been turned on. It was quite a deep theological discussion and the kids had lots of questions, along with their own profound insights. They are both very bright kids!!!
Pure fruit is a beauty to behold, not only to the eye, but to the palate. It reminds me of that verse "Taste and see that the Lord is good." What would He taste if He bit into your fruit? As for me, I am just grateful He is merciful and forgiving!


Karen T. said...

I so agree with you on the "neither hot nor cold." Hot is useful and cold is useful, but lukewarm is useless!! Oh that we may never be useless to God! May we (I) always bear fruit!! Great thoughts, they have me ponderin'! Love, Karen

Donetta said...

Keep the flame for the embers hold heat long after the fire is calm but the embers if they are not fed die out and dust ...to dust we return:)
Feeding the fire and supplying the fuel is such a gift we have as mothers. It is the heart of the deed that is the real measure, for even innocence can error and do the deed wrongly but yet if the heart intent is there then the very deed in error is yet a good fruit.
I hope your doing well. I have been set aside a time of reflective days and many wonderful quiet times. I love you Bren peace be with you.

Marilyn R said...

I like your hot tea vs. ice tea. I will be thinking about this today!

Knit-Wit said...

You could even add coffee to that list. Iced coffee and hot coffee are good but people are always wanting their room temperature coffee warmed up.

Angela said...

A good lesson we all need to remember. I know I do! Thanks for the reminder. Pretty is as pretty does.