Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Miracles!

There he is!! Kyle. My forever child. Some of you know that Kyle had a grand mal seizure last December. It was a horrible time. My "mother" worry level was through the roof. My faith was not as big as a mustard seed. Why? For those of you who do not know, or do not remember, Kyle suffered from more than 100 petit mal seizures a day for the first 12 years of his life. He had one grand mal at age 10. He was born completely normal, but at 2 months old, received a bad pertussis shot. MANY children who received this "lot" were affected. Some not as severe, others, even worse. It was a sad thing. Here is another thing about Kyle. He had a degenerative hearing loss. By age 8 he had a 87% hearing loss, classifying him as legally deaf. I went to a local college and became prolific in American Sign Language. I even translated the Sunday morning services in my church to the deaf congregation for a time. Kyle wore a hearing apparatus in the classroom and functioned well. He continued to seizure 100+ times a day. Each seizure would cause more and more damage to his brain, and with each passing year, he was becoming more developmentally delayed. Now let me tell you something (I am being very careful about what I share is a personal thing, but I feel led to share some of it), I have a faith for healing, based completely on the written Word of God. I believe healing is for everyone and I in no way, shape or form, believe that God "chooses" who He heals and who He does not. If that is your belief, that is fine, but mine is not there. I am certain you are wondering then, why Kyle is not "mentally healed"...I will explain that in a moment. Bear with me, please. It sure does bring back all the emotion from that time...
I was in a Thursday night church meeting and my Pastor was teaching on healing. Another church member asked the question, "Then why is Kyle not healed?" My head shot up from the verse I had been looking at in my Bible. I was nervous about what he would say. Here was his words...."Kyle will receive his healing through his mother's faith." What????!!!! I was SO offended. How dare he!! Kyle was not seizing because of my lack of faith!! Was he? All eyes were on me at that moment and I felt about an inch tall. All those eyes had such sympathy in them. Afterwards, a man and his wife came up to me and told me that every Tuesday they would fast and pray for me and Kyle, that God would give me the wisdom to know what to do. Are you thinking my Pastor was a jerk? He was not. He was a kind loving man who was gifted in the area of teaching. His teaching changed my life. I began to seek God as to what I could or should do. I prayed and fasted and prayed some more. Now, I do not care if you do not believe any of is ok...but I hear God's voice and record it often. Remember how He gave me Charlotte's full name before she was ever born? So I heard him say to me..."If you take Kyle to see (insert name here) I will heal him." It was a well known Evangelist. I found out after this "conversation" with God, that this person was coming to Rosemont in Chicago the next week. Now Sweetheart despised this man!!! I was not allowed to have him on the television. He would never allow me to take Kyle there! I approached him and he gave the ok. That was a miracle in it's self! So I take Kyle and he seized walking in the doors. His seizures escalated to the point that he pretty much seized through the whole entire thing. This man was known to call people out of the audience and pray over them. I held my breath the whole time. He never called Kyle up. We left that place and as we crossed the threshold of the door Kyle was having a seizure...just as he had when we entered. I had heard wrong. I felt terrible and thought I was "losing it". Kyle's seizures picked up over the next week to a place they had never been before. And to top it all off he was having major trouble with his hearing apparatus. My mother and I took Kyle to Mayo Clinic, 5 hours away. We stayed there a week as test after test was run. While there, Kyle had a hearing test in their big silver booth. He had one every 6 months and was due anyway. The hearing tech, came out after the test and said, "Kyle's hearing is perfect. In fact it is too perfect. It is like that of an infant." I guess we all suffer some hearing loss (minimal) as we use our eardrums over the years. Kyle's hearing was back!!! Right then I heard God say, "I told you I would heal him." I think He chuckled too! My faith soared! This was the reason his equipment was causing him trouble. Everything was too loud! I prayed and fasted again along with others in my church. 2 Years past and Kyle still seizured. I remember doing a study in that Thursday night group on the spoken Word of God. A light went on in my soul! That was it! I would SPEAK the Word every time Kyle had a seizure. I picked verses and, I am not kidding, I spoke one of those verses every time Kyle seizured and I saw it! Pretty soon, Kyle would say them too. I taught him some of them and when he would come out of the seizure, I would say "Kyle, speak the Word." He would say, "By His stripes I am healed". 2 more years people. Another 2 YEARS and Kyle had 100 seizures a day. Then one day he woke up and had NONE! No med changes, no diet changes. NOTHING. 4 weeks later I took Kyle to his neurologist. The man looked at me with grave sympathy and said, "I am sorry to tell you this Mrs. H, but Kyle will never be seizure-free. It is impossible. He may, however, have 3 months of no seizures that you can see, but believe me they are still there." I felt sorry for him. He had no hope. Still, his words played with the back of my thinking. 3 months to the day that Kyle stopped seizing, he had a seizure. Not a normal 60 second one for him, but it was there none the less. It lasted a mere 2 seconds, but I SAW it. Fear rose up in me. Then an hour or so later he had another one...this time it lasted 10 seconds or so. I cried out to God. I heard it...not God's voice but my own. "Who do you believe? The doctor or God's Word?" GOD"S WORD!!! I SPOKE the Word again, using Nahum 1:9b "Affliction will not rise up a second time!" Yet another seizure a few minutes later...2 seconds again. I got MAD. I shouted it out with authority. God is a Man of His Word. Kyle was seizure free from that day in June of 98 until December of 07.
So what happened in December of 07? I have no idea. I know things here had not been good spiritually. Still God is not like that. He does not take back His blessings, and He would certainly not do that to Kyle. I do know that Kyle had been spending alot of time with a new neighbor. They are "Christians" and one day (one week to the day before Kyle had his seizure) the 20 year old boy in that home had a grand mal. He had never had a seizure before. One week later Kyle had one. Now I had told the woman that Kyle could not be around video games. Yes, he was healed, but an EEG showed "risk" with strobe lights. I am not a fool and know that God heals in a natural way too. It takes time for the brain to heal it's self. God made our bodies to heal themselves. Well, come to find out, Kyle had been watching that boy play a game...the same game he was playing when he had his own seizure. If it could make a person who had no seizure history have a seizure, well.... You get the idea. Kyle has not been back to that house. Since then things have surfaced that say it was God's protection. That is all I will say on that! Here is the newest miracle. We went for a check up at the new neurologist yesterday. Remember how hard it was to get him into a neurologist? Yeesh! Anyway, she declared Kyle "seizure-free" and his EEG was NORMAL. Those words have never been uttered before. Kyle has a NORMAL EEG! She said the seizure was a fluke and from the description it was mild. He will remain on meds for a little longer, but those will be discontinued too. I am in awe of how our God moves.
Now back to my thoughts on healing...Kyle still has significant developmental delays. He has not gotten worse since the seizures have stopped, and actually has matured in many areas. Still I continued to believe Kyle would be made "whole". I was at a special service at a neighboring church about 10 years ago. The speaker, a man from Nebraska, called all the young people forward. Bud and Kyle went up and stood while the man prayed over all the young people. He did not know us AT ALL. Kyle "looks" normal and many times, unless you talk to him, you would never know. In this instance Kyle stood looking very "normal" next to his brother. What he said to Bud was profound, but what he said to Kyle blew me away. He put his hand on Kyle's shoulder, and like he had been "shocked" he removed it. He looked at Kyle with his head tilted a little and said, "You can be pretty goofy sometimes. In fact you are quite the character." Then he turned to the congregation and said, "Mom. Whoever you are, God wants you to stop asking him to change what He Himself created. He has plans to use this boy for His own Glory. His healing is complete." I have never, since, asked God to make Kyle, my ideal of "whole". Those of you with special needs kids understand what I am saying. So how then can I say I believe healing is for everyone and that God does not pick and choose? I believe that when His people are SUFFERING, He HAS already provided healing...on that tree, over 2000 years ago. We just need to "receive" it. Sometimes it takes a while, but there is always a purpose to the timing. Kyle is no longer "suffering". He is happy and healthy and "whole". I have seen God use him for His Glory when it would have been impossible for Kyle to have the impact he did, if he were not "Kyle". Remember, it was said, "Kyle will receive his healing through his mother's faith." I am a slow learner at times, but oh the lessons are so worth the wait!!!
Blessings, Bren


