Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Chicks: Near and Far

Do you ever have days as a parent where things are just not right? I do. I am dealing with some very common, yet difficult issues, and they are getting old. My littlest chick has a very hard time controlling his anger. He is not violent, or physical in any way, but the meltdown is unreal. My "almost, tween" chicky is having trouble controlling her bossiness. Mix the two together and it is a recipe for trouble. Throw in a neighbor "almost tween" chicky who is also bossy (that girl thing) and good grief, it all makes for a less than calm day. So, I gathered my chicks, and said enough is enough. We are having "quiet time." With everyone in their own separate space peace reigns again. We will try group play in a little I write this, the rain clouds are coming in, so maybe it will be a quiet time, day.
The morning here went pretty well, with Zach taking a math test...those make easy math days, as the time is short to take the test. Charlotte did 2 math lessons yesterday, so she had no math to do today. After Bible and reading, I gave them the rest of the morning off. Between the bossiness and outbursts, it was not fruitful....for them, anyway. I spent my morning getting my daily housekeeping done. Thursday is a very light day for cleaning so I was done in no time. I worked yesterday and today on my applique vine which borders my Underground Railroad Sampler. As I was stitching the hand applique on this vine, I thought about how many of those stitches would end up being cut out. I will hand applique flowers and leaves all around this vine and the backs will be cut out, taking chunks of the vine with it. That is alot of time and effort just to have them thrown in the trash. HOWEVER, the ones that will be cast away, are no less important than the ones that will stay. Life is kinda like that too. Something to think about....I need to occupy my mind with other things while I sew, I think. Rachel and I had a discussion yesterday, and I asked her "do you ever think about...." (fill in the blank with one of your own random thoughts) She very nicely said "No, never.", but she had a strange look on her face. Someday. I think she is still to young, or I am too old! LOL

I have had several visits from UPS and FedEx. I am expecting things, so I had no surprises. I received the sachets I ordered. They are heavenly!Also a gift I ordered for someone (I can't show it just yet.), and I received my new crocs. I snapped a pic of one as I appliqued this morning. I always put my foot on the coffee table when I sew. (Not nice)I did not realize these ran large, so I ordered my own size thinking it would be ok. They are a tad big but the strap in the back makes them fit. I never use this strap on my black ones. I checked and sure enough, the black ones are a size smaller. I got a great deal....10% less than in the store, NO tax, and FREE overnight shipping. I ordered them yesterday morning and they were at my door before 10 A.M. this morning. You can get the same deal and they have lots of different styles and colors. Just go here.Sweetheart spent HOURS working in the yard yesterday. He mowed and weed-whacked our own lawn, plus he went over and mowed and weed-whacked our son's lawn. Now our yard is good size, but our son's yard is HUGE...3/4 acre easy...all loaded with sticks and needing to be mowed. Our son planned to do it this weekend, but will be happy that he will not have to. He has been away from home, his wife, his son, and the rest of us for 5 weeks now. He is completely trained in his job and driving on his own. He should be home tomorrow afternoon and will leave again on Sunday, but he will then be home every weekend. It could have been worse...the plan was 6-7 weeks away, but he did so well with his trainer, he was let off training a week or two earlier than planned. He is requesting home cooked meals!!! They will be here Saturday for dinner and I plan his favorite...Homemade Lasagna and Garlic Bread.His quilt blocks are taking form and I hope to have the top ready to baste when Sue comes on the 12th. Did I say "hope"? I meant I WILL have it pieced!

Well I am off to watch Christy with Charlotte and applique more of the vine. We have gotten through 14 episodes over the last few weeks. Only 7 more to go. I will certainly purchase this series for Charlotte. Have a blessed day!!!


Love Bears All Things said...

Hi Bren, I like the colors in this quilt block. Someone else mentioned Christy this week and it had been years since I read it so I ordered it yesterday.
I sewed another block of my sampler today, the Shoo Fly. These blocks are larger than my 6.5" square up ruler so I don't know how to square them up except to just take the first block, center it over the next one and trim off the excess. The first one was a rail fence and made up of 4 squares so I was able to square each of those before I sewed them together. Do you have any suggestion about this?
I found ConnectingThreads through someone's blog and have ordered some things from them, much cheaper than my local quilt shop.
Sounds like Spring fever at your house, hope things calm down soon.
Mama Bear

Mountain Mama said...

Love your crocs!!

Marilyn R said...

Love the crocs! I wear them all the time. The correct fit is very loose, the shoe should be big. There is sizing info on the offical web site and you can even print off a sizing guide to help get the right size. The sizing info is hard to find on the web site. When you bring up the footwear page on the left side there is a list of things to look at. Go to the arrow at the bottom and it will scroll down. You will find the info there. I use to think they were so ugly and that I would never wear them. I ended up with foot problems and they were the only kind of footwear I could wear. Now I love them even if I think they are ugly!

Sue said...

Hey, Bren, I agree with MarilynR. I bought my crocs in a kiosk in the mall and was looking at smaller sizes because my own size seemed too big and the guy told me that my own size was the correct fit.

I don't use the strap in the back and they have never slipped off, with or without socks, and are the most comfortable shoes I own (along with my croc flip flops.)

I even do my walking in them without any problems.

The Henderson Family said...

Your applique is very beautiful you are very talented. Thank you so much for your encouraging comments on my blog.

I look forward to being a regular reader of your blog.

Brenda said...

I call that "divide and conquer". I use it a lot especially in the summer. : ) I love getting things from the UPS man. I know that is silly but it is one of the best parts of ordering on line, getting the box and opening it to look inside. : )Your quilts are beautiful.

Guðrún said...

I am sure you will finish the top.