Thursday, April 10, 2008


We are having guests today. We will not be entertaining them, though they will entertain us. It is a dreary, rainy, windy, cold day, so after a morning of math, we will take the rest of the day off. Thursday is a very light housekeeping day so it works out perfectly. Charlotte has been looking forward to seeing this version of the movie Pride and Prejudice. If we are still in the mood for some down time in front of a DVD, we also have the first DVD in this series to watch. I am so excited to have a daughter to share my love for these movies with. Charlotte has never seen any of the Christy series, so I am very excited to introduce them to her. I think Zach may even like the Christy series. My "guys" poke fun of my love for Little House and movies or shows like them. Though they are just kidding, they have no desire to sit down and watch them with me. Charlotte is at the perfect age to develop a love of this genre and it seems she actually has . Others that we have enjoyed are the Sarah, Plain and Tall series. Do you have any favorites along these lines?


Mountain Mama said...

Our favorites along those lines are "The Love Comes Softly" series by Michael Landon Jr.
1)Love Comes Softly
2)Loves Enduring Promise
3)Loves Long Journey
4)Loves Abiding Joy
Be sure to watch them in order. Michael Landon is obviously the son of Pa on Little House. He is a friend of ours and a great family man. Enjoy!

Katie said...

I love that version of P&P! I get giddy just thinking about it! :-) You can get that version online at for $19.99 now! :-) I haven't seen the Christy series yet but it's on my list!

I also agreen with mountain mama! I just began the Love Comes Softly series. I love love love the first two. I have the next two on reserve at the library.

However, if you've read Janette Oke's books, I hear they are quite different from the movie. But I still really enjoy the movies!

It's dreary here too. I'll be thinking of you! :-)


Nancy said...

I could watch the "Sarah: Plain and Tall" movies forever and ever. I also like Fiddler on the Roof.

Mountain Mama said...

I got your message via my blog. We accidentally stumbled across these movies so did not read the books beforehand. We usually do.
Anyways, Willie is Missy's husband and he does not die. Are you thinking of Sonny, the brother of the boy they adopt? If so, I agree, quite sad.
Mr Landon had complete freedom on the first film - I think his best. With each one after that, they kept putting money restraints and less freedom in how he wanted it done. He was frustrated. He even told us to not watch the last one b/c it was his worst. He had very little freedom.

Knit-Wit said...

That particular version of P&P is my absolute favorite! I HATE the new one that is out. It deviates from the book.

Marilyn R said...

It is a wet and dreary day out there today - sounds like a great day to curl up and watch a movie!

Mamabeanof4 said...

What about the "Walton's series?
I also love the "Love Comes Softly" and the "Little House" series. I need to get the Christy series-it's one I don't have and I've already forgotten what they were about. Does anyone remember "Dr. Quinn:medicine woman? I wonder if they have that series out to purchase? I have never watch "pride and Prejudice"-WHat am I doing with my time?!?

Copper's Wife said...

Oh, oh, oh, oh.......can I come over???? I LOVE this version of Pride and Prejudice (and anything with Colin Firth in general). We are HUGE movie line quoters here, and P & P is one of our favorite quotables. My husband, my man's-man, deputy sheriff husband, enjoys watching P & P with us. He sees the incredible humor and enjoys it just as much as we do. How cool is that? Oh, do enjoy your day!!!

BTW - You are so on for a two square match. I took it easy on Will yesterday, but played cut throat with Dani! For now, we'll have to agree that we are each "regional two square queens" and hope for the day that we can vie for the national title!!!

Nadine said...

Aaaah Christy ! I love her soo much ! I discovered her thanks to Connie (Simply quilted), who generously sent the book to me. It has been on my bed table since then ! ENJOY !


ps : I LOVE "Pride & Prejudice", too, and Mr Darcy is part of my "secret" life ! :>)

Niki said...

You've just named a bunch of my favourites!! Just add The Waltons and it's a perfect stew! I also enjoy love comes softly, if you want to try a heart warming series from England there is one called The Darling Buds of May that is very good and funny.

Alesha said...

OH, oh, oh - I have one that she will just love!!!

Anne of Green Gables

Then you'll have to watch Ann or Avonlea!

Let me know how you like them!


Melzie said...

What about Dr Quinn?
I loved Sarah Plain and Tall and Christy and Little House :) What about the Walton's?

Melzie said...

Oh yes definitely Anne of Green Gables too, I reread these a few years ago and still loved them every bit as much :) xoxo

Angela said...

Anne of Green Gable, Little Women (there are 3 remakes and I love them all), Jeanette Oakley series. Oh how I remember watching these with my dd and the ones you are watching also (except the Jane Austin ones, they were not our favs)

atet said...

Anne of Green Gables for me! Oh yeah, and that version of Pride and Prejudice is GREAT!

CONNIE W said...

Hello from another BIG Christy fan and also P&P, only I do prefer the new version and this one is only so-so for me, yet one of my sisters adores this one and not the new one, so it's all a matter of opinion, as they are all good entertainment. I just happen to prefer the actor/actress in the new one over this version.
I too love "Love Comes Softly", can watch it again & again. And the version of "Little Women" with Winona Ryder as Jo is wonderful, someone else mentioned that movie too. Another good series are the Waltons which are on DVD. I saw the Christy series at WalMart for just under $20 and got my DGD a set since she started watching it at my house. Enjoy your viewing!

MrsRitchey said...

I watched Pride and Prejudice a few weeks ago. It had the girl in it from Pirates of the Carribean though. It was very good. I then went to the library and got the book and read it, also very good. I want more! You are so lucky to have a daughter to watch such shows with, and she is lucky to have a mama to watch such shows with!


Mountain Mama said...

Haven't see the last two. Thanks for the "heads up". Mike Jr. was so fed up with the film company that he left when his contract was up after Abiding Joy. Don't know who directed the last two. He now directs for Fox Faith. After Abiding Joy, he directed "The Last Sineater" (filmed here in Utah). Great movie but not in the genre of the movies we have talked about in this post. A must see!

Patti said...

Ah yes, everything you have named is a favorite. And I still watch them now thanks to DVD's. My daughter and daughter-in-law both enjoy them also, though not to the extent that I do. Others to check out - the other Jane Austens like Sense and Sensibility and Persuasian. Also Dr. Quinn, which I like a lot even though it is terribly inaccurate historially. Also the Anne of Green Gables movies. And Little Women with Wynona Ryder. Have you ever seen "Enchanted April"? A marvelous movie, though unfortunately still not available on DVD as far as I know.