Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Break???

Not likely! Things in our nest are still needing to be done. A week was not enough time, though we DID get a couple of the things on our "want to do" list completed. I messed up the date Niki was coming. I thought it was Thursday the 10th, but it is Friday the 11th. It was fine either way, but the extra day, means extra work, which really is a good thing. Can you tell I am trying to convince myself? I am tired. Yesterday we painted. I really dislike painting! And sponge painting is not my favorite. I have feather painted, sponge painted, rag painted. My last home had this style of painting all over the place. I am more a solid color kinda girl because of that.
There is LOTS of sponge painting to look at now. It did not turn out "bad" and actually Sweetheart really likes it, so that is the important thing. I did paint the walls in the upstairs hallway a solid in the same "Peanut Shell" gold/tan as the sponge painting. Oh, and the entire house smells like vanilla. No paint smell at all! Zach thought I was baking something! The additive is a great thing. I will never paint without it again!!! I think there were 6 scents to choose from.
Maybe I need to add a 3rd color, like a cinnamon sponged very lightly and sporadically. It would maybe have more of a wall paper look then. We are not professionals by any means and reaching 17 feet up with a sponge on the end of a pole while standing on a ladder was not an easy task! This paint job also meant a color change. The entryway was predominately blues and pinks. With the gold tones added, I needed to change things. I am thinking my Spring wall hanging will be a center point in an arrangement over my couch when my mom takes back the portraits I have hanging there now. In the meantime I grabbed a picture from the basement. It is my sister's so I will need to replace it too, but for now it is mine. I also placed a birdhouse and a family picture there, along with a little candle I got in Galena. I could never find the right spot for this candle. It is perfect here.
The picture is of my husband's family at their first homestead in Malta, Illinois. It is not far from here. I need to ask my MIL where they came from. I believe this was their first home in our country, but I could be wrong. In the picture there is the horse and the wagon has runners on it. You can see a little snow on the ground. The entire family is on the porch or in the yard. It is a GREAT picture!!!!
Today, Sweetheart will paint in the upstairs hallway. I did it all, 2 coats, but close to the ceiling is his job. He can do it free hand and not get paint on the ceiling or need to tape! He will also mow the yard. I plan to do laundry, my basic household duties, and shop. Grocery shopping and a trip to pick up some cloth napkins that match my dinning room. I want to pick up new rugs for the entryway to replace the blue ones that no longer match. My blue ones are in really good shape still, but I have other places I can use them. The rug by the back door was losing it's "grip" and sliding all over the place. The runner can go there. The large rug can go in Zach's room to cover a "sin" on the carpet...a box of red jello he tried to "make" in his room a couple of years ago. What is it with my kids and carpet??
I received a beautiful note card from Debi in the mail. She was just thinking of me. I was very touched. Thank you Debi! More than that, I have been in such a quilting slump. No motivation, which is really bad since I need to have my swap in the mail by the 30th! The beauty of the card gave me a spark. I am feeling that pull to my quilting needle.

Beautiful. It is breathtaking to me. Like a mountain scape or an ocean view, the beauty of a quilt is inspiring beyond words. Well, I pray this desire lasts a few more days, because my priorities at this moment only allow for a minimal amount of time to quilt. Next week, though, I will have the time!


Kelley said...

Sounds like you have been busy!
I sure hope that you get a break soon!
Enjoy your visit Nikki!
Wishing you a blessed and hopefully a little restful day! Ü

Lib said...

Wow, You have been abusy bee! Everything looks lovely:o)
Love the Homestead pic.
Have a great day with Niki!;o)

Hadias said...

Your entryway loks beautifully inviting. Mines is so small that me, my husband and children must take turns coming into to foyer to take off our shoes when returning home.

The paint job is lovely. You got so much done.

Copper's Wife said...

I like the look of the sponged walls and your beautiful wood work. How fun to have a reason to move things around a bit, too.

Donetta said...

That pull by the needle that stitch by stitch. Tread that binds to the cloth. It is there you full of all the surrounding beauty your creating. It is a strange thing to change all of the color. I am starting from a new pallet and it is wonderful and very thought provoking. Exciting to begin again and a little intimidating.
I hope your vitality is refreshed soon and pleasure your driving force.

Donetta said...

Oh I forgot ...I am looking into my "plan" Communion was a begining Sunday.

kcamou said...

Bren, you did such a wonderful job on the walls. I've done sponge painting before as well and I agree with you. But you really did a beautiful job!!

moreofhim said...

Everything is so beautiful! I'm inspired to work on my own home! I haven't been quilting either, but would really like to get it going again. I've just been so busy with our homeschooling, my hubby's work and just general life. I need to start making time for me again. Thanks for sharing all the photos! They are just gorgeous!

God bless you ~ Julie

meggie said...

Looks so neat & lovely.
Loved the pics of you & your DH, when you were so young. Our young pics look so innocent too!LOL.
You have been having some 'lumps'lately.
The Zit cream is a puzzle??
Hugs from Ozxx

Love Bears All Things said...

I like the new look in the foyer.
I would frame that card.
Mama Bear