Friday, May 23, 2008

This, That, and The Other

I feel so much better knowing that I am not the only one who has a serious issue with doors and drawers being left open! Lots of wonderful advice in those comments. I have done most of them and continue to call the perpetrator back to close the open door/drawer, but after years of being consistent, it is not working. I do not believe there is any conscienceness in leaving these doors open, however, a re-training is in order. Here is what I have begun to do. I catch the child closing a door/drawer (not easy) and praise their accomplishment openly. If a door or drawer is left open, the child must come back and close it....10 times. Hmmmm, we will see what happens. Thanks for the wonderful tips!While reading this post the other day, I followed the link and took the test (you can too). I was shocked to say the least. I am 47 years old. My biological age is 54!! My health will decline at 63, and my life expectancy is 71. That means for the last 8 years of my life I will be sick! Yeesh!!! It was an Ah Ha! moment for me. I have struggled (my own self destructive struggle) for years (since my first child was born) to maintain a healthy weight and eating habits. I succeed for a time...sometimes for up to a year...most of the time for a week or two. My weight is like looking at a roller coaster ride. I am feeling the aches and pains of the burden my body is tied to. At 47 I should not have those issues. Good news about this test...I can change those numbers, but I need to do it now. I want to feel better and look better. Not bikini better...just "tuck a shirt in" better. I started walking everyday. My legs were screaming the first night!!! I worried that the kids would have trouble keeping up. HA! Charlotte left me in the dust. Or would they poop out too soon?Nope. That is Zach waiting for me to catch up!

Even TJ, who was in the stroller, and his prego mom, went faster than me....and I was pushing the stroller!!!TJ would look up through the little window of his stroller and say..."faster Grandma. Go up a hill. Go this way!" about a backseat driver!He would declare, as my home came into sight, "We made it Grandma." I would have answered him if I could have made any kind of noise other than the gasps for breath. We took a couple of these walks everyday. By the last one yesterday, I was doing better. It does not take long to build up endurance. Did I mention these walks are a measly 1/2 mile? Sue walked 11 miles recently. God bless her!
I pulled a couple of books off my shelf for inspiration.Great tips in one, and great recipes in the other. All white stuff is off the menu for me. Healthy carbs like brown rice and fruits and veggies will replace donuts and cookies. This morning I had a "Very Berry Smoothie" Fat free milk, Lite raspberry yogurt and frozen blackberries blended in the blender made a nice treat. Very colorful!!!Today I will do laundry,Work in my kitchen,Re-organize my bathroom drawers, including cleaning my make up brushes and throwing any old make up out. You know you should not keep mascara for more than 3 months after you use it for the first time? Bacteria love a mascara wand!And after school, I will play with these....What are they? Why, they are for you! I will show you soon. Have a wonderful, safe Memorial Day Weekend!!!!


Alesha said...

I just love your candor and honesty - you would've answered him if you had had the breath for it!!!!! LOL!!!!

Been there, done that - so many times! I want to start walking again, but it is very difficult with our schedule. If you think of it, pray that the Lord will show me how to start exercising again. I don't even know where to begin!

YOU are doing GREAT!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!


Solstitches said...

I love how the whole family went walking with you. Just wait, every day you will feel a little fitter and will be able to go a little faster. The kids might even let you be leader one day :)

Lori said...

Good for You!!! A step in the right direction. I just keep telling myself....

"Our bodies are meant to move"

The children are cute!Best Wishes to you.

Donetta said...

:0 I can so relate! I think I'll go peek at that post. Then I should get up and go for a walk. Ha!
The curriculum is on the way Sweetie.

Sarah Dee said...

I hear you, Bren! I am so out of shape and just feel blah. I know I will feel better if I exercise, but there is just one thing... I hate to exercise! I would much rather be reading or working on scrapbooks! But, I just have to remember what Lori said... our bodies are meant to move!