Monday, July 28, 2008

An Update Post

Sewing Update:
The 4 Seasons Summer quilt is quilting up nicely. It will be ready to go to it's new home by the deadline on Thursday! Everyone who sees it, thinks it is "cute", and if I look at it from outside myself, I like it too! I pray it's new owner approves. I think I will take a step back from swaps for a while. I have a couple of baby quilts to finish up, along with a couple of runners. This runner just needs a binding and will soon be on it's way to a newly established home in Alberta!
I love the texture of quilting. The back of this runner is a piece of fabric I love to use for little gift quilts.
It has all kinds of cute sayings on it. "May my stitches be pleasing to you Lord", "Hands to work, Hearts to God", "A stitch for me, a prayer for thee", and " She seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands", among others. I am almost out of this fabric. I have had it for YEARS and used it sparingly. I will miss it when it is gone.

Homemaking Update:
This last week of July will find me working on detailing my master bedroom and master bath. I usually only have a few days to do this because the 5th week tends to be short, but this month I have almost the entire week. I will be out on Wednesday and some on Friday, but the plan is to get things, in those rooms, spic and span. My blinds are dusty and the woodwork is showing need of attention. Rugs need to be washed also. Oh, did I ever show you my new entryway rugs??? Ok, I went back and looked, and I didn't. Remember, I am pausing and tend to repeat myself! Here they are.
Now the strange thing about these rugs is, in the daylight, like in the pictures, the background looks green. In the store, and in the evening it looks golden tan. The golden tan is what I was going for. Oh well. They look ok.
Spiritual Update:

The kids and I visited a new church yesterday. We have been unchurched for a while. The last church we attended was one I LOVED. Rachel got saved there, then they married there. It was a huge church with many outreach programs. Lots of resources for any "issue". Well, that was the problem. The biological womb, knows every resource and just how to work them. I found out she used that church on and off to get "help". We could no longer attend comfortably. Can you imagine the trauma to my Charlotte if she saw her? Nope...not happening! It has been a while since we even looked for a church. I had found one last fall. A nice church of about 200 people. Loved the preaching. The music was ok...a little bit Grand Ol Opry style, but it was done well. I know there is no perfect church, but I found this particular church to put people in major leadership positions who should not be there. Who am I to judge? Well in that instance, I am the one to judge. I have the responsibility of looking out for the spiritual well being of my family (until my husband takes that over). I was not invested there, so it was an easy move. Soooo, the church we visited yesterday was the one that hosted the Backyard Bible Club for the kids. I really liked it. Very solid biblically, and the people were sweet. Very small...less than 100 people, but maybe that is what we need. I tend to like to blend in. Maybe that is not what God wants from me any more. Sweetheart asked about the church when we got home. I stay low key in that area with him...if you read "A Wife's Testimony" you know why...that red pen is still engraved on my heart! Anyway, I stayed basic and just let him know I liked it and planned to "visit" again next week. He mentioned that maybe he would go with us. God is so faithful!!
I plan to attend the ladies Bible study on Monday nights. They are doing this book, which they graciously gave to me....

Ladies. I will be with ladies!!! The only time I spend with ladies is reading your blogs!! I am feeling....not overly excited, but a calm serene feeling I can not explain. I need this!

Kids/Family Update:

TJ and that "say cheese" face!! I have dozens of pictures of him that are nothing more than a blur. Now that he will "pose" this is what I get!

My son, Bud, did not make it home a weekend ago, so this weekend we all really enjoyed him. He got his new glasses. He looks so good! I think he said he had been in 16 states in 14 days. It was such a joy to watch him play with his son. They played "pick a hand" and tickle monster!
Pick a hand TJ....He found the hand with the "tickle" in it!!!!
I love those boys!!!!
Well those are my updates. I can not believe it is the last week of July! Time is flying this summer. Fall is just around the corner and I am looking forward to pumpkins and colored leaves. Fall brings with it a desire to hand quilt for me. It also brings a warm feeling of home. Most important for this fall, it will bring our new Granddaughter, Emerson. I hear those Sunbonnet Sue's calling me!!!!!


Brenda said...

Your quilts are BEAUTIFUL! I'll pray God shows you exactly where He wants you for a church family.

Katie said...

Thanks for all the updates. I'll be praying that God leads you to a new church family. We belong to a small church (100 or less) ~ it's great. 'm excited for you to meet and make new friends ~ encouragement and fellowship can be such a blessing! I love your decor in your home ~ you are so talented!

Blessings this week,

motherofmany said...

I so know what you mean about the biologicals. One of ours was coming to church because part of the plan to get the kids back was a job, and our church had a Women's Job Corp. The problem was she wanted to play with the kids during the servie, so I tried putting them in children's church, and then she started going in there to play with them. We just had to quit showing up until she disappeared.

Alesha said...

Hey - your b&w picture is of jalousie windows - just like mine!

Glad you liked the church yesterday. I pray it all works out there, if it's the Lord's will.

VERY cool that hubby might go with you next Sunday! Can't wait to hear HIS opinion of the new place.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you will find a place that makes you feel comfortable and welcome. I myself need to find that place. The last year of my life has been a nightmare. I need to get back to the beginning I think. I love reading about your family. Very handsome young men!! I am also blessed with 2 really great kids. They have been my lifeline

Karen in IN