Niki RuralWritings said...

Beautiful of you to share this.
a reminder that HE is so present in our lives. I wonder how I miss him, so much of them time while HE's right beside me, all of the time.

And you already know I think your Kyle is such a sweetie, with the kindest eyes.

Thanks Bren.

Milah said...

I've been reading your blog for a short time now and I really enjoy it. Thanks for sharing this story. I forwarded it to a good friend, I know it will give her encouragement. Your post are so honest and real. I really connected when I read "A Wife's Testimony". That totally resembled my story....but I'm happy to say my husband came to know the Lord about 10 years ago and now he has the gift of can't shut him up. He talks about Jesus all the time to everyone he meets. Praise God.....I always have to say Praise God after I share that!
Thanks for having the courage to be so personal. You are a blessing to me.

Mindy Pfohl said...

I was sent a link to your blog from my friend Milah who just posted. I am a mother of 2 special needs kids with a supposed terminal illness. We just saw our genetics doctor yesterday. My son has seizures and takes an adult dose of medicaiton every day (he is two) to keep them under control. Your entry was perfect timing as my faith is waivering right now. Our appointment yesterday stirred up so many emotions. We cried all the way home, we felt anger and confusion... but reading your entry... my faith has been re-boosted as you may say. THANK YOU so much for posting this. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate it. Thank you. -Mindy

Linda said...

Well isn't that just the best news, praise God for His perfect timing in all things.

Melzie said...

what an awesome post about our Awesome God Bren :) love it. Hugs and love coming your way. xoxo melzie

Love Bears All Things said...

This is such a special testimony. We both know that God does not make mistakes. We are all created unigue according to His plan. I am sure tha Kyle is a loving and gentle person. He has already touched lives for God in ways that we cannot even imagine because of who he is. There is a purpose for which he was created, a way that he can serve and bring glory to God.
Mama Bear

Sweet P said...

What a truly inspirational story. Thanks for sharing it.

Alesha said...

I can't EVEN tell you how thrilled I am to read of Kyle's EEG results!!!

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness to us - all the time!

Thank you for sharing all of the history too, as I can see that it has already ministered to others.

Yay, God!!!!!

Guðrún said...

How great it is that he is seizure free. Thanks for sharing the story.

meggie said...

Hugs xx

His Tender Mercies said...
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His Tender Mercies said...

What a beautiful testimony of God's healing for you & Kyle!

Forgive me if this sounds like a dumb question : ( Initally did you believe Kyle's problems were caused by the pertussis shot & now do you believe this was God's will for Kyle, just the way He made Him?

His Tender Mercies said...

I am leary of vaccinations....I'm not 100% against them but I'm not 100% for them. I just wondered how you felt about them at this point in your life....if you still felt that was what caused your son's troubles.

Thanks for sharing : )