Friday, July 25, 2008

Zachary Turns Seven!!!!

Zachary Brendan is no longer 6 years old. Last night he stood on the fireplace and measured his height by the bricks. He was 1/2 a brick from the bottom of the mantle. He assured us by morning, when he would be 7, he would be tall enough to reach the mantle with his height. This morning he ran to the fireplace, knowing he grew at precisely midnight. 7 year olds are taller than 6 year olds. (Zach is little by either standard.) I held my breath, but sure enough...with just the right amount of neck craning, he reached the mantle with his height!!! Now he is hopeful that his baby teeth will loosen up. He has yet to lose one and the dentist said, they are not even close. Maybe by 8! Zach came home from backyard Bible Club to find his brand new Birthday Bike!!!It is a tad big for him, but he handled it just fine!Cool, flaming helmet!!!!!!
His McDonald's dinner and a birthday cake, made by Rachel (I was at a late appointment) and his birthday was complete!!!It is hard to believe he is 7 years old already, yet in someways it feels like it has moved in slow motion. I will always remain captivated by those caterpillar eyebrows, and sweet smile. His eyes are pools of love when you look into them. He makes life SO much better around here....even when he is being naughty!
Happy Birthday my sweet baby!!!!
And my BIG boy too!!!!

Love, Mom


Guðrún said...

Happy birthday Zach :)

dot said...

Happy Birthday to Zach. I love the orange bike. Orange is my favorite color.

Copper's Wife said...

Happy birthday to your sweet Zachary. Seven is a big year in a boy's life. I'm glad his overnight growth spurt got him off to a good start!

Angie said...

He looks like such a big boy on that bike!
He surely looks like an easy-going, fun lovin' boy!

Happy Birthday, Zachary!! May you have many great adventures and continue to be abundantly blessed! God bless you and your family! :)

Niki RuralWritings said...

Happy Birthday to the BIG BOY!!!

7 is a magical age, I think. I remember being 7, in grade 2 and loving it. I pray his year is blessed with good things!

Give him a hug for me!

Sweet P said...

Happy birthday Zach! You are a handsome young man! Enjoy your new bike.

Dani said...

Happy birthday Zach and congratulations on reaching the bottom of the mantle! I'm cheering you on for height, it's tough being the short person :-)

Corin said...

Happy birthday Zach!

meggie said...

Happy Birthday to Zach. He is a lovely looking boy.
He looks so confident on his new bike, & the helmet is perfect.
They say the later your teeth grow in new, the better they will be.
Sg is not even 6 yet, & his 4 front teeth have all come out, with new almost all grown!

Cindy said...

Hi Bren,
Saw the bike in the driveway. Great wheels! Read my blog about new Bible study. Heading for Madison next week.

Susan said...

Happy Birthday to Zach! My older boy, who is now almost 20, didn't lose a tooth till he was 8. Now you can't even tell it! ;) LOL

Karen T. said...

"Happy Birthday" to your sweet boy!! I love his new bike! :)
Karen T.

Love Bears All Things said...

Happy Birthday, Zachery.
He looks so happy on that bike.

I have an award for you my creative one.
Mama Bear

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday!! Very cool bike and helmet.

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

A dear little face. I am sure he had a lovely birthday.